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^*Compound: Rooftop*^
^*Compound: Level Three*^
^Compound: Level Two^
Compound: Pool

Compound: Level One East

Compound: Library
*Compound: Apt 3BW*

Compound: Clinic
*Compound: Apt 2AW*

*Compound: Apt 1AW*

Compound: Garden

The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby
v*Compound: Parking West*v

Level One West

Branching off from The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby and connecting to the Compound: Level One East hallway, the west hall sports polished concrete floors and matching walls, complete with stainless steel fixtures and glass, giving a cold, sterile feel to the area. For a bit of a respite, one could walk down the steps out into the Compound: Garden and enjoy a bit of sun or step into the Compound: Library, opposite the garden, to read and relax. Flanking the library on either side is the Compound: Clinic and the Compound: Pool. There are stairs leading up to the Compound: Level Two and Compound: Level Three, though it is restricted to Handlers only, and elevators that, in addition to floors two and three, can take one down to the Compound: Parking West or Compound: Rooftop if one has the right clearance. The housing units, Compound: Apt 1AWCompound: Apt 2AW, and Compound: Apt 3BW are also accessible via the west hall.

Silera stepped out of her apartment and closed the door shut behind her. She was still holding the bag of dried meat as she wandered through the hallway. She finally decided to wander down towards the Compound: Library for no other reason than she didn't want to rush directly to see Fulther. She might be dying to see him but she couldn't let him know that so she slowly meandered off into the boring room filled with books.

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2014-08-30 [The Black Goat]: let's see, I think the main pages here have been covered, the apartments will be left open for players to fill out descriptions,
so I'll move over to the east side and start making notes

2014-08-30 [Ms. Steel]: The ER is still blanky-poo.

2014-08-30 [The Black Goat]: Oh true that , thanks you

2014-08-30 [Ms. Steel]: :-)

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