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REQUIRED READING PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR CHARACTER: What not to do with powers courtesy of [Duredhel].

When filling out a character bio, please use correct grammar and punctuation, full sentence where applicable, and be mindful of spelling. Applications with too many SpaG errors will be ignored. Send completed sheets to [The Black Goat] for review.

Just a note: We have a lot of winged characters, so much so that I'm putting a temporary ban on wings until the numbers even out.

Player Name

Character Name:

Age: (must be sixteen or older)

Appearance: (height, weight, eye and hair color, skin tone, body type, ect. note: as this is set in the future artificial eye and hair colors are considered normal body modifications, specials especially may have odd physical appearances)

Special Features: (additional appearance to include alternate forms or features relating to their genetic enhancements, we encourage modeling your characters off of existing mythological beings from all types of cultures, but it is not a requirement)

Abilities: (Limit to one major or a cluster of minor abilities that are closely related, DO NOT GOD MOD, if you need assistance in developing these please consult the GM's)

Personality Profile: (please write about the character from a neutral third person perspective)

History: (Characters will not have any recollection of their lives before becoming an experiment, this section is mainly used for characters currently on the run (Rogue) or already stationed at the compound (Recruit), additionally history made during game play can be added as it happens)

Status: ( In stasis: you character has not woken yet and will be introduced to the game via an extraction by the task force. Rogue: Your character is loose in the city and will be captured for their introduction. Recruit: Your character is already living at the compound at the start of the game, must add for how long they have been there (less than two years). Returning: will be used later in the game for characters that were already recruits and have a reason for having been absent so far in the story.)

Darkness Reigns

Username (or number or email):


2013-04-17 [Sideways]: Yay! Totally going to make a character! Can I be a Handler?

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: Nope, handlers are special positions, itll be mainly a GM thing

2013-04-17 [Sideways]: What should I be instead?

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: Think of some myth youd love to be

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: What interests you?

2013-04-17 [Sideways]: I get to have superpowers? I like being fast.

2013-04-17 [Sideways]: So can I be a recruit trained for infiltration and stealth? Thats extra cool.

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: did you read the intro?

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: Recruits can work for the task force but that part of the game hasnt started yet

2013-04-17 [Sideways]: Ok. I want to be task force.

2013-04-17 [The Black Goat]: The task force is made up of handlers and npc's right now, the focus is going to be on the Specials

2013-04-17 [Sideways]: Oh. Damnit. I have to reread it. I keep getting the terminology wrong. A special revruit who has been at the facillity

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