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Dragon Adoption Agency ROle playing page!

HEY HEY!! just 'cause this is an adoption agency doesnt mean we all cant role play! choose the type of dragon you are OR lol play as the owner of your dragon!! have fun! to whatever you like, but please..dont mess this page up will be reported.

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Sparhawk finished off the cow in mid flight, He landed at a nearby stream and washed his claws and face before taking off into the sky again. He yawned, there had been nothing to do for the last month and it was really showing.

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2006-05-04 [Omega Zeon]: Zero raised his sheild up protecting hil. he drew his beam saber and pointed it at Sparhawk"if you dont stop in 1 min I will kill you. im not blasting them moon"

2006-05-05 [silent_voice]: "Good, then i have no quarrel with you" he replied to him. He then went back inside the Bar and ordered something to eat

2006-05-05 [Dark Shiva]: Lita was now in a form of a young humen girl, "I still say it's a hunk of junk..."

2006-05-05 [Omega Zeon]: Liken and Zero were gone in an instant on the moon he bagfan Upgrading zero and fired hi buster canon at the saloon causing a huge crator

2006-05-05 [Dark Shiva]: ((Okay you doing the almighty crap again! You're NOT ALWAYS going t have YOUR char win! So STOP THIS NOW!><))

2006-05-05 [Omega Zeon]: (Shiva huge crator is better than saying i destroied the planet. do u agree)

2006-05-05 [Dark Shiva]: ((No! You're making it so YOU win and it's pissing me off! I understand if you don't like having your char lose. Who dosn't? BUT you are being unfiar! Every time one of us dose somthing your char SUDDENLY can do this or SUDDENLY can do that!>< You'r doing the almighty crap! Plus this is supposed to be based on the MIDEVIL times!><))

2006-05-06 [Omega Zeon]: and did you know gundums are ancient weapons

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: ((I don't care! You are trying ti make it so you win! You know what I am talking about too Rio! If you don't stop then I'll kick you off the x-men wiki!><))

2006-05-06 [Akayume]: ((*note: I have been asked to come here by shiva./ that aside, rio, you are being a jackass. get over it. You try and turn the tables to make you win all the time, thus turning youself into a self-proclaimed god. if you ask me, you need a placement check. sure, you can win - but not everytime. it's unnatural.))

2006-05-06 [Omega Zeon]: ((ok but get this striat. im not trying to be a god!)

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: ((Yeah well you sure are acting like one!))

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: ((Excuse me people, umm this gundam dude, we can all just withstand the attack, i do agree that Rio shouldnt be doing that sort of thing but you know its just annoying. So RIo please stop. And Dark shiva, Akayume i think we should just get on with it and ignore 'god moding' posts what do you say?))

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: ((*Sighs* Fine. But if he dose it agian then I'm leaving. I'm at the end of my rope with this guy...))

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: Lita just shakes her head, "That fool..."

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: ((so are we ignoring the post, or continueing on with it?

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: ((Might as well...)

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk growled at the damage around him. His dinner was ruined "Idiot" he growled he weaved his claws and muttered a few words and the bar was back together, complete with everyone in it. the crater was also gone. Sparhawk ordered again.

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: Lita couldn't help but smirk.

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk ate raveonously, grinding, chewing and munching his food, he was soon finished. "Thank you barkeep" he opened his mouth and a gold bar fell out "Keep the change" He muttered and walked outside "Hello Lita"

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: Lita gave a nod, "Hello."

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: What happened to the bar, was it the stupid robot?

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: "Yes it was that damn fool." Lita said, "It's sad that he has to upgrage and fight cowardly just to gain a small advantage."

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: "I wonder how his advantage would go if it was close range, if you know what i mean

2006-05-06 [Dark Shiva]: Lita nodded, "If anything he would've made more trouble... for him."

2006-05-06 [silent_voice]: "Yes he has, Lets pay a visit to him." ((is your char a human with a dragon or what?))

2006-05-07 [Omega Zeon]: ((ok just to keep tabs wing zero wasnt created in teh 45 centrey he was created before 2000B.C the rest of the gundums were modled after him and 01 in 45th centrey so my charcter is human and gundam ))

2006-05-07 [silent_voice]: ((so? it doesnt matter, dragons have been around forever))

2006-05-07 [Omega Zeon]: (my point is my gundam wa made before midevil)

2006-05-07 [silent_voice]: ((Yes, and my point is that dragons have been around since the beginning of time, and have gotten stronger and more powerfull than anything on the planet))

2006-05-07 [Omega Zeon]: (except a gundam. zero for instance if I was aloud ti use his full power on here could obliterate anything)

2006-05-07 [silent_voice]: ((dude...its a robot....i could beat it with a tin opener, the titanium dragon controls all things metal. umm hello whats a robot made out of?))

2006-05-07 [Omega Zeon]: (its made of an ulitimate metal that can be penatrated unless it thrown is a super hot place like the sun. otherwise it cant be damaged. but im not puting that in. the metal is called gundam)

2006-05-07 [silent_voice]: ((do you know what controlling metal is? it means that he can bend it to his will, he can pull gundam apart without touching it))

2006-05-07 [Omega Zeon]: read above.

2006-05-07 [silent_voice]: yes read what i said, it may be made of ultimate metal, but it is still metal

2006-05-08 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk growled and started to walk away from the pub

2006-05-08 [Fearathress]: (NOTHING IS MADE OF ULTIMATE METAL!!!!) *Toss the barkeep the gold and walks out of the tavern heading tword Lita. "Where did the dam robot go?"

2006-05-08 [Dark Shiva]: "Don't know. Don't care." Lita said.

2006-05-08 [Omega Zeon]: Zero was charging up his buster rifle targeting the pub"10 second till fire. target locked. firing sequence engaged"sounded a computer in zero's cocpit Liken smirked and pressed the fire butten and a powerful gold beam surounded by sparks was launched toward the pub

2006-05-08 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk was waiting for somethign like this, he flew up, intercepting the beam, it deflected of his scales and bouncing to the ground about 100m away from any civilised space "Ive had enough of this pu**y shit, Im going to kill him" he started flying to the moon at an amazing speed

2006-05-08 [Omega Zeon]: Liken pulled out his beam saber and smirked then gian white wing came out from zero and he flew around the planet faster than the eye could see and laughed

2006-05-08 [Dark Shiva]: Lita however could see him just fine due to her strong eye sight. She rolled her eyes, "Showing off? How immature..."

2006-05-08 [Omega Zeon]: He stoped in mid air and pulled out his buster rifle and began to target the pub again. he fired it and smiled

2006-05-08 [Dark Shiva]: Well that would've happen but... the pub wasn't there all of the sudden! Lita just smirked due to the fact that she moved it with her magic, "Just stop this nosense already."

2006-05-08 [Omega Zeon]: Liken began agravated the beam had hit where the pub was and a small crator was there. nobody was hurt but a strong wind had spread across the land due to the blasts major impact

2006-05-08 [Dark Shiva]: Lita just yawned in boredom, "Not Imperssed..."

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk tackled into Zero and started slashing and biting, and pouring molten steel onto it the metal bent easily under his strength, the then ripped off one of its wings, causing it to hurdle down to earth "You think your so tough, Your weak"

2006-05-09 [Fearathress]: Jabbress looks around smiling and goes into a trance.

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken pressed a butten and Zero was above Sparhawk with his green eyes glowing"stupid Dragon it going to take more than that to take down Wing Gundam"the wings grew back and zero's body began to heal

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: "Hmph" Sparhawk replied and opened a wormole behind him, sucking him into another dimension. Into infinity "Come out of that in one piece"

2006-05-09 [Dark Shiva]: Lita smirked in amusment as she wacthed the fight.

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk flew back down and landed next to Lita "Infinity does not exhist there is no such number, he will be stuck in infinity with no escape. forever. age does not matter in infinity either"

2006-05-09 [Dark Shiva]: "Fine by me." Lita said with a grin.

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Zero staied in the enterence opening it up he flew out and his eyes were shining green again

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: ((there is no entrance to infinity. There is only numbers, one is where you entered. Then it was swept to infinity. you cannot just get out))


2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: (there is a way to get out of it, im just saying you cant just appear, you have to explain how you got out

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: (oh ya useally to get out of thing like that you need something with great energy

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: so you need to explain what your character did to escape

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: ok

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: *Liken and Zero were in infinity when he targetedted where he had come in. he shot his buster rife at full power and riped open a portal leading back to the planet. Zero streached it oped with his eyes glowing green and escaped

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: close, ill give you an example Liken and Zero sat in infinity struggeling to focus, the numbers rushed past as their chances of escape grew slimmer, Liken crawled down to the core of Zero, he would have to put the powerfull machine in overdrive to get out of here, he managed to find the leaver and pushed it up with effort. He crawled back up and hit the button. The engine roared and a small portal opened Liken grinned. "comeon comeon" the portal grew larger and he managed to squeeze through, not without damaging Zero's engine a little first "im free" he managed to mutter as he landed in the desert a couple of miles away from the others something like that

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: thats close except zero has an eternal energy system and has the Zero system which enables the piolet to fear his death thus doubling the capibility of the piolet and the power of zero

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Yes okay he may be powerfull but your forgetting that it is almost impossible to escape from infinity. you can have your character powerfull but he has to have taken some sort of damage, all characters do. Look at other wikis. You will be better at rp soon you just have to at least have SOME weakness

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: (zero does a weakness if the piolet has a weak mind he will go out of control and the piolet kills himself. and another weakness is if zero faces a oponant that is very challanging and has simaler capibilits

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Yes okay. Your missing the point. just listen and think about what i say. You have made your character so it doesnt have a weak mind. you have made you Zero so no other character has a character that is like it. You have to have a weakness from every character in the rp. Sparhawk does. you have to think about having zero have the same sort of thing

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: he does. lets say sparhawk and zero were even aventually zero would go into overdrive then after a few minits shutdown

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Yes also damage does need to be taken sometimes, Sparhawk can control metal yet your Zero was able to mend itself easily. The wounds would have been left open

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: yes but soon after sparhawk would be an equal thus making Zero fight harder and go into an overload

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Your not supposed to be able to absorb everything. thats what im saying. thats all. Lets get on with rp

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: (ok but he is out)

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: alright hes out

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Zero landedand colapced and the ground where the crator was. Liken climbed out cursing off"damnit overload!"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk landed infront of him "So you made it out of infinity, im slightly impressed. But now your stuck" he laughed and picked him up by his shirt and lifted him to eye level "Not so big now are you? Why dont you like the pub?"

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken laughs"it didnt have any pop"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: Sparhawks eyes narrowed "This isnt a time for making jokes, I am seriously considering covering That hunk of junk in steel so you cant get to it. So answer me"

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled"ok ok you guys got me angry when I tried to take over and also you insulted Zero. happy now."

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: "Well did you really expect us to just give you what you want?" he said raising an eyebrow

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: "ya because I was trieng to protect the town from dragons that are coming in 5 days!"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: He snorted "Well there are better ways than just comming in and demanding things, as you can tell some of us arnt just innocent customers, we would have taken care of it with you" he said shaking his head

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled"im sorry im not very used to that aproutch"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: "Well get used to it friend" He said earnestly "Otherwise there will be many more accountances like this in your life"

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken shruged"belive me I have alot already"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: "Wouldnt surprise me, Now Liken, i want you to get in your little machine go over and re-introduce yourself nicely can you do that?" he asked still holding him up

2006-05-09 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled"ok Sparhawk but wat about the hole?"

2006-05-09 [silent_voice]: He looked surprised "The wormhole?"

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: "no the Giant crator"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: "ill fix that later, get in your robot" he pu him down

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken got into Zero and the jewl on its chest shined green and so did its eyes

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: sparhawk watched and sighed "now go apologise"

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken frowned"negative. they are coming"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk frowned "Who is comming, the others or the dragons"

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Zero pointed to a mass of darkness"the dragons"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk flexed his claws "Fianally i will have some fun" he said and cracked his neck and lowered his head, spreading his wings and prepared to take off

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: "yep

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk took off with tremendous force, he was going to maim, kill destroy and he was going to enjoy it

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken and Zero took off speeding past Sparhawk and drew his beam saber

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk growled and sent a blast of molten steel into the first dragon, it fell from the sky roaring in pain

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Zero sliceed a couple then began to charge up his buster rifle" Sparhawk watch your back unless you want to be seveirly hurt"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: "Shoot me!" Sparhawk Yelled above the noise of battle "My scales will deflet the shot and spread it, shoot me!"

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken frowned"you fool get out of the way! every cell of you being will be dicentagrated!"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: "Ha! Not likely, you have no idea how strong i am" He said and killed another with an offhand slash

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled"you asked for it"the Riffle fired releasing a power blast

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: The blast hit him in the back Sparhawk grimaced and the blast spread around him killing all the dragons but one, after the blast finished he landed on the ground panting and smoking he sat and watched Liken kill the last one

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled"lucky that wasnt on full power"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: "Its just hot" he said simply and stood and walked into a small lake, the water hissed and boiled, he walked out "Lets go you have apologies to attend to"

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken went over to the Pub and walked in

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk smiled and waited outside

2006-05-10 [Omega Zeon]: Liken steped out smiling"that was great!"

2006-05-10 [silent_voice]: "Excellent" sparhawk replied

2006-07-22 [Omega Zeon]: Liken smiled "yes i apologiezed and i had beer"

2006-07-23 [silent_voice]: "good"

2006-07-24 [Dark Shiva]: Man I almost forgot about this place...

2006-07-24 [silent_voice]: Same here....its been ages

2006-07-24 [Dark Shiva]: *Nod nod*

2006-07-24 [Fearathress]: Yes it has....

2006-07-25 [silent_voice]: *sigh* lol LETS GO!!!

2006-08-02 [Amanda Bastian]: (Hi! Can I join this?)

2006-08-03 [silent_voice]: Sure

2006-08-03 [Amanda Bastian]: (thanx)

2006-08-04 [silent_voice]: Np

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: ^^

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (and it goes dead!!)

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (XD....or is that bad...)

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (bad! this place goes dead to often!!)

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (seriously? That's sad)

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (yea when we start something and ppl go on vac. it goes completly dead.)lol

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (ouch. lol)

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (lol i think we should make some kind of drama to get thing back up and running again.)

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (THat's a good idea)

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... lets see.. any ideas?)

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (no, not really. But would anyone mind if I put up my char?)

2006-08-05 [Fearathress]: (no i dont think so)

2006-08-05 [Amanda Bastian]: (cool ^^. I'll try to think up an idea)

2006-08-05 [Dark Shiva]: ((Mabey Orcs raiding a villige??????))

2006-08-06 [Amanda Bastian]: (THat'll work. XD)

2006-08-06 [Dark Shiva]: ((YAYS!^^ Me smart!!!))

2006-08-06 [Amanda Bastian]: (XD yup)

2006-08-16 [Fearathress]: (that works)

2006-08-16 [Amanda Bastian]: (lol)

2006-08-17 [Fearathress]: (yes you are smart shiva!!!!!) All of asuden a dozen or so orcs ran into the village and started rating homes and bulidings...etc.. (if anyone else has any better idea of how to start then go ahead and change what i wrote..!)

2006-08-17 [Amanda Bastian]: (rating homes? XD!!! sorry. It's just something orcs wouldn't do. Do you mean raiding? sorry for laughing)

2006-08-17 [Dark Shiva]: (lol yes he ment raiding)

2006-08-17 [Fearathress]: (i am a she damnt!!!!!! and yes i ment raiding. my spelling is just bad or i type to fast...........)

2006-08-18 [Amanda Bastian]: (XD!! Poor Fearathress. I have the same problem too when I type fast. XD I can't help it! XD)

2006-08-18 [Fearathress]: (thanks! *rolls eyes jokingly* I still cant see why ppl think my name is a male name. I took keyboarding last year and got 70 words per minuet with mistakes.) 

2006-08-19 [Athilea]: I'e gotten 80 words per miute with like. . .9 mistakes. Yeah, it was 9. *shrugs* I don't know if that's good or bad, all I know is that if I keep that up for to long my fingers start to ache.

2006-08-20 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk watched from the sky as a dark swarm of creatures from the west slowly moved toward the meeting place. Sparhawk looked closer and discovered that these creatures were not just orks, but a mixture of goblins, orks, trolls, and mountain ogres. Sparhawk called out to the others "Look west. We have trouble" (Whadda ya think?)

2006-08-20 [Fearathress]: (perfect! No that is good Athilea!!) Icy moved ehr dragon head down and smelled the air. "I think you are right sparhawk!"

2006-08-21 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk growled evilly. "I believe you and i should take care of as much as we can while the others prepare." Sparhawk dived down and bombed the evil creatures with a belch of molten steel from his mouth. The evil creatures whithered in agony, screaming and begging for it to end. The others ran on without notice. It seemed as if they were not fully there or aware of there surroundings.

2006-08-21 [Omega Zeon]: Heero smirked and took out the second part to Zero's buster Cannon "ok now it game over you damn creatures" Zero attacted the two halves to the Twin Buster cannon and Heero laughed "Sparhawk you survived 1 half but im not going to hit you im destroying the rest. THe complete cannon can destroy earth" heero pressed the charge button and waited

2006-08-21 [Fearathress]: ........... Icy spirals down to 20 feet from the intruders and throws ice at them watcing 5 frezze and a few others runi n dragon fear. "Well that got a few more. I smell some other kind of magic at work here."

2006-08-21 [silent_voice]: Out of nowhere a new foe charged in, it was a grotesque beast full of shapes and lumps it charged up to Heero and started attacking him relentlessly. Sparhawk looked over to the east again "Theres a swarm of them!" Still the creatures that had been attacked continued on without batting an eye.

2006-08-21 [Fearathress]: ..............

2006-08-22 [Omega Zeon]: Zero floted there taking the attack as if it was nothing. Heero sighed as Zero took out his Beam sabor and slash the creature in half "well that was a waste of time"

2006-08-22 [silent_voice]: More black creatures came to Heero and they turned to liquid, or something like it and began to enter the small cracks and holes. They started destroying the things on the inside while others attacked on the outside.

2006-08-22 [Fearathress]: .........

2006-08-22 [Omega Zeon]: Heero pushed the overide butten and Zero started to electricute the creatures

2006-08-23 [Fearathress]: (I am lost! But other thatn that Free!! Sorry so how are you silent?)

2006-08-23 [Dark Shiva]: ((Very very very lost....))

2006-08-24 [Fearathress]: (I got lost when god came in. That and i have been lost since i was born! lol)

2006-08-25 [Fearathress]: (So are we all dragons or what here?)

2006-08-25 [Omega Zeon]: nope heero isnt a z warrior he is a normal human with a gundum

2006-08-26 [Omega Zeon]: yes gundam. so yes my charcter is a simple human with a gundam

2006-08-26 [Fearathress]: Alright! now i at least understand some of what you said God!lol

2006-08-26 [Fearathress]: Yea that is totaly true. Take that a a warning God.

2006-08-26 [Omega Zeon]: ok fine not all but the double buster cannon i will only use for a tight situation. but it does serous damnage"

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: and i never said he was the most powerful. Zero is only a weapon. his power is equal to yours. i only said the buster cannon does serious damnage. but i will hardly use it and lets say there was an army of dragons. well the cannon can only destroy 5

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: well his armor is made of the strongest metal known so he takes alot of hits but zero was self destruted before so heero is still making repairs so damage is 50/50 so if you get a good shot at a scared area damage will be serious the places are his left tricep, left side of chest, right leg, and right side of stomach

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: they did if oyu want to know. they severed the controls that why heero electricuted them

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: because i forgot to+i was on the phone with my friend

2006-08-27 [silent_voice]: right then, we will get rid of all this talk and keep going then

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: Zero landed on the ground in protected mode and comuancated to sparhawk "i need to fix my controls can ytou hold them off?"

2006-08-27 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk turned from the melee he was involved in and called out "Ill try" He flew over to him and fought against the ones that began to take advantage of them being on the ground. They swarmed Sparhawk and he growled unleashing a wave of molten steel, a few made it past him and began attacking anythign they could reach. Sparhawk was having trouble with the ones on him his steel armor helped by they were getting under the scales and attackign the sensitive flesh underneath. Sparhawk roared.

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: Heero finished the repairs and powered up Zero "damn!" heero pushed a putten that made the grren jewel on zero chest flash green. most of the creatures were stunned and zero flew over to sparhawk "they will only be stuned for 10 seconds. it wont hurt them. are you ok?"

2006-08-27 [silent_voice]: Sparhawk growled and flushed his body full of molten steel, he turned a glowing red "Dont touch me." He said gruffly and flew through the ones that were on him. There weapons melted on contact and there bodies turned to ash. Yet they still came, unfazed by there friends demise. Sparhawk suddenly realised "They are being controlled! Look for a Seeker! Glowing green They wear a black robe! What the hell are they doing this far south?" He demanded

2006-08-27 [Omega Zeon]: Heero pointed in the direction his scaners dected "my scaner is picking up life force in that direction ~in wing zero there is a system called the zero system. it enhances the piolets skills and picked up any life around it~

2006-08-27 [silent_voice]: -_- we are not dragon ball Z characters. There are no 'high energy levels' please change it....

2006-08-27 [Fearathress]: (rolls eyes) Icy swoops back down for another blow but miss her target and hit a building covering it in ice.

2006-08-28 [Dark Shiva]: I don't think [shaybaby16]is no longer coming to elftwon. Preheaps we should start over all the way?

2006-08-28 [silent_voice]: i dont know i think this is goin alright

2006-08-28 [Fearathress]: Yea i think she left for good. It doesnt bother me ethir way yall decide

2006-08-28 [Dark Shiva]: Okay, and let's actauly POST when rp'ing instead of using the comment box, please TT.TT

2006-08-29 [Fearathress]: Fine with me

2006-09-12 [Dark Shiva]: So then.... Lets start all over!

2006-09-13 [silent_voice]: Oh...alright

2006-09-14 [Fearathress]: alright

2006-09-15 [silent_voice]: Well who is going to clear it?

2006-09-15 [Fearathress]: i will if yall want me to.

2006-09-16 [silent_voice]: Lol whats the point of talking about it?

2006-09-16 [Dark Shiva]: sooooooo who ish gonna start it???

2006-09-16 [silent_voice]: -_- I guess i will... And dont put your name before, it doesnt really work well...

2006-09-16 [Fearathress]: what is the plot?

2006-09-17 [silent_voice]: Dunno, i suppose we will work that out while we are doin it ^_^

2007-05-13 [Erubeus]: So, I take it you guys gave up on this rp...

2007-05-14 [Fearathress]: Yes, it was kind of forgten. XD

2007-05-14 [Erubeus]: Hm..

2007-05-14 [Fearathress]: Yes

2009-06-05 [cyanidewolf]: sweet!!

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