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Located in the central east side of the compound is the cafeteria, open twenty-three hours out of the day (closed one hour for restocking and cleaning during the least busy time of the day). It features plain grey tile flooring, non-descript walls, and plenty of seating both in the main area and up on the library balcony accessible on either side of the doors leading back to the Compound: Level One East hallway. Along the inner walls is a fruit bar, salad bar, sandwich bar and multiple food processors which can serve hot food on demand. There are large bay windows overlooking the Compound: Patio area on both levels and glass doors leading out to it.

Fulther came in from the patio, leaving the door open for Harkin, immediately heading to the food processors for a plate of pancakes and lean bacon. He took his plate to a seat near the windows looking out onto the patio, not before collecting a fork from the cutlery trays, and sat down to start making a dent in his morning meal.

Once Harkin's feet hit the doorway, his half-asleep shuffle became a sprint to as many of the bars as possible before reaching the food processors and quite likely overloading the one he used.

"Steady on, hombre!" Fulther said as he watched his dorm mate. "You don't want to end up with indigestion! You act like this is your last meal." A sudden thought came to him - it could be. He'd heard about the missions they might have to take on from Silera, and that they had already lost a Special in one instance.

"But there's so many things I haven't tried yet! And I can't just eat the stuff I haven't had yet, since pancakes are my favorite, but they taste best with a lot of blueberries and walnuts and bacon and mashed potatoes. Plus the muffins smell so good but who could choose just one? But I guess I should stop with this and go back later for seconds if I'm still hungry..." Harkin took a seat with the four plates that he had already prepared--"prepared" here meaning filled to the point that there was a ham steak hanging off the side of one.

Fulther let the other Special list off the different foods as he slowly made his own way through his pancakes. He had the feeling that Harkin would get on his nerves before long. His mind strayed to Silera.

"Oh great, other people." Shrill thought as the door shut behind it. Making its way over to the bars, it grabbed a plate and put on it a variety of meats, turning its nose up to all the veggies and grains. Once its plate was full of juicy meats, Shrill made its way the furthest possible table away from the rest of everyone.

Once Rehn and Thena stepped inside Asher followed in right behind them. "So what are you two in the mood for?" Asher's eyes glanced around the room and she noticed others had already ventured out of their dorms to get some fresh air with the same thought as them. Smiling softly she turned her attention back to Thena and gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, I'm here if you need me."

Even though she should have figured that there might be people in the Cafeteria, as it was, logically, a public area, Thena still wasn't prepared when she saw a few other bodies occupying some of the seats in the room. One was that peculiar-looking being (even by her own standards) suite mate of hers. She lingered awkwardly in the doorway before daintily stepping into the Cafeteria on her diminutive feet. 'Uhm, sorry,' she apologized, as she felt like she was in the way, and she pattered a couple more steps in and tugged subconsciously at her knit hood again, as if to make sure it was in place. 'Uhm... eggs?' she said with uncertainty and after a long pause in response to Asher's question before she let her eyes drift over to the series of food processors and produce bars along the walls. 'I don't know,' she quietly added before casting the pink-haired woman a fleeting but genuine smile. 'Thanks,' Thena said in a tiny voice, apparently not a woman of many words, and she started to make her way over toward the food, pointedly ignoring Fulther and Harkin, only out of the hope that they'd ignore her, too.

"Oh, I don't even have a clue, just know I'm starvin'!" Rehn replied, practically bursting through the door behind Thena, with only a quick wave of thanks to Asher in passing. "So many choices..." He murmured as he passed Thena by. He only stood idly for mere moments before letting out an audible huff, and snatching a plate off the rack holding them. If he couldn't decide on one thing, he'd try a lot of different ones. And with that philosophy in mind, Rehn raced from one line, to the next piling as much onto his place as he could possibly fit.

Looking around before deciding which processor to start at Marcus looked around for anyone he knew or if he'd have breakfast by himself today. "Western omelette, bacon and two pieces of toast." he ordered then went to sit down. He noticed Harkin, but decided to eat before speaking to the 'interesting' guy as a little Harkin could go a long way. Taking another look around after getting coffee he had not seen Silera yet and he sat down to eat.

"Looks like the cavalry has arrived," Fulther chuckled, pointing out the new arrivals. He was now picking up his bacon with his hands and chewing on it. He gave Marcus a smile as he joined their table.

"Harkin you do know we will probably be here for awhile, not being critical of your mountain of everything on the plate. It looks like a regular Taj Mahal of breakfast foods." Marcus said taking a seat beside Fulther to watch Harkin put his mountain of food away. He wanted to bet anyone that no one could handle being around Harkin for an hour without becoming irritated or confused, so far no one bit on the wager. "Anyone know what our hosts have planned for the day?" he asked taking a bite of his omelette.

With a mouthful of bacon and mashed potatoes, Harkin looked in the direction Fulther gestured and observed the parade of arriving Specials. He grinned at Marcus as he sat down, his puffed-out cheeks--which would normally look downright comical on pretty much anyone--only making the rest of him look all the more emaciated. With Marcus's greeting, though, Harkin's eyes widened and his expression become one of pure desolation. Would he really be unable to finish his meal? But he chose it all so carefully!

Asher chuckled softly and shook her head as she picked up a tray and moved along. She began picking up just about everything bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, milk(white and chocolate) donuts(an assortment of flavors) and finally toast with grape jelly. Glancing over at Thena she smiled and waited. "By the way, we don't have to sit with the others if you don't want." Leaning her jean clad hip against the counter and waited for Thena to finish choosing her breakfast.

Shrill was annoyed that even more people had decided to eat at the same time as it. It tried its best to continue eating, shoveling handfuls of meat into its mouth, chomping loudly. Occasionally it would wipe the grease from its face with its hand and then lick them clean.

From the sides of her glossy black eyes, Thena peeked-out from the edges of her hooded sweater to watch what it was that Rehn and Asher were taking, and their respective methods for filling their plates. After a few moments of deliberation, the woman selected scrambled eggs, a piece of toast and, from the fruit bar, a couple strawberries and some assorted piece of cubed melon; to drink, she took only water. Giving another one of her awkward, uncertain smiles to Asher, who appeared to be waiting for her, she sidled-up alongside of the other Special. 'Uhm, where do you want to sit?' she asked, since that was, inevitably, what they needed to do next, although she wasn't too excited about the prospect of staying in the Cafeteria, which was slowly accommodating other Compound occupants.

While Asher had been waiting she'd settled on watching Shrill eat. Yuck... Shaking her head she switched her donuts out for a plate of grapes and smiled, happy with her selection and turned to Thena and smiled. "Honestly, we've been cooped up inside for days, I'd like to sit out in the fresh air. Would that work?"

Fulther laughed at Harkin's worried expression before rising, taking his plate to an empty area of the counters, and grabbing a cup of coffee. He reclaimed his chair and took a sip from his drink. "If there's no official business today, I know I'm gonna do some working out," he said to Marcus. "Anyone is welcome to join me."

Marcus couldn't help but snicker at Harkin's response, "I might hit the pool for a little bit after I figure out what else is going on. I have a sneaky suspicion that the powers that be might start tapping us to do jobs for them. So, today might get interesting and of course see what Harkin does for lunch."

Looking in the same direction that Asher had been, Thena snuck a glance as Shrill, too, and did little to hide the shock at the creature's eating habit. Clearing her throat unnecessarily and looking a little embarrassed, the spider-woman flashed a fast, appreciative smile to the pink-haired woman and nodded. Instead of waiting to be shown the way, Thena tentatively took the initiative and headed back out to the Compound: Patio, where she was certain she spied some sort of seating in her peripheral vision.

Asher hurried close behind her, tray in hand, bursting out onto the Compound: Patio.

The more he watched Shrill stuff food in his mouth Marcus remembered the creature that had attacked him and Silera at the Lab and he stood up and grabbed his tray, "Nice seeing everyone, Harkin try not to explode from too much food." He dumped what was left in the trash and grabbed an apple and bottle of water and headed out to Compound: Patio.

Having finished all the meat it had picked, Shrill made sure to lick the plate clean. Gorging itself on that much meat was something it has always loved to do. "Just like Mummy used to make," it said aloud as it slid down in its chair a bit, it's hands resting on its protruding belly.

Cyrus came in on the mezzanine floor of the cafeteria and took a moment to look down on the Specials arranged on the floor below - seeing so many of them together, so many different physical forms, perturbed him a little. Still, he focussed on his current task - check on Irah. He headed down the stairs and across the ground floor to the doors that led outside, heading out to Compound: Patio.

With the unsettling idea of not being able to finish his meal now stuck in his head, Harkin momentarily slowed his eating, savoring every half-bite. Then he realized how much food that would waste if he were called away and instead began to inhale everything on his plates. He looked up to Fulther for a moment, but when he opened his mouth to respond, all that came out was a hearty belch.

Fulther nearly sprayed out his coffee with laughter but ended up coughing raucously. When the convulsions passed he let out a choked chuckle and slapping the table. "I'll take that as a 'yes', buddy," he said to Harkin with a smile. He knocked back the remainder of his coffee and pushed the cup to the center of the table. "Ready to move?"

Shrill was pulled from its anticipated nap by the belch and ensuing laughter. Shooting the duo a hateful glare, it hopped down from its seat with a grunt and headed out to the Compound: Patio, muttering something violent under its breath.

At first Harkin's expression was one of minute shock. "Uuuuuuuuuuuurgp" was not what he had intended to say. Of course he knew what a burp was by now, but this one was quite unexpected. He had not even felt it coming! When Fulther's reaction made it apparent that he was not offended, Harkin gave the older male a grin before piling his empty plates on top of each other. "Yeah, I guess." He was actually intending to go back for seconds, but since Fulther already assumed that the offer was accepted, Harkin might as well go back to continue his meal later.

Irah entered the room and took in the drab everything. There were a few people? she supposed here as well. But she had been told to eat and then find out what made her happy... whatever that was. She wouldn't be asking Cyrus anything again as it seemed to make him angry when she spoke. She didn't know what to eat so she pushed her unruly long white hair back over her shoulders and used her magnetic vision to check out the food. There was nothing wrong with anything, she decided on a salad. She put everything on it that was at the little bar including all the sauces. She wasn't sure the protocol but she figured everything was edible regardless. She took a spoon fork and a knife, just in case. She found a table empty and away from everyone else and sat down. Everything she touched she was touching with the utmost delicacy, back where they had been found she had found her strength was more than she knew how to deal with really. She slowly began to eat using trial and error on what she liked and didn't and on which utensil to use as well. 

Aailyah entered the cafeteria and looked to see who else was around and checked to make sure she was being followed before heading over to grab a plate. She fixed herself a small salad and ordered a steak, medium-rare, from one of the food processors.

Cerah looked at the food that was already prepped in front of her, she examined the chef machines as well. She thought for a moment then walked to one of the unoccupied chef machines and ordered taco salad and sweet tea. She then found Aailyah and followed her to a place to sit. "I hope you don't mind if I sit with you Aailyah, I don't know the compound well or others for that matter." Cerah said.

Lysander followed the two ladies happily from the Compound: Patio. He floated somewhat along the outside of the food line. He had no desire to partake in anything, other than the company of the beautiful girls. He rejoined the two of them with a smile as they headed for a seating area.

Fulther gave Harkin another grin then watched the others enter. There certainly were a number of girls in the Compound now. An ache inside him reminded him of Silera. He gave a small frown to the sensation. He considered covering it with another smile at Harkin but couldn't summon the effort. "I suppose now's as good a time as any with this place getting busy." Still, he didn't move from his spot.

"Oh..." Harkin turned away from his plates to observe the newcomers when Fulther mentioned them, having not noticed before. "...This place doesn't run out of food, right?" He asked the older man, apparently worried that he might not get the chance to have those seconds he was looking forward to.

"Not yet, it hasn't," Fulther said with a smile - he couldn't help but find Harkin amusing. He stood and led the way over to the stairs, heading up to the mezzanine level. He looked back once to see if Harkin was following before heading out into the Compound: Level Two.

"Great!" The sickly-looking teen grinned widely at the reassurance before following Fulther to Compound: Level Two. Harkin figured that someone or something would probably take care of the dishes...

Luther came in then grabbed two plates and filled them with meat, and grabbed another cup of coffee, and eight bottles of orange juice. Then went After Aaliyah. "What is this?" He asked her wondering quiet a bit what it did.

"Go ahead, love." Aailyah smiled sweetly at Cerah as Luther sat down. "What? The food processors?" She looked up at Luther, "They make food." She smiled, a little confusion in her eyes. Had he never seen a food processor? Were they not something you found outside?

"I've never scene one." Luther Admitted watching the machine work.

Marcus came inside carrying Thena's tray and dropped it off, nodding to Luther and the others as they got their food. "Well, I'm hitting the pool or something between here or there. He then headed off into the facility Compound: Level One East.

Cerah smiled back at Aailyah. "Thank you." she said as she sat down at a table that had enough room to seat the others. She took a drink of her tea and then began eat. 

Irah finished the food she liked the taste of and sat for a few moments watching more people come into the cafeteria and three of them left. She scanned them with her non-organic eye and was a little surprised at finding two others with 'enhancements' similar to hers but more crude and mainly mechanical. Somehow she had to find something that... made her happy. She figured the others might know but asking them might not... help her really. They might want to talk and talking... only made people mad around her. Besides the two girls similar to her were nervous looking... they certainly looked uncomfortable. The others certainly seemed... happy? She took her plate and took it to the cleaning area like she had seen someone else do. She then walked over to the happiest looking man in the room. She stood to the side and just behind him unsure how to speak to a stranger when there really was no reason to, but she hesitantly tapped Lysander on the shoulder lightly. She decided to give it a shot. "Excuse me, I was wondering... Are you happy?" Irah asked feeling a fool, her stomach was in knots and she didn't like the way everyone kept looking at her. She began to play with her hair and she felt jittery.

Cerah swallowed her food and looked down to her plate and closed her eyes for a moment. She put her hand down that held her fork an looked up to Lysander. She was not the type to let others be rude or feelings hurt. She looked to the other woman but didn't fully understand why she would ask this particular question. She waited to hear Lysander'S response.

Asher led the way inside and crossed to where you dropped off your tray's. Glancing around, she nodded at the others as she passed by. Deposing of the few things she had left on her tray into the trash she piled deposited of her tray and turned back to face Thena. "Easy enough."

Lysander turned and looked at Irah curiously. "Am I happy?" He repeated the question. No one had ever actually asked him that. He scratched his chin thoughtfully and chose his answer wisely. "I suppose that depends upon your idea of happy. I'm happy that I am among those I could consider friends. I'm also happy with my accommodations here, I find them quite comfortable. Does that answer your question?" He asked her in return, arching an eyebrow curiously.

Aailyah looked this girl up and down, she couldn't remember seeing her around before. She wore a curious expression, wondering what would possess this newcomer to ask such a question.

"No... it doesn't. I didn't know there were idea's of happiness." Irah spoke softly looking thoughtful at this new information she had received, she was just standing there a few feet away from Lysander and the other girls and pondering. She didn't want to say too much and make them mad. "How do you find out what makes you happy?" She asked then, looking first at Lysander and then to Aailyah and Cerah. She realized it was strange to make them look up at her while they were all sitting, so she sat down at the table with them. She was just hoping it didn't make them angry to speak with her.

Cerah raised one brow, "If you're asking each of us this question, my answer to your question is how I find what makes me happy is by trying new things and making friends and trying new things together." Cerah said, but suddenly bit her tongue. What if the woman wasn't asking her? Cerah then realized she may have interrupted. "I'm sorry if I interrupted any of you." she picked up her fork and kept her eyes down and ate quietly. Cerah didn't like draw attention to herself. She didn't want questioned about her past or robotics it bothered her some when explaining. She wanted to make friends not scare them away but being to bothersome or point blank.

"Cerah is quite correct." Lysander said with a smile, sitting across from Irah so they could continue their enjoyable conversation face to face. He had to walk around the table to do so. "You learn what makes you happy by experiencing it first hand. Sometimes you will find things that don't make you happy." He shrugged, then folded his hands together before him. "Those things that don't, the choice is yours whether you experience it again or not."

Cerah looked to Lysander and smiled. "Lysander is correct as well." she said as she looked from Lysander to Irah.

Entering from the Compound: Patio a few steps behind Asher, Thena should have figured that all of those people who'd crossed-through outside were headed to the same place she'd just come from. She froze briefly, but soon made-up the distance between she and Asher. 'Uhm, thanks a lot,' she said quietly, still hugging her bulky sweater tight to her body. Pausing for an awkward couple of moments, she looked at Asher, the ground at her tiny, strange-looking feet, then over her shoulder at the rest of the Cafeteria. 'Do you, uhm...' she started, returning her gaze to Asher, 'Do you have any suggestions of what to do around here?' she finally inquired, albeit somewhat tentatively.

"Hmm I've spent most of my time either tinkering with my cube or various computer parts. Marcus mentioned a pool if you want to go swimming. Though I'm not sure that's a good idea for me." Asher grinned slightly. She was able to take quick showers but submerging herself in a pool for a long period of time was not a good idea.

'Swimming? Oh...' Thena looked and sounded exceedingly uncomfortable at the idea of stripping down to even less clothing than she was currently wearing to go swimming. Sure, there were aquatic spiders, but she also wasn't sure she could muster the grace or ability with her appendages to be able to stay afloat in the water. Additionally, she wasn't quite comfortable with the look of her body to wear a swimsuit, 'Is there... uhm...' she paused and caught her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to think of something else. 'A library, or... just a nice quiet place... or anything?'

"Everything is new to me." Irah stated before standing again. "Sorry I bothered you all while you were busy." She said before simply walking away to another table, to sit down alone so she could think. She was afraid if she tried to talk to them any longer they would get angry, so now she had some clues to work with on her own. She sat scowling at the table for some time as she thought about many things. She had liked the food but she was no longer hungry. but liking was happiness, so it didn't count. She didn't really know where else to go or what things to try, so she simply sat and thought.

Cerah watched Irah go. She didn't understand why she just left. Cerah put her fork down and looked to Aailyah and Lysander. "Maybe we should invite her to sit and be with us?" Cerah said. She could tell there was something wrong or a bothersome vibe around Irah.

"Something's troubling her..." Lysander stated, looking over at Irah as she sat scowling towards them. "Perhaps we should give her some time, she looks like she's thinking things over."

Cerah looked at Lysander for a moment. "You're right, I just wouldn't want to be alone or left out. But yes people do need time to think...alone." Cerah said. She herself feared being alone. Not knowing anyone not having anyone close anymore. She use to have that close person and did have lots of friends but it was different now. She was scared to let anyone close but still wanted friends. "Change of subject, could we all do something together?" Cerah asked looking at both Aailyah and Lysander.

Irah stood then and sighed. "Something that makes me happy." She scoffed as she stood up. She pushed the seat back against the table and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. So now she knew there were types of happiness, whatever that meant. Now she had to find out what else was here that might possibly make her happy. She turned to look at the walls for one of those map monitor things. She strode over to the one in the cafeteria and began to look through it to see what all this facility had and whether she thought it would make her happy or not. She decided the pool was out, she didn't know if her 'kind of skin' was durable enough to protect her mechanical and liquid parts.

Luther Looked up as he finished off a hole plate of bacon stacked higher than a lumber jacks pan cakes. Then drank a hole glass of orange juice. He looked around the table in confusion as he wiped his face with the napkin and wondered what he had missed, acting as if his behavior was completely normal.

Aailyah watched Irah quietly, then shook her head when everybody started speaking again. She looked at Luther and smiled, "Hungry much?" She jibbed at him.

Lysander looked at Cerah curiously. "Are we not all having lunch together?" He asked her a little slyly.

Cerah smiled. "Lysander, I meant something fun other than feeding our faces!" Cerah laughed softly.

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