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Create Chimes a Stock Pack!


-What's this?
Well, I'm glad you asked. I thought of this little contest while trying to think of ways to boost activity and submissions over at Reference Pictures, the aim is to create a stock pack for me to make a manipulation from (if you need a couple of samples of my work visit: CCASP: Samples). The stock packs will be put into the Reference Pictures archives enabling you to become one of the Reference Photographers - that's if you don't mind having them in there. Please note that this is not an official contest.

-What is a Stock Pack?
A Stock Pack is a set or series of images used to create a photomanipulation. It can include (but is not limited to): Landscapes, interiors, model stocks, animal stocks, object stocks and textures.

-What will I get if I participate?
A little unofficial badge, made by myself. If you choose to allow your pack to be submitted to Reference Pictures then you will also receive the badge of the Reference Photographers. You also get the warm feeling of taking part.

-What will I get if I win?
If you win I will be making a manipulation out of your stock, which will be dedicated to you and it will be for you. If you have a DeviantART account, I will feature you in my journal over there. I am also trying to think of some other little goodies for you.
Plus all of the prizes for participation.

-How will it be judged?
I haven't quite decided yet but the options are: public vote, a panel of judges or my personal choice.



1. Images MUST be yours and must adhere to the uploading art rules.
If they are not yours you will be disqualified from this contest and reported to the guards. Collaborative efforts are allowed, but please limit your teams to three at most.

2. There must be at least three images in your stock pack and entries must be placed on separate (exported) wikis.
One of the three images must be some sort of background, the other two can be to enhance said background. For example: your images could be as follows, a field, stormy sky and a horse. Feel free to put as many images in as you like, I will try to incorperate all of them, if you win.

3. You must make a note of whether you are willing to have your packs submitted to Reference Pictures or not.
This is not necessary but it would be nice if you would allow it, remember that if you agree your images will be free for anyone on Elftown to use. If you are using recognisable human models that are not yourself I will need written permission from them to use the images. This is the same with Reference Photos, you may choose to do this using the Elftown Media Release Form.

4. Good quality photos, please.
Grainy or pixelated images are somewhat hard to work with, so good quality images are necessary.

5. Stick to the theme.
There will not always be a theme, see below for details If this goes well I will be doing several rounds of this contest.

6. Have fun!
That one is simple. :P



There is no theme for this round, you are free to go whichever direction you wish. Have fun, go crazy, suprise me.



-26th March '09
Midnight in your local time at the latest, unless you have contacted me beforehand with a valid reason to give you extra time. :]



Contest Closed

Winner to be announced!

Please set out your entries like so:
0.[Username] - [Username's Stock Pack@wiki]

1. [Yuriona] - Yuriona's Stock Pack

2. [Rebulous] - Rebulous' Stock Pack

3. [Skydancer] - Sky's Stock for Chimes

4. [Easterling] - Easterling's Stock Pack

5. [Jitter] - Jitter's Stockpack will add moar

6. [Skydancer] Sky's Stock for Chimes 2 more incentive for folk to go all out in their efforts. :D

7. [Linderel] - Lin's stock pack

8. [Aeolynn] - Aeolynn + Stock = Chimes

9. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] - Chime's Stock Pack - Tynuka


Go or return to:
- Reference Pictures

Username (or number or email):


2009-03-18 [Mordigen]: Mogwai, see, I would have never have spelled it right XD

I, personally, have always been a fan of the mome raths. *nods contently*

2009-03-18 [Skydancer]: Was there not a toy that was like that a bit? Furby maybe??

2009-03-18 [Mordigen]: Yes - Furby! I sooo wanted the Gizmo furby!
and, in that case, then we need to get me a new car then, too....because*ahem* .... can't drive a manual *SHAME FACED* XD *hides*

I am always too scared that I will do something wrong, and the tranny will fall out x_x

2009-03-18 [Chimes]: Mome raths are awesome. :)
I wanted one too... I want a gizmo plushie... or a gizmo something. XD I am yet to get one.

Mordi, I can't even drive. :P

2009-03-18 [Mordigen]: well, I'm not too far behind - I didn't start driving til i was 20, and HAD to because my hubby got his licensed revoked :S

2009-03-18 [Skydancer]: ah, well, hmmm. Maybe we can get Shaun involved, he lives in Donelaga?? ermm .. Dahlonega and could do a road trip.

2009-03-18 [Mordigen]: I dunno who Shaun is?

2009-03-18 [Skydancer]: Shaun is a good friend, he runs the network for the Isle of Wyrms, and is the reason I managed to get from Augusta back to NC. He is also a celestial dragon. :)

2009-03-18 [Mordigen]: ew.
Augusta is not fun to get stuck in

2009-03-18 [Skydancer]: no, its not, it was toxic. There was some interesting stuff to photograph, but the sheer pollution was killing me.

2009-03-19 [Mordigen]: Yea, Augusta is a nasty lil place.
nasty nasty

2009-03-29 [Linderel]: Oh damn. I forgot the deadline was in March already. >_<

2009-03-29 [Chimes]: Awwh.

2009-03-29 [Linderel]: Oh well. At least I got something in. :P

2009-06-02 [Chimes]: I haven't forgotten about this. :P I'm just busy. Prizes and things will be dealt out when my exams are done with. Sorry for the wait!

2009-06-03 [Aeolynn]: Who won? I want to gz the winner :\

2009-06-03 [Linderel]: Surely you have some patience.

2009-06-04 [Aeolynn]: I do, but I was just asking.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Oh... I was going to enter this. DX

2009-06-23 [Chimes]: There will be another round after I have finished making prizes and badges and things for this round :) I already know the theme too.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Awesome! I shall wait for that then!

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