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D&D SE Races


Life Span: Between 80 and 110 years.
Description: Humans are the predominate race in the realms. Humans rule most significant kingdoms and empires. They are the most social and tolerant of all the other races. The only special ability that humans possess is that they may advance to any level. Humans usually live to be around 80, and start adventuring at 16 to 17.

Life Span: Between 2,500 and 3,000 years
Description: Elves, as well, can be your most implacable enemy, or your best friend. They also live a long time-longer than dwarves. Elves may seem aloof, or cold. But in reality, they keep their emotions in check, and to them not much is to be worried about. After all, why worry about something that in one-hundred years will in all likelihood be dead? This is why most elves are very disturbed to see another elf acting in an evil manner. They know that in a hundred years, that elf is still going to be around. Elves like to dance and sing. They dislike drudgery, and solemn people. They can be fun to be around, but think nothing of pointing out other's flaws. They like to create things, and are fascinated by magic. Most elves live in forests, though some exceptions are known. Elves can be very forgiving, especially of humans, but once you've pushed them too far...woe unto you. Elves gain a bonus to their dexterity scores, but are a little more fragile than normal, netting a constitution penalty.

Life Span: Between 750 and 1,000 years
Description: Half-elves bridge the world of elves with humans. They are often mistrusted by both races. Half-elves raised by humans take after their human side, while half-elves raised by elves take after their elven side. There are exceptions to this of course. Players can choose which side their character takes after. Some choose to have beards, while others choose to have more elven ears. What a half-elf looks like is up to the player. Half-elves have some of the impatience of their human forebears, and some of the elves' ability to see "in the long run". Half-elves often take to lives of crime if they live in a society that distrusts them. They seem to be more readily acceptable in human lands, than elven ones, yet, exceptions do exist. Some of the best known adventurers in any given land will be half-elves!

Life Span: 750 years
Description: Dwarves are short and stocky fellows, easily identifiable by their size and shape. They have ruddy cheeks, dark eyes, and dark hair. Dwarves tend to be dour and taciturn. Dwarves dwell below the ground, in caves and caverns forged long ago. They generally dislike the light, and do not like being above the ground, although the more adventurous ones have grown used to it. Dwarves can hold a grudge for almost 100 years, even if it is over the littlest issue.

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