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Darkness Reigns - The Cast and Crew

Game Master - [The Black Goat]
2nd in Command - [Lirerial


[The Black Goat]: Michael Cross

[Lirerial]: Ashleigh Moore

[The Black Cat in Your Path]: Jollel Pomkov

[CuteCommander]: Cyrus Roshane

Active Players and their Characters

Player Name
Character Name
Room Assignment
[The Black Goat] Delilah Room N1G
[Kbird] Lena Hanson Room N1A
[Nuktae-tal Irah Room N1C
[ancienteye Harkin Mayes Room N2A
[CuteCommander] Fulther Namm Room N2D
[The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf Daichi Room N2G
[shadow of darkness Lysander Sideris Room S1A
[Sheamus Finn Marcus McCaffery Room S1C
[Asdroth Luther Grant Room S1E
[~Valkyrie~]  Aailyah Room S1H
[Reonowyn Cerah Room S1G
[Dezmond Rehn Heise Room S2B
[Celtore] Asher Kattalakis Room S2F
[Ms. Steel Thena Smith Room S2G
 [Lord Josmar] Shrill Room S2D
[The Black Goat] Lace Moscoso Compound: Apt 1AW
[Lirerial] Silera Holmes Compound: Apt 3BW
[The Black Cat in Your Path] Luca Pomkov Compound: Apt 6CE

Reoccurring NPC's

Nadine Volkov - Secretary
Jason Birch - Security Guard
Seth Nie - Resident Doctor

Inactive Players and their Characters

[Flisky]: Sorek - Deceased (Lab 218: Pool)

[Elwyne]: Myrra Elrinn

[Koho Ai]: Ian Blanchard

Darkness Reigns

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2014-09-27 [~Valkyrie~]: lol, there's not supposed to be a V in Aailyah's name, but she's there

2014-09-27 [Ms. Steel]: No Thena on zee list.

2014-09-27 [The Black Goat]: fixed

2014-09-27 [The Black Goat]: also, if y'all could do me a solid and list your handler on your character pages that would be fantastic :)

2014-09-28 [shadow of darkness]: Cool, mine's already been done lol

2014-09-28 [The Black Goat]: fantastic

2014-11-03 [ancienteye]: This is not a mythological creature. This was an actual person. Somebody do something with this. And be sure to read the "Appearance and Behavior" section.

2014-11-03 [~Valkyrie~]: o.O

2014-11-03 [The Black Goat]: I remember reading about that, freaky right?

2014-11-03 [CuteCommander]: Incredible!

2014-11-03 [Sheamus Finn]: Sounds like

2014-11-03 [Nuktae-tal]: Cool! and gross...

2014-11-04 [Lord Josmar]: Oh gosh. Shrill isn't that unsatisfiable, but you could bet your rear end it would eat a live animal if given the chance.

2014-11-04 [Sheamus Finn]: I guess Shrill could easily make a victim/enemy/farm animal

2014-11-05 [Nuktae-tal]: eeeewwww lol

2014-11-06 [The Black Goat]: Shrill should have an eating contest with Harkin

2014-11-06 [ancienteye]: Yes! >:D

2014-11-06 [Kbird]: o.o freaky and Yes eating contest!

2014-11-15 [Lord Josmar]: Shrill would probably have to go into its second form to be able to effectively compete.

2014-11-15 [ancienteye]: XD Harkin HUUUUUUUUNGRY!

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