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Cost Of Owning A GSD


If you think owning a GSD is going to be a walk in the park, you're wrong. Everything costs money - do you have the amount of money needed to look after such a big dog?

Consider these:

Weekly food bill and treats.

Bedding, toys, bowls, brushes and other equipment:

Kennel, Crates, travel harness and dog guards for car travel:

Identification disc, collar, lead and microchip:

Vet bills for vaccination, sickness and accidents, neutering and routine healthcare:

Insurance and excess to pay for each claim:

Boarding kennel fees, pet sitter or pet walker:

Professional grooming fees:

Training classes, behaviouralists:

Garden fence maintenance and replacing anything broken in the house:


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2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Generally you want to have money set aside for any pet, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and while many people think that something isn't going to happen, you need to be prepared. One of the vet techs I work with suggests 3 to 5 thousand for a large breed dog.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: Well unless you're loaded I don't think your average dog owner will have that sort of money hanging around. Insurance is just fine as long as you keep up with the payments.

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Speaking for an uninsured animal, we do work with animal insurance companies, but VERY few owners have insurance. It is a very sad thing to put down a life because the owner couldn't afford life-saving surgery. I love my work because one of the doctors I work with has had owners sign over their pets to the vet, then he adopts them (Aka: a cat who broke his leg couldn't afford to fix it, signed it over the doctor straightened it out, but all the leg bones fused and we amputated the leg. The cat lives at the doctors with the other pets and is doing wonderful)

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: I think there should be a law that people should be assessed before they are allowed animals. Pet insurance should be as essential as food I think! I know I haven't got thousands to hand if my girl has displasia so I find that insurance is amazing to have. Only 2 days ago I was in the vets, my collie cross's anal glands were too full and she needed an anti inflammatory injections and steroid cream for her paw (she was biting it out of discomfort). It only cost £45 but some people can't even afford that but insist on having animals. Animals don't live on love alone.

That's wonderful I bet the cat gets spoilt :p

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: I know my dad put my cat down after she ran away and broke her leg and it was horrible for me.
When the swelling goes down on her anal glands ask your doctor if she/he can show you how to do them. It will help cost-wise. There are a lot of things that the vets do that can be done at home to reduce costs.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: I will. It was the first time I had anything seen like it and was quite disgusted to be honest. And the smell was foul.

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Two worst smells you get at a vet, anal glands and maggots.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: I can imagine D: They must come in quite a state if there's maggots (I'm thinking flystrike in rabbits)

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Usually they are older huskies.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: Poor things :(

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Yeah... the first time that happened I went home and guess what was for dinner?

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: Beef?

2009-08-02 [de Morte]: Fish...

2009-08-02 [sequeena_rae]: I don't get it, sorry xD

2009-08-02 [de Morte]: Smell is very similar to maggots... on a slightly smaller scale... rotting

2009-08-02 [sequeena_rae]: D:

2009-08-02 [de Morte]: I didn't eat dinner ;P

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