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D&D SE Terms


AC (Armor Class): This number shows how difficult you are to hit; the lower, the better. Quick, nimble characters are harder to hit, as are characters wearing heavy armor. Usually, 10 is the worst, and -10 the best.

THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class Zero): Your skill in combat. The lower, the better. You must roll this number or better on a twenty-sided die to score a hit in combat. Since most things don't have an AC of 0, you subtract their AC from your THAC0 determine what your roll needs to be.

HP (Hit Points): How much damage you can take before being knocked unconscious/killed. The higher, the better.

Die what: Oftentimes, you'll hear someone say something like 'die eight' or read: 'd8'. What both of these mean is 'eight-sided die'. So, if what you were attempting to do during a game required you to roll 2d6, you would roll two dice with six sides each. 1d20 is one die with twenty sides. 3d4 is three dice with four sides, and so on.

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