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For anyone interested in becoming a handler, please go here: DR Handler Application

Will be starting to loosely map out the Las Vegas area so that specials can leave the compound (if they haven't had their leave passes revoked already XD), until then, no one's allowed to leave the compound.


Let us know!

Do you have any ideas for improving this RP or maybe noticed something you didn't like all that much?

Please share here.

- If anyone's good at artwork and wants to submit pictures of the characters it would probably be a good idea. I might give it a try myself, but the problem at the moment is that the scanner we have here doesn't work. -[Elwyne]

Feel free to post ideas you have for plots involving multiple characters:

[Lirerial]- So I was thinking about a party for the Specials? Say a side page where everyone meets up and breaks into alcohol manufacturing plant, lots of food and booze and we can have Compound Specials mix with the rogues.

[ancienteye]- *just discovered this page* That sounds like a great idea. Just so we can get a good look at who would get along with who. :P

[Kbird] sounds fun, although I'm having a hard time imagining Lena being drunk. XP


Side Pages
d.r. prequel

DR Characters - Darkness Reigns - DR Universe

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2014-01-03 [Elwyne]: Actually I'm thinking of trying to draw the characters anyway. I've already started to try to draw Myrra. If anyone wants to, they could make it a little easier for me by adding certain clothing details and favorite colors to their character description. Like what colors they like to wear, I meant. If I actually manage to draw a few (between my classes which are starting up again soon) I'll drag out the scanner that's still in its box in my room and hook it up to add them.

2014-01-13 [The Black Goat]: Hey, question for y'all that have gotten a chance to move their characters through lab 218 during play: What do you think of the page layouts? Does the compass style links make it easier or more difficult? I don't want to go too far into building the compound with a page layout no one likes.

2014-01-13 [Lirerial]: I actually like it. Its not complicated to me and it gives you an idea of where everything is.

2014-01-13 [Sheamus Finn]: I think it works nicely.

2014-01-14 [shadow of darkness]: i concur

2014-03-07 [Kbird]: XD whooo drank specials! That might not like each other, sounds great! (Totally serious..sorry I can come a crossed sarcastic.)

2014-03-07 [Lirerial]: XD we can do a side page with all the willing and active players to keep from letting this RP die while Nox gets free time :)

2014-03-07 [Kbird]: Sounds good to me. :P I like playing drunk people.

2014-03-07 [Lirerial]: Ok :) We can do a jump forward and maybe even have a handler come in and attempt to get everyone under control lol

2014-03-07 [Kbird]: Lol this will be fun XD

2014-03-07 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: sounds like it so I'm in

2014-03-07 [Elwyne]: well, I could try to play a drunk person but I'm not sure how good I'd be at it. Not sure Myrra would drink either. 

2014-03-08 [Lirerial]: Silera is not above drugging people without them knowing XD

2014-03-08 [The Black Goat]: Keep in mind that rogues don't stay rogues, they'll be assimilated into the compound as recruits

2014-03-08 [Lirerial]: I know :) I don't know when people are going to be caught so I figured it'd be an easy way to include people who hadn't joined the compound yet

2014-03-08 [Kbird]: XP its a good idea

2014-03-08 [CuteCommander]: I think Fulther would be part of the compound at that point, probably still being treated as a new arrival

2014-03-09 [Lirerial]: My "Work-in-progress" of Fulther and Silera. Officially my favorite pairing of all my rps. <img:>

2014-03-09 [Lirerial]: Ack I don't know how to make the pict smaller :p but here's the whole thing. Keep in mind, still working on it. <img:>

2014-03-09 [CuteCommander]: Looking great!

2014-03-09 [Elwyne]: oooh, add them to the portrait gallery when you're done! They're looking good so far. I like the expression on Silera.

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