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~Comfort Food Cavern~

"I have to say, if I'm being honest, for me, ALL food is comfort food... But there are times when - because of work or the pressures of life - you really need a bowl full of something warm and familiar or a slice of something sweet just to make you feel the world is a safer place."

-Nigella Lawson

Words we should all live by, and I certainly do.

So, welcome to my personal comfort food cavern. The only fire-breathing monsters you'll see here are ovens and hobs!

Here, you'll find my personal collection of comfort food classics as well as feel-good fixes. Stay as long as you like, maybe you'll find something you like! There's also a community potluck section (coming soon) where you can upload your own recipes others can try out. How exciting is it to have someone else make, eat, and post pictures of something your family loves to eat?! Oh, be still my heart!


Now, there are a few simple rules I must enforce:

1. Follow ALL ElfTown rules (That's a given!)

2. Respect others' tastes. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad, nor does it mean they have bad taste. It means you simply don't like something they do. (And that's perfectly fine! Just... be cool about it. :)
NOTE: Bullying or harassing for liking or using food(s) you find disgusting is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE and WILL be swiftly reported.)

3. Have fun!

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