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Crazy Wiki


Wikis where you can find Elftown's crazier members!


All Hail the Sock
Bean Revolt
Behold the Pervertedness!!!
Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicked My Mom!
Easily Amused
El Wiki
Everything and Anything
Crazy People United
Crazy wire
Full O' Randomness
Ham Sandwich
Lost Book of the Bible:The Book of Amish
Lost Insanity
Retarded Hospital
Salmons United
School for the mentally deranged
Sexaholics Anonymous
Strange People!!
Stupid wiki
Test for Dementia
The Gay Penguin Takeover
The Insane Asylum
The Secret Cult Everyone Knows About
The Spooky Kids
War Cry
Weirdoes United!
Yellow Chocolate Tree


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2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: hello0o0o0o0???

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: procrastinators unite!!!!!....tomorrow......

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: so.....>taps foot<

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: ahem *cough cough* i guess im the only crazy one here.

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: oh no, i dont mind, i was having a perfectly interesting conversation with bobthewall anyway

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: u wouldnt believe the things hes seen

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: hey does anyone have any chapstik or anything? oh wait, theres no one here!! my bad, not the greatest memory doncha know

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