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Unfortunately like most artists out there I’m broke and trying to find ways to get by. I’ve got a baby on the way, my husband, Ben, and I are currently both unemployed and getting by on our tax return and playing around with some online things for money-making. I’ve also been pretty inspired for art, but never really had any outlets for my inspiration. I’m hoping to be able to keep myself busy and improve my art through Commissions.

Single character drawings:

Portrait sketch: $4
color?: $5



Full body: $6
Color: $8


Byakuya from Bleach:

Naruto from Naruto:

Gaara from Naruto:



Stuffed animals, anime characters, original characters, etc!


Halloween bat: (bat is $6)

Tattoo designs:
depends on detail- $2-$7

Price depends on detail of craft and cost of material!





Favorite Animal Diorama

small- $10 4x4x4
medium- $25 8x4x4
Large- $40 ---

Another fun project is taking a model animal and putting it in its habitat, it comes out great!


These are just samples of the unlimited possiblities, contact me about your ideas today!

Payments through Paypal, cash, check, or money order. PM or email me-

Commission status: Working on a project for a friend, he wants a pokeball to put a wedding ring in to propose to his girlfriend. Getting the materials together, I'll be posting my progress as I go!~

Pokeball progress:


Working on tattoo designs as well!~

Working on some bat plushies and a challenging drawing as well, still open to more!~

Username (or number or email):


2011-03-14 [wicked fae mage]: I may want some bat plushies! xD

2011-03-14 [Ravendust]: xD okies, those were fun to make xD

2011-03-14 [Ravendust]: Just lemme know when you'd like 'em- is it gonna be for halloween or something?

2011-03-14 [wicked fae mage]: It's gonna be so I can compare it to Sean xD

2011-03-14 [Ravendust]: xD how's that gonna work?

2011-03-14 [wicked fae mage]: He makes a similar smile at times xD

2011-03-14 [Ravendust]: XD sounds interesting.
You ever see One Piece? Its been years for me and strangely enough; I dreamt of Luffy last night xP...

2011-03-15 [wicked fae mage]: Nope, never watched it

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: ! OH ! So cute!

2011-03-23 [Ravendust]: Thanks^^

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: Hmmmmmmm...

2011-03-23 [Ravendust]: hmm?

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: I was wondering if you could draw something for me

2011-03-23 [Ravendust]: I'd be more than happy to give it a shot :)

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: Mine might be a bit complicated ^^

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