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Commissions by: [Ravenclaw]

I've finally decided to offer my services for commissions.
I'm looking to broaden my artistic avenues and I thought this would be a good place to start.
By drawing what other people want me to lol.
I've no official training but, I absolutely refuse to send a customer
something I would consider bad quality.

I usually do my own character designs for role plays or on occasion another
player's characters, but I'm willing to take a crack at just about anything.

If you'd like a more broad example of the sorts of things I draw please visit:

Past Commissions:

For [Celtore]
The making of Water Lily

For [Ifran]
<img80*0:> <img80*0:><img210*0:><img80*0:stuff/aj/8995/1345249535.png>
(nudes cost a little extra depending on the subject matter)

For "McGrude"
A user from


Clean lines no color:

Now: $15
Was: $20



Clean lines finished color:

Now: $25
Was: $30


Character cast:

Now: $10 clean lines no color, $15 color
Was: $15/$20
Per Character
(clean lines finished color)



Chain mail

Dice Bags by: Ravenclaw




If your interested in commissioning my services please message me.
I'll need to know a lot about the subject you're looking for.
If you've a wiki containing their bio all the better.
If not be sure to have a concise description of your character ready.

Payment options: Paypal

Username (or number or email):


2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: No, I don't know wtf is going on. I checked my blocked list and I've only got like one and it's not you.

2012-02-29 [Ifran]: Hrm...wierd. Well, you maybe wanna talk in a wiki or something?

2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: set it up.

2012-02-29 [Ifran]: I would...but I can't message you, remember?

2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: ok

2012-02-29 [Mortified Penguin]: Link to it here? Or better yet, just talk here...

2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: A monetary transaction deserves a private conversation.

2012-02-29 [Mortified Penguin]: Then you make a wiki and send it to [Ifran] via message.

2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: I did.

2012-02-29 [Mortified Penguin]: FINE THEN.

2012-02-29 [Ravenclaw]: You have a problem?

2013-03-16 [Kbird]: awsome character cast!

2013-03-16 [Ravenclaw]: Thank you. It's old, but still one of my favorites.

2013-03-16 [Kbird]: Wish I could get a job and bye one...*sad face*

2013-03-16 [Ravenclaw]: That's not the purpose of the pic. The pic is an example of what I could do for a customer. I'm not selling prints of that particular pic, but offering character line ups for customer's games.

For example, say you play D&D. You play an Elf, your buddies play a Dwarf, Human Bard and a Halfling. You could give me descriptions of the four characters and I would draw them. Understand?

2013-03-16 [Kbird]: I understood I was talking about people from my Rpg. ^-^

2013-03-16 [Ravenclaw]: Oh. Well then I misunderstood lol.

2013-03-16 [Kbird]: lol It's fine....If I was to get a character cast...It would be so hard to choose what characters I want!XD

2013-03-16 [Ravenclaw]: Well you can always get individuals and if one day you worked around to getting the ones you wanted I could always put them in a pic together. No charge.

2013-03-16 [Kbird]: thanks! I'll have to work to make the money for the individuals.^-^

2013-03-16 [Ravenclaw]: Np

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