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2014-07-30 15:10:18
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Waiting Room

Located behind The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby and the Compound: Front Office is a comfy and well-lit waiting room overlooking the Compound: Garden, which is accessible on either side. With high ceilings, plush white carpeting and couches, and large, floor to ceiling bay windows through which plenty of sun comes in, it is a very nice place to sit, relax, and maybe take a nap.

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2014-07-30 [ancienteye]: Ok, I hit all the empty compound pages in my bookmarks. Did I get all the pages, or am I missing some? :o

2014-07-30 [The Black Goat]: Let me check,are you following level one west and east? I'll leave comments there

2014-07-30 [ancienteye]: Yes, I am. :P

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