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Crying Destiney

  a long time ago, a warrior known as Warfox lost a girl that ment so much to him, her name was [Alcoholocaust]. whispers have been spread of a group called the Nosam's who have came up with a device that can bring back the dead, known as the Geo-Nine Projct developed in Seria, in the late years of 2000.

  The Nosam's over the years manuvered themself's into key locations to the point that they now have control over all countries, and their Militaries. the Nosam's control every countries economy, and have their hands sunken deeply in Organized Crime around the world. Every bad crime committed around the world, the Nosam's were behind it, but got off because they owned the police.

  After the year 2020, A Military base in the United States was attacked by a terrorist group known as the Red Tear Faction, they took over the base for 15 hours, and doing so, they launched nuclear missles all around the world. The worlds technology lies in short supply, after the Nuclear disaster. Most of the Population has gone back to swords, and other medievel weapons. Only the rich have guns. Warfox was able to get ahold of some Technology because he was still in the Military at the time. He forged it into his bracelet's, which were called Warlock blades, after makeing them, he destroyed all evidence of the Warlock blades.

  The Warlock Blades are thought to be some sort of super weapon that runs off of disease, they have been rumored to have even create miracles, like heal people....other rumors are said that they can cause massive destruction. 

There are rumors of a few others with this technology, but it is considered only myth.
  Warfox hearing this, now travels to find the underground Nosam's, who are one of the most corrupt, and mysterious groups on the planet. Through his Journey, he eventually meets up with other warriors with their own journies through life, and they decide that it would be easier to accomplish theirs if they fought side by side.

This is a RPG, if you want to become a member, you must play along with the story line, and meet up in the game first. Please follow the story line.


1. Shamen Platform - a floating city above the clouds. said to have been made by the greatest of scientist, that after finsihed, were kidnapped and disappeared. It is believed to have been the work of the Nosam's.

2. Atolincia - a massive man made Island that can move around the oceans, created by the United Nations, as a Military Island, but after getting built, it was expanded upon, and now half of it is a city, and the other half is a United nations base. the Funding for the massive island was said to have come from the Nosam's.

3. Eilondrie - One of the biggest undeveloped forest's in the world. It is said a long time ago, the forest was inhabited by rebels, that live peacefully with the nature around them. they were also said to have very bad temper's for outsiders, most adventures who entered the forest never came out.

4. Cinbactie - The most unforgiveing city known to man, most residents here, are Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Old Veterens, Mercenaries, or Criminals. Most of them can be met at in the local tavern. this is the most dead beat twon that could possibly exist.

5. Nordafis - This is the coldest land around, the mere wind chill factor is enough to kill a man in an istant. But if you make it to the tavern, the locals will take good care of you.

6. Half World - You feel as if your floating.. this world is grass as far as you can see, and one big tree in the middle. Perhaps you got here in a dream, or possibly meditation.. or just maybe imagination....

7. Valkeria - This city is a stronghold, controlled by the Nosams. It is here the U.N. fears. The cities beautiful landscaping is as perfect as its defences. The Dark Legion here are well seasoned, and could take on as larg of a force that the U.N. could throw. In such bad times as this, noone could wish to live in a better place.

8. Shao Khan - This little hidden fort, is hidden somewhere in a distant land, upon a mountain, mixed in with the nature. It is said that the select few that are lucky enough to find this place, become truly talented in the ways.. but that saying has never left the fort, due to its extreme secret.

9. Argonia - A small river town, the village is not that well known, an is mainly a quiet place, the un isnt around here nor are the nosams

[ More Places can be made up as we journey along, remember we dont all have to start in the same place, we can all go to different locations, and can eventually meet up, it can take minutes, hours, days months or even years for us to meet, its up to you. ]


Info.- Here you can find information on almost any subject in this RPG.

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2005-10-23 [Averon]: Tarron: "Seeing how you got away with my money bag I can see how you have earned it." *His eyes show those who have known no mercy, just killing and in thier depths they reflected how lost he was in the meaning of everything. Just then the radio on his belt blares* "YES co-ordinates 45-54-78-21 and 34-01-42-93 that is the location Red Tear One out" *He frantically packs up his kit* " In case neither of you notice those are our co-ordinates! Looks like the desert isn't a good place to hide! We should move s one that way we stand a chance when we run into trouble."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: O_o what the hell are you being hunted by? mercs?? shit... come on follow me... there's a rock and cave formation nearby... *takes off running towards the formation she was talking about*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: *As all three of them reach the formations they hear the sound of rotars cutting through the air*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *grabs Tarron and Warfox by the wrists and pulls them into the nearest cave opening before ducking out of sight. breathing a little heavily as she takes off her scarf finally showing how extreamly short her hair was cut except for the long braid that she had in the back and on the right side of her head, peeking out slightly*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron:"Jesus fucking christ how did they find me? Or you Warfox?"

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances back at them* do you two have trackers on you or something?

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "I know I don't but I think they are looking at us with satellites but they can only do that for short periods of time so no need to worry." *He pants as he removes his rifle from his back*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *frowns slightly at the comment and shakes her head* meaning you two ARE the trackers.. shit... you two are such bad luck

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: Thats IF they are using satelites but thier next oppertunity for doing so is in 24 hours from now." *he said as he loades one .50 cal round into his rifle* "Now I'm going to go take cate of that helicopter." *He walks to the cave entrance and scopes in on the helicopters tail rotar gearbox, and pulls the trigger sendong the helicopter into a burning mess falling to the ground*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glares at Tarron* oh sure.. shoot the damn thing down and watch them come looking for it... never thought about did you.. *stands up after flinging a small stone in the back of his head* think before you act some time man.. actions like that will get you killed faster... fuck I'm outta here before you two drag me into this damn mess of yours...

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *raises an eyebrow at Crimson.* "you think im a tracker?"

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances an eyebrow at him* you.. no clue.. trigger happy one over here more then likely...

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "What you FAILED to notice is that those were Delta detachmant troopers they would've had no trouble hunting us down and it takes them 72 hours to respond to a downed chopper, and only 3 to respond to finding us." *He looks at her blank look he knew how the system worked*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glares at Tarron* I'm a thief.. not a fucking soldier.. get that through your head.. you are on your own... *grabs her scarf and exits the cave, leaving the men behind*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "I don't suggest going outside yet now that they saw us helping you they will be after you too."*This was how the millitary worked guilt by association*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks at Tarron in humor.* "24 hours to respond to a downed choppers, they are faster then the old ones..*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: crimson: *was already gone from the cave, walking off towards the direction that she was heading for originally*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *gets up, and goes after Crimson.*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "I bet well we better follow her we don't want her getting hurt by us do we?" *He throws his rifle over his shoulder and starts to exit* "I don't want a search-and-rescue mission becouse I feel bad about her getting captured"

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *the men finally notice where she was heading which looked like a city outpost only a several miles away. the girl finally glances back to see that they were following her, mummbles under her breath* damn military dogs... *continues on the hike to the city with out taking a break*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *Flips on a paid of NVG's that he had stored in a side pocket* "Night is coming I have a feeling that we will have to hold off." *Hands him a pair from his backpack* "You'll need these it's going to be one hell of a night."

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *hands them back.* "i dont need them, I have improved vision."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *as the sun slowly begins to set and twighlight began to set in as she approaches the outskirts of the city. she does a high pitched whistle and waits as a young man aproaches from the growing shadows. in low tones the two discuss something before he nods walking off ahead as she follows(

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Well can your vision see heat because thats the only way you'll be able to detect whats coming for us, damn improved Phantom division."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *walks through the maze of streets, disappearing into one of the many back alleys*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "she is a street girl eh.. No worry" *Pulls of his NVG's* "Lets follow"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks at his bracelets.* "I can do many things...So Tarron, I hope your ready for a fight, because I think she's fixen on jumping us."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: *the young man that they had seen earlier with her stops them from going further, joined by a couple of other teens. frowns slightly* "ya don't have permission to pass through our streets"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks at the teens and starts to walk away.* "alright look this is bullshit, this whole thing has taken me out of my way, i have somthing to attend to. Tarron, you seem like you have military experience, and you could handle your self, you want to tag along?"

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *looks Warfox in the eyes s if to say should we?* "ANd how might we gain this......Permission you speak of?" *He was careful in the words he picked*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: *the young man raises an eyebrow at the two men * "you both are new to these territories... what business do you have here?"

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "We mean no harm we only want to find someone. Whats the use?" *Looks over to Warfox* "She doesn't want us to find her so let her go."

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *not wanting to fight, looks at Tarron and nods.*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "we'll be seeing YOU around kid." *He turns around and heads back into the desert*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: "hn... not our fault we protect our own.." *the teen that spoke stands down when the older boy growls at him. the young man looks at Tarron* "yas looking for Crim aren't yas"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks back at tarron.* "look who cares... lets go."

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "we are she is in deeper than she can imagine and we," *nudges warfox* "believe that she should help us and in return we will help her. We don't want her getting interrogated. *He leans his six foot five stature down to meet the teens* "Do either of you know the horrors of interrogation? I do and you DON'T want that for her, do you?" *His words were pointed and very true* "tell her if she wants to meet us she'll know where to look she only has 5 hours to make up her mind."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: "hn... not like anyone cares about an orphan.... we're all expendable.. but come... " *the young man indicates for Tarron and Warfox to follow him as he leads the way through the maze of back alleys, occationally they pass the body of a small child laying dead in a gutter or one eatting out of the trash. finally leads them to an abandoned house with the doors and windows borded up* "this is her place..." *removes a few of the boards to let them into the place*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Crimson I know you are here, stop hiding and reveal yourself." *his voice echoed in the empty dark room*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *fustrated he follows Tarron.*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *had taken off her over shirt and vest and was wearing a loose over sized sleeveless shirt over a slightly cropped tank top, baggy jeans and boots. her arms showing old scars of what looked like slashes* what? destroying things aren't good enough for you now? now you stalk people? *glares at the young man who says something in another language. she blinks and looks back at Tarron*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks at Crimson from behind Tarron.* "Iook, I had nothing to do with this."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances at Warfox* eh I'm not blaming you man...

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Look I only destroy when I think it is RIGHT I don't do around blowing the living shit outta places where there is enough desrtuction, I don't kill innicents unlike the scum that Warfox and I are trying to hunt down. The Red Tear Faction is more than a group of terrorists they are a plague dedicated to taking everything even our very lives, we will need the best to find them and I believe that between the 3 in this room we can do it." *this is what he believed* "Are you with us or them there is only that choice now if you join us we can end this poverty if you don't join us they will find you and MAKE you one of them."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: o_o *blinkblink then frowns, not used to anyone giving her orders*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron:"Look if you don't join up with us they WILL torture to an extent that will widen your definition in pain, we could use your skills in finding out where this Red Tear group is, they have ravaged towns and cities killing all who inhabited them. They diserve to die a horrible death for everything they have done." *her eyes then grow wide*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *growls as she storms back into the connecting room to get her things* 

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *stays silent, just watching the two again.*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: *the young man smirks and glances over at Tarron* "looks like you have yourself a guide... 'course for her it's gonna be personal"

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *gives a sigh of relief* "Thank you for your help Crimson, you will be rewarded in the end I am sure."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wearing a well worn jacket with a hood, bag slung over her shoulder*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "We leave now, where to Warfox you were tracking them?"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks at tarron in question.* "I was what???? I am not tracking a group, i was just trying to get to Atolincia."

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Well then I guess we go to Atolincia then." *sounds a bit dissipointed* "How are we going to get there?"

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: the island nation? *raises an eyebrow*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "I think so..."

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *smirks at Crimson.* "yeah, the island nation, and were going to have to walk unless you guys have some sort of better transportation."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *grins at the comment about transportation* I'm sure we'll find something on the way...

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Wish I'd known we were going there I could've shot the pilot forcing them into a crash landing we could've had that chopper." *laughs*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: *the young man chuckles and shakes his head* "keep them alive Crim... " *the two clasp arms and hug* "take care.. and you're always welcome back"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "so we goin or what?"

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *plays with thw laser dot of his 9mm on the walls* "Hey my laser is off, will have to fix that. Yes lets head out while it is dark."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: come on... keep up or the guards will start using you as target practice... *cautiously looks out then signals for the men to follow her out of the city*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *walks out the door.*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *Follows Crimson and whispers to War fox as they follow* "This is going to be a long night."

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *keeps walking.* "she can hear you..."

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *pauses for a moment as a couple of guards pass the opening of the alley. once she figures that it safe she continues on*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "and......"

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks back at tarron.* "and if you want this to work, we need to concentrate.."

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *shuts his mouth immediately as the three make thier way through the many streets and safely out of the city gates*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: and I would suggest you two stop thinking of me as a stray dog... *doesn't look back at them as she leads them the outskirts of the city. goes over to what looks like a pile of sand to pull off a large fabric covering revieling a jeep*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "that always works."

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: "Will do." *he says in Crimsons direction* "And Warfoox you can have shotgun." *Sits himself comfortabely in the back* "I'll sleep, you two need to get to know each other." *Puts his backpack under his head and starts to drrift away*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: hn... *starts off the jeep and drives off in the direction they needed to go to the island nation, the headlights and the moon the only light in the desert. She knew she had to move to a new location soon but didn't think she had to leave the small outpost so soon*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *jumps in the front passenger seat.*

2005-10-24 [Averon]: Tarron: *watches the stars fly by as they speed away*

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *her short hair slightly ruffles from the air passes them as she drives*

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: (shall we call it a night for now? i have to get some sleep soon for college in the morning.)

2005-10-24 [Averon]: (Sure same here. We can start off again tomorrow in a new area YAY)

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: (I'm still awake!! mwuahahahahaha)

2005-10-24 [G:/enesis~]: (ok people we will continue tommorow at Atolincia)

2005-10-24 [crowfeather]: (alrighty... sounds good to me)

2005-10-25 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *had ended up driving through out the night and most of the next day until she stops at a tiny post where she gets out of the jeep and bargins prices for getting some more gas and food for Warfox and Tarron. after getting the supplies she fills the tank with gas, putting the two gas cans in the back of the jeep and the food inthe seat next to Tarron before she gets back into the driver's seat*

2005-10-25 [Averon]: Tarron: *Still sleeping even through the deserhe hadn't slept in nearly five days. They approach the ferry post for Antolincia when he finally wakes up*

2005-10-25 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances in the mirror at him* at least you don't snore... *the man finally realizes that she hadn't slept the entire time as she drives towards the small village where the ferry was located*

2005-10-25 [Averon]: Tarron: *Sits up in the seat* "I can see neither of you slept,and I don't snore becouse I am constantly sleeping in the field. Snoring makes you easy to pick out." *Laughs*

2005-10-25 [crowfeather]: Crimson: used to being on the run... *shrugs slightly* eh don't worry... we're almost there

2005-10-25 [Averon]: Tarron: *Well I'll pay up for the ferry, since you did get the food and transportation." *they stop at the ferry station and he gets out*

2005-10-25 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *rests her head on the steering wheel*

2005-10-25 [Averon]: Tarron: *Comes back holding 3 tickets* "We're in lets go you two" *hands one to Crimson and pulls Warfox out of the jeep and hands him his*

2005-10-25 [crowfeather]: Crimson: yeah yeah I'm coming... *grabs her stuff out of the jeep and covers it with the tarp*

2005-10-25 [Averon]: *They all get on the farie and start to the floating island in the distance*

2005-11-11 [crowfeather]: ::After about 2 or 3 weeks in the island city and a 2 hour delay across the water on the ferry due to the storm, Crimson drives the military truck onto the mainland and towards the opposite end of the small port city where she had left her jeep. The teenager ends up parking the truck in a sheltered alcove to keep it out of the rain and let the men sleep in the back without any disturbance. She ends up leaning back in the driver's seat slowly finishing her cigerette::

2005-11-11 [Averon]: ::A group of soldiers approaches the truck about 4 heavily armed. One knocks on the door of the vehicle:: "Where is your commanding officer?" The man sounds clearly worried

2005-11-11 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *she shakes her head in responce, changing her voice slightly* a few stray rebles got 'em back over at the island.. they're probably still over there.... I'm just following my orders... *the soldiers nod and head to the ferry to take it across back to the island city*

2005-11-11 [Averon]: Tarron: *emerges from the back and sits in the passenger seat* Good play although I could've dressed like the commandor I played earlier

2005-11-11 [crowfeather]: Crimson: uh huh... and listen to you scream? no thanks... I need my ear drums... *sits back in the seat and takes a deep shallow breath* totally forgot that it's the rainy season now...

2005-11-11 [Averon]: Tarron: Time has passed soo very fast

2005-11-11 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *she smirks slightly at the comment* you're not from around here... get used to it

2005-11-12 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *emerges from the back of the truck.* "lets get out of here, clearly there is something going on here, and it might have something to do with us.."

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *coughs slightly as she gets out of the truck* then you're driving that thing.. I need to get my jeep... *spits on the ground and there was blood mixed with the saliva*

2005-11-12 [Averon]: Tarron: I'll come with ya sis *follows Crimson*

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: you said that you were going to stick with the truck... *walk off to get her jeep*

2005-11-12 [Averon]: Tarron: Right that is probably best *heads back to the truck and starts it up*

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *coughs as she gets into her jeep, starts it up and starts to slowly drive off into the rain giving Tarron a chance to catch up. *

2005-11-12 [Averon]: Tarron: *follows her with a pair of NVG's strapped to his forehead it was getting dark. He flicked his lights to let Crimson know he was following*

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods her head slightly when she finally sees his lights, leading him through the now soggy dunes making sure that they don't run into any problems. her now completely soaked clothes clung to her body drawing out her body heat, she could feel her lung hurt. It takes them several hours before they reach the small outpost where she had stopped before for gas and food. ends up stopping there before leading the truck back to the desert city where they had found her*

2005-11-12 [Averon]: Tarron: *knows she is aching and will help her deal with it later, now they just need to get somewhere safe*

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *gets out of the jeep and spits again before pulling out a cigerette and lighting up again. from where Tarron was in the truck he could see how her clothes clung to her. ends up talking to one of the locals to see if the usual trade route between the city and the outpost was clear*

2005-11-12 [Averon]: Tarron: *hands her a riding trenchcoat* Here this is water proof and it will kwwp you warm *he gets back into the truck*

2005-11-12 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *blinks but says nothing but nods her thanks, putting the jacket on. after getting the information she gets back into the jeep and drives off down the path*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *stays in the truck, and watchs.*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: SO warfox what weapon you want out of the truck? We got alot of em.

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *ends up driving through the night and most of the morning until they finally reach the city, directing where the truck could park. staggers slightly as she gets out of the jeep but manages to recover and head into the city*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "an M4 Carbine, with the standard NATO 5.56 ballpoint ammo, red dot scope, and forward grip handle..if we have all that.."

2005-11-13 [Averon]: I bet we do *laughs* we got a friggin quad-pod missle launcher.

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *comes back to the truck with a couple of guys, raises an eyebrow at the men inside* both of you are pathetic.... enough fondling the merchandise there guys...

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: We need some supplies let us get the very few things we need and you can do the rest *laughs* there is plenty of the stuff trust me

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: uh huh... riiigghhttt... *smirks and elbows one of the guys in the ribs for snickering at Warfox and Tarron*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *pulls out his M4 all modified.* "im set to go.."

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *throws his duffels out of the truck and slings his 50 caliber sniper rifle over his shoulder along with the quad-pod* I'm good...

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *jumps out of the truck with his duffle bag, and his rifle.*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *whistles slightly and signals for the young men to get into the truck to see what they could use. the small group conversate between her and each other in a native language for the desert regions as they start to gather what they could use.*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *whispers to warfox* atleast the weapons are going to a somewhat good cause...

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Jinx: *a tall dark skinned young man hops out of the truck, his multi-braided hair went down to the middle of his back and was wearing regular street clothes. He and Crimson end up conversating about how much she was going to get for the weapons. eventually an amount was agreed apon and the exchange of goods for money began*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *shrugs.* "so where we headin next?"

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *glances over at Warfox* ask Tarron on that one... I'm working here...

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: I would like to go somewhere safe

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *walks over to Tarron and Warfox, deviding the money evenly between the three of them*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: Glad to see that went well. *looks around* So either of you kow somewhere where we could dissapear?

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: for right now best place would be my place that I've been staying at here... Jinx and the others can look after the vehicles

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "i already told you my opinion..Eilondrie"

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *rolls her eyes* oh brother... fine if you two want to leave right now you two are incharge of the truck

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron:I say we stay here for now then to Eldronie

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *sighs and shakes her head* whatever... make up your bloody minds already.. *wanders off down a street then a maze of alley ways as she heads for where she had been staying*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: We are here we should stay for awhile atleast *he nudges warfox* Come on we can go to the forest here soon

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *was leaning against a wall a block ahead of them as she coughs, her mouth covered with her hand. shakes her head and continues on as if nothing had happened*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *follows tarron.*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *follows crim's lead*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *leads them to the abandoned house, going inside*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *follows her inside*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: there's the couch here in the livingroom... and a guest room in the back of the place...

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *sits aginst the wall facing the door* I'll sleep here

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *lays down on the floor.*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: whatever... *wanders towards the back. after a few moments they hear her coughing again*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: Warfox watch the door *he stteps into the back room to find crimson*

2005-11-13 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *still laying on the ground he watchs the door.*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *sitting in the corner of the main bedroom coughing*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *Sits beside Crimson* You ok sis? *he looks worried*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *ends up leaning against Tarron, feeling his hand on her forehead. coughs a little bit longer then rests against him*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: Your sick *places a hand on her chest and feels her wounded breathing* very sick. Here *ruffles through his emergency pack and gets a small heated beverage* this ought to help

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wanted to say thanks but was afraid that if she tried to talk at the moment then she would go into another coughing fit. snuggles into his side a little, closing her eyes*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *looks ofer at warfox to make sure he is still awake and then puts one arm around her bringing her close*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: i feel like crap... *tries to move* shit my clothes are still damp...

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: I have another set of that active-wear in my dufffel if you want it *nuzzles her softly*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *doesn't know what happened next. All she saw was her world go black as she passes out against him*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *Feels her pass out and sits her infront of him wrapping nis coat around her* Its ok sis I'm here. *looks over at warfox* I'll stay awake you can sleep.

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *her bottom lip slightly trembles as she sleeps against him, her forehead was warm but the rest of her was cold*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *slowly removes her damp clothes and dresses her in his other set of clothes while she sleeps aginst him. He was still amased with the amount of scars on her body, she had almost as many as him*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: nnn.. *barely aware that he was dressing her*

2005-11-13 [Averon]: Tarron: *finished dressing her then laid her aginst him under his jacket* Your here Crim your safe *he whispers to her*

2005-11-13 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *weakly cuddles him in her sleep*

2005-11-14 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *sighs, as he gets up, and walks over to the two.* "I can help her.."

2005-11-14 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *feels someone's hand moveing her hair, instinctively tries to lash out in her fevered state. tries to punch Warfox as she breaths heavily*

2005-11-14 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *grabs her hand, and speaks to her firmly.* "im going to help you."

2005-11-14 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *whimpers and ends up against him, burning up and having a hard time breathing*

2005-11-14 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *takes her hand, and closes his eyes as his bracelets begin to blink white. He lets out a scream of pain, and falls to the floor.*

2005-11-14 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *completely blacks out next to him on the floor*

2005-11-14 [Averon]: Tarron: Damn *picks up warfox and lays him on the bed in the back room. THen picks up Crimson and carries her to the couch and sets her down* Love ya sis *kisses her sweetly on the cheek. Enters the room where warfox is and picks up an assault firle* You my friend try to hard. *he then sits down aginst the wall adjacent to the door and watches*

2005-11-14 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *was slightly cuddling a pillow in her sleep, occationally coughs but stays asleep*

2005-11-15 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *his bracelets still blinking white, as he lays there passed out.*

2005-11-15 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *quietly lays on the bed*

2005-11-15 [Averon]: Tarron: *watches the door when he hears a car stop several miles away accompanied by the slamming of several doors*

2005-11-15 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *his bracelets stop blinking as he wakes up to the sound of footsteps approaching the door.* "...." he grabs his M4 and dives down on the ground, aiming at the door.*

2005-11-15 [Averon]: Tarron: Wow your trigger happy *looks at him* Who the hell you think it is the f-ing army?

2005-11-15 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *smirks at him, as he pulls back the T-bone, and loads a round into the chamber.* "expecting company??"

2005-11-15 [Averon]: Tarron: *loads his magnums* Not really but we must make sure our enemy before we fire on them ya know......

2005-11-15 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "i never said i wasnt.."

2005-11-15 [Averon]: Tarron: Yeah arn't we all expecting someone to kill us *finishes loaading the 8 bulllet chamber* Well here it goes

2005-11-15 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *turns on his red dot scope.*

2005-11-15 [Averon]: *Aims both magnums at the door as he hears the door knob slowly turn*

2005-11-15 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *wakes up to them talking and attempts to stand up*

2005-11-16 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *looks over at her.*

2005-11-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *forces herself to stand and walks over to Warfox*

2005-11-16 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: "feeling better yet?"

2005-11-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *nods her head* I'll be fine... *rests her head on the man's shoulder*

2005-11-16 [Averon]: Tarron: It would be amasing if this wasn't someone we had to kill *and sure enough it was JJinx along with a couple people*

2005-11-16 [crowfeather]: Crimson: *smiles at Jinx and staggers over to the man, hugging him before passing out in the man's arms*

2005-11-17 [G:/enesis~]: Warfox: *gets up, and sits on the couch.*

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: sorry for making you gentlemen jumpy.. just came by to see if there was anything else you three might need in the way of supplies... *had Crimson cradled in his arms*

2005-11-17 [Averon]: Tarron: We're fine for now man you had us thinking delta was after us.

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: *raises an eyebrow* those ass holes? nah they hardly ever come into this area... concidering this city is under another's power.. *he smiles a bit*

2005-11-17 [Averon]: Tarron: Yeah if I had to guess it is your power *smiles* ever need a job done I am obligated to help

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: actually my group doesn't run this area.... we co-exist here.... the group that runs this city don't really have a name but are a pain in the ass..

2005-11-17 [Averon]: Tarron: Hmm.. *holsters his magnums* do you know any of the leaders of this "faction"

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: *shakes his head* nope... we try to avoid them for the most part... normally if we ended up dealing with their guys, one of us is getting arrested for something..

2005-11-17 [Averon]: Tarron: I know what thats like if you had a name picture or a target for me * picks up his .50 cal sniper* I could do something for you

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: nah it's okay... last thing any of us outcasts need is more idiots in uniform hunting us down.... besides man.. most of us aren't even past the age of 25...

2005-11-17 [Averon]: Tarron: Yeah your right not good karma *sets the rifle on the floor* I got something I'm working on I'll get going *picks up two of his duffels and heads into a back room*

2005-11-17 [crowfeather]: Jinx: *shakes his head and looks down at Crimson who was starting to wake up in his arms* you know kiddo... you always seem to have some of the strangest travel partners...

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