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(Picture borrowed from

The Dwarfin Clans

Because ale and a good axe is all ye need
From the Fantasy Minority
Of the Elftown Clans and the RP Council

(No prissy elves allowed)

The Dwarfin Clan has everything a Dwarf can possibly ask for: lots of ale, sturdy furniture, and the building is made to look like the glorious halls we are used to, even though we were forced to build it above ground because we needed to remain close to the other clans.
The main entrance opens up to the Great Hall, where ale and entertainment is served and there's room to meet the other members of many proud clans.

Dwarfin Clan RP Hall
Dwarfin Clan Tactical Unit

The different dwarven subraces' Clans:
   Hill Dwarf Clan
   Deep Dwarf Clan
   Mountain Dwarf Clan
   Duergar Dwarf Clan

Dwarfin Clan Members
1: [Kim_Lundin]
2: [xido]

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2007-02-02 [xido]: All I ask for is 'Clans', plural. That is a personal preference of mine, though, but it is also the name of this page. ;)

I would think that Dwarves like to split into further Clans, depending on social trend and disposition.

2007-02-02 [Kim_Lundin]: Right, that's not a big sacrifice to do :) Otherwise, any pointers? I'm just winging it at the moment.

2007-02-03 [xido]: Check out and watch what I do with the Draconic Clan for an idea.... It is under work right now, but hopefully to include both aspects of Dracology and Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic's venues. Make sure to find Dwarf-raced people, or dwarf-wikipages around the Elftown Community, and ask them for input, volunteer graphics, page structure, etc.

Essentially the Dwarf Clans will establish whatever form of govermental body they wish to make, and be all Dwarfy about it. ;) I will do a little work on the Undead Clan, so that nobody gets angry at me for being biased, then all the others will just follow suit when they are ready.

2007-02-03 [Kim_Lundin]: I can't see the Draconic Clan :P Only sais "Access denied to this wiki-page".
I'll make a search and see what I can find.

2007-02-05 [xido]: Now try. ;)

2007-02-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Ah, looks quite different from this one :)

2007-02-06 [xido]: I added a bit more. Now it is what I was envisioning before...

Feel free to do what you please with this for now, but when people start filtering in (if they do), be ready to make big changes and get along with people who disagree with you... Or at least, be prepared for it in case it does happen.

I have approached Hedda about the idea of adding Fantasy Race Clans to the House Descriptions...

Plus, this might turn out to be a forward move for Take Elftown Back...  ;)

2007-02-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Right. Smile, nod and agree, I've done it before :D
Adding to the description? Can't we already do that? With the "Fantasy race personality"? Or are we thinking about different things?

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