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^*Compound: Rooftop*^
^*Compound: Level Three*^
Compound: Gym

Compound: Conference Room 2A

Compound: Library Balcony
Compound: Cafeteria


Compound: Interview Room 2C
Compound: Conference Room 2B

Compound: Medical Inprocessing

vCompound: Level One Westv
vCompound: Level One Eastv

v*Compound: Parking West*v
vCompound: Parking Eastv

Level Two Hallway

Cyrus stepped out of the interview room and immediately made his way to the Compound: Cafeteria, knowing it was the fastest way down towards the dormitory complex.

Coming through the doors from the cafeteria, Fulther held them open for Harkin.

Harkin practically bounced through the door, eager to get to the gym, get even more of an appetite worked up, and get back to the cafeteria to enjoy what he was now certain was an unlimited store of food.

Fulther couldn't help but smile at Harkin's infectious energy. He led the way through the corridors to the Compound: Gym and led the way in.

Harkin grinned as he followed Fulther into Compound: Gym, already planning his next meal.

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