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User Name: [ancienteye]

Character name: Coral Zhou

Mutant Name: Aqua

Classification: X-men.

Abilities/powers: Coral can breathe underwater and withstand extreme cold and pressure, making her body the definition of hardy. Although she has never had the chance to actually try her limits, she can survive a depth of about 32,000 feet underwater.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 22. September 30.

General appearance: About an inch and a half taller than her brother, Coral has a slim, athletic build and heart-shaped face. She also has a flat nose and wide, pale gray eyes. Coral, like her brother, has no hair. Her body is almost entirely covered in fine, shimmering silvery-gray scales. There are some streaks on her back and extremities that are deep blue in color. Coral also has fin-like ridges on her arms and calves, webbed fingers and toes, and gills on the sides of her neck.

Additional Appearance: Because Coral’s body is designed for the cold, she avoids heavy layers. Her favorite item of clothing is a lightweight purple hoodie that she often wears to cover her head in public.

Personality: Coral is considerably less combative than her brother in terms of personality. While plenty talkative, she is unlikely to take offense to anything anybody could say--and quite often do--to her. She tends to be very proud of the people she meets and their accomplishments, even if they barely know each other, and has very little concept of the word "stranger" once exposed to fellow mutants. Coral also has a fish-like memory and curiosity that drives her to be rather reckless, invasive and forgetful in incredibly frustrating circumstances.
Special Skills: Not so much a skill as a hobby, but Coral does enjoy taking pictures of things she has not seen before. Also, she has a notable dexterity as a make-up artist--specializing in creating human-flesh hues and blends--although this particular talent does not receive much exercise, nowadays.

Place of birth: Bandon, Oregon.
Weapon(s) of choice: Coral has much faith in her physical strength and hardiness, so if she ever fought someone it would resemble a street fight; hands, feet, and whatever happens to be laying around.

Medical information: Coral usually gets the hiccups when first adjusting to breathing air after being underwater for a while. It can last up to an hour.

Brief History: Coral and Gavin Zhou were raised just outside of Bandon, Oregon. All their lives the two were homeschooled by their parents. They would go to the Coquille River on a regular basis so Coral could swim while Gavin enjoyed the fresh air (in all actuality, he was bored out of his mind, but it gave him an excuse to leave the house). As the years passed, Bandon became a popular tourist destination and while Coral was taking online college courses and Gavin was reaching high school level their parents began wondering if it was safe to stay there. It seemed to work out well for a while as the Zhou kids were only ever seen from a distance while covered enough to be disguised. Eventually, though, as the river attracted more and more tourists, rumors began to spread about a huge silvery fish—which some insisted was a mermaid—swimming in the deeper and more remote waters. At this point, Mr. and Mrs. Zhou decided to send their kids to Xavier’s school.

Relatives: Her brother, Gavin, and parents.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New arrival. Five months

Current Attire: Today's outfit is a navy blue spaghetti-strap tank, khaki shorts and old, muddy watershoes. She always wears a grey one-piece swimsuit under her clothes. Given the warm weather and that so far people at the mansion don't stare at her, she has foregone the purple hoodie for today.

By [Figgy]

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2014-07-10 [Figgy]: I don't think the way you've played her fits well with the personality you've written. However, I think the way you've played her is actually pretty good, and in this case, I suggest changing what you have on her profile to fit the way you play her. It's best to build the profile around the character, not the character around the profile :)

2014-07-10 [ancienteye]: Ok. Thank you! ^-^

2014-07-10 [ancienteye]: That should be more accurate. :P

2014-07-23 [Figgy]: <img200*0:>

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: *happy squeal* It's awesome!!! XD

2014-07-23 [Figgy]: Glad you like her :> Made her transparent so you can put her on Coral's bio, if you'd like.

2014-07-23 [Figgy]: ah, crud, I missed some details >_>

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: Her scales are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiney~ :3

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: Hm? *blink, blink*

2014-07-23 [Figgy]: Fins on her arms and legs and the webbed fingers

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: Ah, those. That's ok. :P You got the most important features.

2014-07-23 [Ms. Steel]: Awww, look at her little water shoes!

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: I like how the fins are outlined in a lighter shade than the rest. :o Makes them look sorta translucent.

2014-07-23 [Figgy]: They're semi-transparent :>

2014-07-23 [ancienteye]: Cool~

2014-07-26 [ancienteye]: Just so people who don't follow the Info page can chime in: Should make-up expertise developed from phases of insecurity be included under Special Skills?

2014-07-26 [Figgy]: That's up to you, really :3 It can be

2014-07-26 [ancienteye]: Ok. :P

2014-07-26 [ancienteye]: Done~ :3

2014-09-29 [Ms. Steel]: No relationship chart for Coral? She'd be the only person in the mansion who likes people more than Valerie... Heh.

2014-09-29 [ancienteye]: XD I was just thinking about if I should put one on for each Zhou...

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