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Apt. 6CE

Description of area

Luca yawned widely as he lounged on his back in his bed. His room was simple, made up of deep browns and whites. He had a desk against the window, his bed against the adjacent wall, and a large closet beside the door that led into his bathroom. He also had a large bookshelf and file cabinet stacked with files and binders--work from his sister. The message system on his computer pinged and he sat up and moved to the screen, clicking open the message from Delilah, a smile lighting up his face.

Do you think they'll lift the lockdown soon? I can't wait to go back outside!

His smile grew and he started to type back a response when the intercom suddenly came on and CJ's voice announced the end of the lockdown. He chuckled and looked down as another message from the angel pinged, and he read it silently.

It's over!

He shook his head with another quiet laugh, and typed out in response: Yeah, it's over. Ready to go outside? How about you meet me in the garden?

Luca was in the middle of changing his shirt, pulling off his black one and pulling on a deep maroon one instead to match his darkwash jeans and black leather boots, when his computer pinged again. He paused and leaned over to read it quickly.

I’d love to, I’ll be right there.

He grinned, feeling a flutter in his chest as his skin heated up slightly, and he finished pulling on his shirt, fixed his hair in the mirror, then headed out of his apartment towards the Compound: Garden.

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2014-09-23 [CuteCommander]: Blah

2014-09-23 [The Black Goat]: hey dont worry about the first floor aartments, done of them are done and I'll be doing a mass templates

2014-09-27 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Luca's room, yay!

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