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Do you have a penchant for handicrafts? If so, stay a while and look around, for this might be of interest to you. Everyone's heard about art trades. We here at Craft Exchange wish to take that concept and apply it to all things crafty. Whether it be jewellery, knitting or sculpture that is closest to your heart, feel free to join in.

Should you like to participate, just add your name on the list of members and see if there are any items that are currently up for exchange. If the inventory is empty, you can always nudge people or add something yourself. You may also see if there is something in members' personal craft wikis that you like and ask whether they would be willing to make another for a trade. However, all members are encouraged to add pictures of duplicable items in the CE Gallery - check there first.

Since the crafts will obviously have to be sent via snail mail, we recommend that after expressing your interest in a certain item you move the conversation into private messages - unless, of course, you don't mind displaying your address on a public wiki.

Have fun!

Type(s) of crafts
jewellery, bookbinding, knitting
[SilverFire]knitting, crochet, mask-making England
[nehirwen]sewing, felt figures, stuffed animals Netherlands
[Thunder Cid]wood, leather, and metalwork United States
[hanhepi]beading, clothespin bags, dream catchers United States
[Flisky]cloth hats, weaving, other sewed items United States
[Akayume]sewing, knitting, jewelry making/resin rings United States
[9jlriexqk,ktpk]making jewellery and playing with wire. United Kingdom
[Mortified Penguin]cheap paper cranes United States
[Mirime] beading supplies; maybe some necklaces USA

Items up for exchange


Sorry the quality is so poor. :( I made this for me, originally (if can call it making, it's a pendant on a necklace) but it sits funny. :/ It's super pretty though! I want it to go to a good owner. :3

First attempt at making a necklace. There's errors, but I think it is still pretty. I love the elephant. (Negligee not included, just thought it would make a nice background ;))

I have lots more pictures, so check out Mirime's Beads to see what I'm offering :)

Pretty sure I still have these in all the above colours. They were made for a play, but they're just taking up an entire drawer in my room so I could do with losing some of them.

CE Gallery
CE Past Trades

See also:
Artisans' Guild
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2011-05-19 [Linderel]: It's a loaded word to this day, eh?

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: *is offended at being called a damn yankee* *spits* that having been said, i've always wondered why over there all americans are called Yankees. was it a term before the Civil War, or do we all get called that because the Union won?

2011-05-19 [Alexi Ice]: ^^ I'm down south so I have to deal with being a hillbilly and all that crap.

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: joke: "What's the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee? A Yankee comes down from up north, stays a little while then leaves. A Damn Yankee stays."

2011-05-19 [Linderel]: I honestly have no clue why. :P It might be as simple as "hey, here's a short word, let's use it to mean every American". But I guess it's slightly derogatory - similar to "ruski" and stuff. But one can also use the term to refer to the country when used in the plural: if you say "meen jenkkeihin" you're saying "I'm going to the States".

2011-05-19 [Akayume]: I wish my camera didn't run out of battery. :( I have some AWESOME resin sticker rings I made recently. :D I am quite proud of them.

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: it's easier to say than Usaians too.

2011-05-19 [Mortified Penguin]: Aw, I have no skills.

2011-05-19 [Skydancer]: Adds to the list of rather interesting places.

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: sure you do mort! the ability to bullshit is a valuable skill. it's just hard to trade it for a tangible item.

2011-05-19 [Mortified Penguin]: YOU'RE a tangerine!

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: and you're a lime. :P

2011-05-19 [Mortified Penguin]: You callin' me limey, boy? *cracks [Skydancer]'s knuckles*

2011-05-19 [Linderel]: Oi. Could I request less randomness? Otherwise you might find yourself covered in orange juice, and I don't like to waste good orange juice.

2011-05-19 [Mortified Penguin]: <poll:77038> (relevant)

2011-05-20 [Mirime]: I have tons of beads that I keep thinking I will use someday and never get around to using... mostly glass, or some fake pearls, that kind of thing. I could take pics if anyone might be interested.

2011-05-20 [Linderel]: Do. :3

2011-05-20 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: May I join? *Looks around shyly*

2011-05-20 [Linderel]: Go right ahead! ^___^

2011-05-22 [Linderel]: There. First item up.

2011-05-23 [Akayume]: My picture is really crappy, and it's one of my first jewelry pieces. >.> Be gentle. DX

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