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NAME: Cornelius "Nel" Amadeus (Nel is pronounced Neil)

AGE: 27

DESCRIPTION: Nel is a relatively averagely built individual, not too stocky, but sturdy from all his travels. His fingers boast several well earned calluses, while his feet generally always have at least one blister.

Nel tends to walk most of the time, finding it easier to locate and document wildlife when they aren't startled away by a mount. He carries a short sword, though he knows only enough to protect himself against another amateur... The bow he carries is for hunting. Though his charge is to document and describe all the animals of the realm, both mundane and 'magical', that doesn't mean he isn't required to eat. He kills only when it is in real need, and tries his best to use as much of the animal as possible. Along with his meager weapons, he carries a large sack filled with the supplies needed for his book: ink wells, styluses, reams of parchment, not to mention a small collection of paints for the especially colorful beasts, or the more dangerous ones that are revealed as such by their color scheme.

HAIR COLOR AND STYLE: Nel's hair is somewhat long, and a light brown color. He keeps it pulled back and out of his face with a simple pony tail.

EYE COLOR: His eyes are one of his strangest features. Strange, only because he had yet to meet another with the same color as he. His eyes were a deep, resonate gold in shade and under the right light, shone with an other worldly flare that startled many a people.


PERSONALITY: Having traveled for so long without company, Nel's become a rather reclusive introvert. He speaks his mind, mostly without ever thinking about who's in his company at the time.

OTHER: Nel apparently has a low level of telepathy. He'd never really noticed it before, but he had always had a sixth sense for when someone was coming. He often knew who it was, even, before they came up to him. Often during conversations, he could finish what the other was saying. Sometimes it was an entertaining party trick, other times it would simply freak the other people out.

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