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2008-09-26 21:52:39
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Cyber or Otherwise Deplorable Wikis

[Report digusting wikis and list them here as wikis to avoid or if they contain any sexual content!]

The effective way to report Cyber or Otherwise Deplorable Wikis:

1. Report the wiki and describe what its purpose, offense, etc is. Please be sure to put the proper link to it.

2. Go back to the wiki and put this comment in the comment box there: This wiki has been Blacklisted @ Black Listing For Cyberers in bold please.

3. Next, if it's possible, destroy the contents of the wiki. To do this you must delete all the contents on the edit page if the wiki is 'freely editable'. Then, password protect the wiki so no one can change it again. And if you really want to seal the deal, you could close the comment box.

4. Lastly, if you could successfully 'destroy' a cyber wiki, please report that it has been in the brackets so it appears in red letters. If you could not delete the wiki then please do not put anything in the red lettering for organization's sake.

If you do all these things, you will have successfully reported a wiki. Please do make sure you follow these easy instructions, so others do not have to look over what you have done.

The List:

1~ Our Cyber Site
A cyber wiki created by two Major Offenders.
[--Thank You] [Warpath] [for shutting this wiki down! Comment Box still open.]

2~ cyber shack!!!
A public cyber wiki.
[update from page mod: page has been deleted. Comment box still open. ]

3~ cyber
Nothing really happened here, but it was created for cybering in a public wiki.
[Page has been deleted. Comment box still open. ]

A public cyber wiki.

It is a public multi-use chat page. Has a everday-commented cybering page, and hentai story page as well.

A public cyber wiki & has a huge members list.

7~cyber club
A huge, digusting public wiki with open cybering.

8~Sexaholics Anonymous
All about Sexaholoics, and with a cyber wiki that is not in use. [The cyber wiki part has been shut down so that it will never be in use.]

9~Elftown Gaurds Suk Ass!
A wiki created to rebel against the rules and wonderful gaurds of ET. Truly an 'Otherwise Deplorable' wiki.

10~Rape!...My Anti-Drug
A digusting wiki that embraces raping people. (That's one of the worst things I have ever heard. [~Saraneth~])

11~Cyber Sex2
It's a list of sick persons that participated in the gross wiki Cyber-sex.
Steer clear of them. They will be check over and Major or second Offenders will be reported out of them all.

No need to report this wiki. [~Saraneth~]

12~Bob's Diner
A sick, twisted place where orgies happen all the time!

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2006-04-03 [Kiddalee]: Do you think Nymphos Are Us qualifies?

2006-04-03 [Kiddalee]: And I am now checking out Kinky People United. I don't know if the wiki itself is bad enough to ban, but it contains a LONG list of people who could be worth blacklisting. Woot, jackpot!

2006-04-07 [~Saraneth~]: Jackpot indeed! ^___^ there are many, many people there. Are you going to take care of that particular lot?  I'll keep a watch on Nymphos Are Us. It seems bad enough and i think that we've blacklisted for less but I'll just monitor their actions.  As for Kinky People United, I think it's ok for now. But I will monitor them as well.  Thanks [Kiddalee] ^__^

2006-04-08 [Kiddalee]: I like to do my part but this line of work is awfully fatiguing for me. I may pop in there if I'm feeling strong and don't see any cyber usernames on the "Last Logins" list.

2006-04-08 [~Saraneth~]: No worries, you've done a large amount already. I mean to say, I've never seen someone do so many organizational things and postings to the wiki. Besides I've got all of that lot *on the wiki* handled as of now. I'm just finishing categorizing them. I dunno, I don't want to give you responsiblities you don't want and I don't want to over-praise you but you just did an awesome job.  *shrugs* ^_^

2008-09-26 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*... Kinky People United, huh? I'm trying to take that place over... it's on my "to take over" list...

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