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2014-04-27 19:33:39
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So You Think You Want to be a Handler?

Due to a recent exodus of one of the Co-GM's we are now short one handler and are reaching out to the players to find a new one. We, that is Lireial and I, are looking for an experienced player who can present to us a balanced and realistic character to fill the empty spot.

Handlers must be calm under stress, mindful of their words and actions, and fair but stern. These are humans who have under gone extensive training and countless surgeries to upgrade their normal human bodies into something capable of dealing with and controlling the Specials under their care.

In game their words are law. But with great power comes great responsibility, as uncle Ben once said, so we will only accept the best of the best.

Player Name:

Handler ID:



Notable Enhancements/Attributes: Typical muscle and nerve augmentation for increased strength and enhanced reflexes, reinforced subdermal skin grafts, artificial joints, and perma-corrective eye lenses all in accordance with Basic Handler Specifications. (+ any additions you can think of, but please be realistic)


Personality Profile:


Current Charges: N/A

Fill out the application above and send it to [The Black Goat] for review. The GM's will go over it and if it passes the initial exam we will contact you with further information. Please look at Michael Cross and Ashleigh Moore for examples of handler characters.

DR Characters - Darkness Reigns - DR Universe

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2014-04-28 [~Valkyrie~]: I would like to see Asdroth play a handler if he is up for it.

2014-04-28 [The Black Goat]: well he will need to submit an app, but one thing I have to note is that whoever is playing a handler is just about a GM, and they need to be here consistantly

2014-04-28 [~Valkyrie~]: Once he gets home I think he should be able to be back on consistently.

2014-04-28 [The Black Goat]: He goes out to the field a lot doesn't he? I don't know what his deployment ratio is, but I want to make sure who ever is filling the position is here and in it for the long term so that six months down the road I'm not having to do this again

2014-04-28 [~Valkyrie~]: He will be "deploying" soonish but as long as they stay where they say the unit is going he will have regular internet access.

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