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Commissioning Aeolynn
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Please note all shipping charges are paid by you, the commissioner.

~Flat rates~
[#Digital Art]

Digital Art:.

Not available for commission.


40$ 14" cuttlefish :
45$ 18" cuttlefish :
45$ 15" tri-toned cuttlefish :
40$ Lochness Monster 'Nessie' :

60$ 'western' dragon plushie (ad 5$ for wings, 5$ for special frills/horns)
This is an example of a 70$ plushie.

75$ 36" 'eastern' dragon plushie (add 5$ for faux fur trim, 5$ for fancy frills/horns)
This dragon is an example of a 85$ plushie.


Please specify length of scarf, width of scarf, colors, and anything extra
ears 5$ buttons 50 cents each. Pre-made items are always cheaper then commissioned ones.

15$ double layered scarf
scarf that is sown down the sides then left to hang as a fringe, tied or sewn.

30$ double layered scoodie
scoodie, scarf with a hood, ends fringed, tied or sewn.

20$ double layered beanie hat

Sculptures (small):.

Not available for commission.

Sculptures (large):.

Not available for commission.


Not available.

None yet! Please note/whisper/email/message me if interested :)


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2013-01-27 [Ravendust]: wow, someone spammed your comments, really? >>

2013-01-28 [Aeolynn]: yeah... I deleted one a few days ago.

2013-01-29 [Ravendust]: that's just ridiculous

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