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2005-07-11 12:25:52
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As the creed was getting to big the members are now listed here!


[The Dark Lord]=Aslen Icewind

Vampyrie Council: (#-1016)

1. [abcd400009]= Nikki Firelake (our first member) 
2. [S K I]= Luna Delacroix
3. [*slipknot-rock*]= Dracul Mortis
4. [Acidic Khemica]= khalo Valic
5. [vampiredemon]= Paige Valic
6. [Black_Rainbows]= Morticious Darkhelm
7. [TheCrow]= Mathe Atilla
8. [wonderinginlife]= Drusithe
9. [gothicchick666]= Samantha Blackheart
10.[VampressKris]= Kris


1.[lusci0uz X playmate]= mysterious
2.[FLAMAND]= Kain Cabaal
3.[Candy Coated Corpse]= Rei Hekuna
4.[Y*** F***]= Nyx Moon
5.[XWalls_OxF_HopeX]= Victor Ogremoch
6.[Lycanthrope Heart]= Macha Lynch
7.[BinaryPhoenix]= Asmira La'Fey
8.[sonna cool na kimi wa plastic]= Plathryliss
9.[† Sgt. Sheik †]= Nocturn
10.[brandi_080786]= Selene De'Lioncourt
11.[Lizzies Diamond]= Leighanna Natashia amaryia
12.[Y*** F***]= Nyx Moon
14.[CrAzI FiRe CuTiE_516]= Chimaira
15.[Domna Rose]= Domna Rose
16.[Sad. .Vampire]
17.[dark funeral]= Tepes
18.[Solitaire Unraveling]= Raziel
19.[Erutan]= Erutan. a.k.a NaturesShadow
20.[¤Child Of The Dead Gardens¤]= Camilla
21.[Camillala]= (See 30)
22.[*paper doll*]= unknown for now
23.[*moth*]= Unknown for now
24.[JAreturns 14]= Unknown Name for now
25.[TheVmprSlyr]= Angelique Aluard
26.[cloud.s]= Unknown for Now
27.[Kaito]= Gabriel Du Coudray 
28. [BlackRoseMaiden]= Ather
29. [Take off your clothes. ♥]= Aradia
30. [Murlough]=
31. [a shattered mirror]= Rayne Rayne De' lioncourt
32. [Pyroguy]= Osc, (blackmailin' twat)
33. [blood soaked madin]=
34. [Final_omega]=
35. [Matt Buckley]=

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2004-08-31 [cloud.s]: put me in muhahahahahahaha

2004-09-10 [a shattered mirror]: hay if u could add my last name .... it will be Rayne De' lioncourt

2004-09-15 [The Dark Lord]: ok

2004-09-17 [a shattered mirror]: lol u have rayne twice ! ^_^

2004-12-14 [Ryvre]: put me in please, though i dont have a name..............

2004-12-14 [Ryvre]: i gots to go see Dracula the musical, it was sad and beautiful........why the hell did they kill Dracula??????*wails*

2005-03-02 [blood soaked madin]: because that's the way the book ended?

2005-03-05 [Shiorysm]: i want to be part of this...

2005-03-28 [creator_1987]: i want to be a member

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