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2008-10-25 05:00:28
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Crystal Cave

Claw Rift Mountains


This cave is large, almost a cavern.

Crystals glitter off the walls. Water drips from the ceiling and small pools of water collect towards the pitch black back.
Small boulders, stalagmites and stalagtites, shaped in strange shapes, create a spooky atmosphere.

You notice a small area that looks like someone had created a camp.

There is a red stain on the floor of the cave that looks chillingly like blood.

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2007-04-13 [Lirerial]: -Obsidian- *sighs, as she removes flecks of white dust from her hair...she laughs coldly, as she breaths in air for the first time in over a century she flinches when she hears voices outside, she falls silent, her breath coming in frightened gasps, before remembering that she is know longer a hatchling*

2007-04-13 [Lirerial]: *when no one enters she finally, looks outside*

2007-04-13 [Lirerial]: [enters, she looks really mad, and she gently whispers to the jewel around her neck] *Zataria comes in behind her" hello [Obsidian whirls around in surprise] what do you want?[hisses]
-Zataria- I wanted to know how you came here....
-Obsdian- [shows no expression] I was left here more than a century ago...[starts to make her way to the back of the cave]
-Zataria- *looks after her* will you travel with us? I apologize for the drow...
-Obsidian- [looks at her in annoyance] of course please..leave
-Zataria- *shrugs* ok...*walks out, then looks back* if your looking for work, ask the warlord.... walks out*
[smirks to herself quietly] well I now know who to avoid

2007-04-28 [Lirerial]: [after she senses the departure of the group she walks catiously out]

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