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I thought it was about time I set one of these up. I'm following [Aeolynn]'s example - if you want an animal commission, especial fantasy style, I highly recommend her - so if you see some similarities, they're all credited to her. :]

I can provide you with a conversion of any prices when you enquire.

Paypal: Email:

Enquiries: To enquire about commissioning me please send me a message on here, detailing what you want and with references/stock if applicable. See the appropriate sections for what I need.

[#Sketches/Comics] [#Digital Paintings] [#Photomanipulations] [#Retouching] [#Trades] [#Collaborations] [#Requests]

Sketches are quick and, well, sketchy. I'm best at sketching humanoid figures but I do like a challenge. For sketches I need one or two references or a description, as detailed as you'd want. If you want a comic, I also need a small script.

Simple(ish) quick-sketch with background: £5
With flat colours: £7

Simple three panel comics: £7
With colours: £9
Feel free to specify whether you want it digital, traditional or mixed media.
Traditional is only lines, however.

<img0*100:stuff/revisioncomchimes.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/137699/chimeswatchingcom.jpg>

Framed portraits: £8
With colour: £10
If you want a transparent background, just say.
<img0*100:stuff/aj/137699/noojframecolchimes.png> <img0*100:stuff/aj/137699/baelframecolchi.png> <img0*100://> <img0*100:stuff/aj/101743/1301439593.png>

Simple cartoon: £3
With flat colour: £5
<img0*100:stuff/aj/137699/cajacleanlinechimes.png> <img0*100://> <img0*100://> <img0*100:stuff/aj/137699/nevarchimesdood.png>

Detailed portrait sketch: £10
Base price includes gradient/patterned/textured background.
With colour: £15
<img0*100:stuff/fixedcorvi.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/queenpscs5doodle.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/Sepiaspeedpaint.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/shelikescolours.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/creepycreepycreepy.jpg> <img0*100://> <img0*100://>


Digital paintings are only available as portraits at the moment and prices will probably vary depending on the level of detail/style that you want. Prices will be discussed and agreed upon but the base price is a rough esitmate of what it should be. For digital paintings I need as many references as you can give me, if you don't have any then I need a detailed description.

Base price: £20
<img0*100:stuff/Resilience47Coated.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/chimespan.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/Edanarepaintyay.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/Tien%3aSpirits.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/BlairforTemp.jpg>


Photomanipulations can be whatever you want them to be, so long as I can find/you provide me with the stock, I can probably do it. If I have to purchase stock then the price will be more expensive than what you see on this page and it will be discussed through messages. What I need from you: a detailed description of what you want and any photos you want included, if you don't want any of your own included, that's fine too. Please remember that all images you provide must either belong to you, be royalty free or you must have been given written permission to use them - I may ask for an email address to check what the original photographer will allow if it's the latter.

Portraits: £15-£20
<img0*100:stuff/chimesalienated.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimesredweb.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimescyberstyled.png> <img0*100:stuff/rustedgracechimes.png> <img0*100:stuff/cameoclouds.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/cameoelec.jpg>

Full manipulations: £25-£30
<img0*100:stuff/chimesweaver.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimeswhitewidow.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimeshereinmyplace.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimesrmtw.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimeskeyhole.png> <img0*100:stuff/likeflyingmanip.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/chimeseva.png> <img0*100:stuff/chimescuriouserandcuriouser.png>


Whether it's just one image or a batch of images, I offer whatever type of retouching you need. Very simple manipulation also falls under this category. If you want any retouching, please send me a message. Every retouch is different so I'm only listing a general base price range. It may, however, go higher or lower than the boundaries depending on how many images you want doing.

Base price: £5-£15
Please note: This range is not per photo, it's for the batch as a whole, which is why prices might vary.

If you want to do an art trade message me. I'm willing to do trades of just about anything but my commissions and real-life commitments take precedence over trades. A time frame can be discussed though.


Collaborations can be anything from me colouring your lines, you colouring mine, us creating a digital painting/sketch/photomanipulation by passing the file between us... I can't think of anything else but if you can: wonderful! Message me to talk about collaborations. I have Gimp and Photoshop CS5 so xcfs or psds are required. If you can't work with either we might be able to come up with a solution so message me anyway. Again, commissions and real-life do take precedence but collaborations are something I'm really interested in doing. :)


See: Chimes' Sketch Requests
The above wiki is the only form of requests I offer at present. These may take a long time to get to you though. I do them sporadically.



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