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^*Compound: Rooftop*^
^*Compound: Level Three*^
^Compound: Level Two^
Compound: Pool

Compound: Level One West
*Compound: Apt 4BC*
Compound: Lounge

*Compound: Apt 5CE*
Compound: Cafeteria

*Compound: Apt 6CE*
Compound: Patio

Compound: Garden
Compound: Armory

The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby
vCompound: Parking Eastv

Level One East

Branching off from The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby and connecting to the Compound: Level One West hallway, the east hall sports polished concrete floors and matching walls, complete with stainless steel fixtures and glass, giving a cold, sterile feel to the area. For a bit of a respite, one could walk down the steps out into the Compound: Garden and enjoy a bit of sun or step into the Compound: Cafeteria or Compound: Lounge, both opposite the garden, to have a bite to eat. Just outside the cafeteria is the Compound: Patio which is also the way over to the Compound: Dormitories. The Compound: Armory is in the southeast corner of the building, though access to it is extremely limited, and the Compound: Pool is beside the lounge at the northern end of the hall. There are stairs leading up to the Compound: Level Two and Compound: Level Three, though it is restricted to Handlers only, and elevators that, in addition to floors two and three, can take one down to the Compound: Parking East, also known as the Special’s parking, or the Compound: Rooftop if one has the right clearance. The housing units, Compound: Apt 4BE, Compound: Apt 5CE, and Compound: Apt 6CE are also accessible via the east hall.

Cyrus took another deep breath as he came in from outside, closing the door to the patio behind him. He decided he needed a little support from the other Handlers and headed for the lifts. As one arrived for him, he took it up to Compound: Level Three.

Delilah came out of one of the halls that connected the inside of the building to the patio outside, and crossed the area to descend the steps leading into the Compound: Garden, humming softly to herself.

Marcus stepped out of the Cafeteria door and looked around trying to get his bearings around the massive place. Finally he found the door leading to Compound: Pool.

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2014-07-30 [The Black Goat]: Here too, you are fantastic and I love you ^^ thanks again for your help

2014-07-30 [ancienteye]: XD You're welcome.

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