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Crying Destiney

  a long time ago, a warrior known as Warfox lost a girl that ment so much to him, her name was [Alcoholocaust]. whispers have been spread of a group called the Nosam's who have came up with a device that can bring back the dead, known as the Geo-Nine Projct developed in Seria, in the late years of 2000.

  The Nosam's over the years manuvered themself's into key locations to the point that they now have control over all countries, and their Militaries. the Nosam's control every countries economy, and have their hands sunken deeply in Organized Crime around the world. Every bad crime committed around the world, the Nosam's were behind it, but got off because they owned the police.

  After the year 2020, A Military base in the United States was attacked by a terrorist group known as the Red Tear Faction, they took over the base for 15 hours, and doing so, they launched nuclear missles all around the world. The worlds technology lies in short supply, after the Nuclear disaster. Most of the Population has gone back to swords, and other medievel weapons. Only the rich have guns. Warfox was able to get ahold of some Technology because he was still in the Military at the time. He forged it into his bracelet's, which were called Warlock blades, after makeing them, he destroyed all evidence of the Warlock blades.

  The Warlock Blades are thought to be some sort of super weapon that runs off of disease, they have been rumored to have even create miracles, like heal people....other rumors are said that they can cause massive destruction. 

There are rumors of a few others with this technology, but it is considered only myth.
  Warfox hearing this, now travels to find the underground Nosam's, who are one of the most corrupt, and mysterious groups on the planet. Through his Journey, he eventually meets up with other warriors with their own journies through life, and they decide that it would be easier to accomplish theirs if they fought side by side.

This is a RPG, if you want to become a member, you must play along with the story line, and meet up in the game first. Please follow the story line.


1. Shamen Platform - a floating city above the clouds. said to have been made by the greatest of scientist, that after finsihed, were kidnapped and disappeared. It is believed to have been the work of the Nosam's.

2. Atolincia - a massive man made Island that can move around the oceans, created by the United Nations, as a Military Island, but after getting built, it was expanded upon, and now half of it is a city, and the other half is a United nations base. the Funding for the massive island was said to have come from the Nosam's.

3. Eilondrie - One of the biggest undeveloped forest's in the world. It is said a long time ago, the forest was inhabited by rebels, that live peacefully with the nature around them. they were also said to have very bad temper's for outsiders, most adventures who entered the forest never came out.

4. Cinbactie - The most unforgiveing city known to man, most residents here, are Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Old Veterens, Mercenaries, or Criminals. Most of them can be met at in the local tavern. this is the most dead beat twon that could possibly exist.

5. Nordafis - This is the coldest land around, the mere wind chill factor is enough to kill a man in an istant. But if you make it to the tavern, the locals will take good care of you.

6. Half World - You feel as if your floating.. this world is grass as far as you can see, and one big tree in the middle. Perhaps you got here in a dream, or possibly meditation.. or just maybe imagination....

7. Valkeria - This city is a stronghold, controlled by the Nosams. It is here the U.N. fears. The cities beautiful landscaping is as perfect as its defences. The Dark Legion here are well seasoned, and could take on as larg of a force that the U.N. could throw. In such bad times as this, noone could wish to live in a better place.

8. Shao Khan - This little hidden fort, is hidden somewhere in a distant land, upon a mountain, mixed in with the nature. It is said that the select few that are lucky enough to find this place, become truly talented in the ways.. but that saying has never left the fort, due to its extreme secret.

9. Argonia - A small river town, the village is not that well known, an is mainly a quiet place, the un isnt around here nor are the nosams

[ More Places can be made up as we journey along, remember we dont all have to start in the same place, we can all go to different locations, and can eventually meet up, it can take minutes, hours, days months or even years for us to meet, its up to you. ]


Info.- Here you can find information on almost any subject in this RPG.

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2006-01-18 [Heartless_Angel]: (hmmmm now where should it start?)

2006-02-01 [Theola_Duvessa]: (may I join this wiki?)

2006-02-01 [snowwolfsa]: (anyones aloud to join)

2006-02-01 [snowwolfsa]: (the more the marrier)

2006-02-01 [crowfeather]: (moo....... oh just no god modding or copying other characters)

2006-02-01 [snowwolfsa]: (lol yea, that was bad, we had to kick him out...anyways be back in a bit)

2006-02-01 [crowfeather]: (ok.. I should be back from my mother's attack by at least 7pm pacific)

2006-02-01 [Theola_Duvessa]: (alright,then I shall read everyones characters and the story line,so I won't be a bother to everyone)

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: [this is just a notice, to let all the people who want to join know that we are not accepting players for this game, but it will be over shortly, and are sequal will be out when shortly. If you want to become a player on the sequal, please go to] A New Hope [and list your name under the waist list. Thankyou.]

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: [sorry about this, one more notice to all the current members, please go to] A new hope [and list your name under the members list if you wish to stay enrolled. Thanks]

2006-02-27 [Furor Scribendi]: (holy smokes alive! I'm on! *cackles*)

2006-02-27 [crowfeather]: (MINE! *pounces* where the hell have you been?!)

2006-02-28 [Furor Scribendi]: (grounded, as usual. But not anymore! w00t)

2006-02-28 [crowfeather]: (lol well welcome back.. )

2006-02-28 [Furor Scribendi]: (*bows* Thank you, thank you. Wow. I have a LOT of reading to do. *nods*)

2006-02-28 [crowfeather]: (yeah you do.. we haven't rped in a long time so you can catch up)

2006-02-28 [Furor Scribendi]: (w00t. I'll have to read it later, when I'm actually on my own compoooter. *nods* ^_~ )

2006-02-28 [crowfeather]: (lol ok)

2006-04-06 [shy_elf_arra]: help me!

2006-04-06 [dead~spirit]: (ok your on the main page.. see the pink writing, where it says "a new hope" click it.)

2006-04-26 [snowwolfsa]: >>>> this rp is currently over! we have finished it, please see Shao Khan for the ending battle if you wish, otherwise go to A New Hope an join Crying Destiney 2>>>>>>>>>

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