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2005-08-28 15:49:15
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2005-12-10 [Zardra]: =P hehehee

2005-12-10 [Zab]: :P I've always done it the complicated way..XD

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: I read a tutorial about it at DA how people usually do it... its so... complicated. I just put it to "multiply" and thats it... ^^; eek.

2005-12-10 [Zab]: hehe.. it's a much smarter way..:P

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: I have to agree =P PS has so many little things that you can save time and nerves with... but you just have to know them ^^;

2005-12-10 [Zab]: hehe..I know..Oo ehm.. I don't get the mouse+alt thingie.. nothing happens..Oo

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: when removing the selected areas? uh oh... um... hmmm, what might it be... are you sure your trying to remove and not add? uh, I'm really bad at giving advices XD

2005-12-10 [Zab]: ctrl+mouse I ment..:P I know what's wrong..IO think.. I had it zoomed, it worked on normal size again..:P *doesn't get a thing about removing and adding* XD

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: OH! that... yeah, it's funny, it sometimes doesnt work, and my PS is strange anyways (it cant removed selections if I dont remove them manually from Select --> reselect ^^;)   ... removing and adding. um... its... removing and adding XD ugh ^^;

2005-12-10 [Zab]: hehe..ok..:P *looks forward and is excited about getting a tablet* XD just randomly..:P I think I got this with masks now..:P you've added the tutorial at elftown tutorials right?

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: wheee! just wait when you get to paint with the tablet, its so much fun! ^__^ ... elftown tutorials? uh, I dont know, lol. I'm in the tutors ^^; but I dont know about that one *goes to check... has too many wikis* XD

2005-12-10 [Zab]: hehe..:P It's new.. Yes! I believe so,..^____________^

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: I seem to have all my tutorials there, except for this new one. I think. ugh, could my memory get any worse =P but wheee!

2005-12-10 [Zab]: I think someone else can have added them :P pretty much all of those on the tutors page are there.

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: wheeeeeee! I'm glad ^__^

2005-12-10 [Zab]: Good! It's always good to be glad. *nods* XD

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: true true =P XD

2005-12-10 [Zab]: hehe..:P uhm.. having more PS secrets to share? oh! A question! When using the tablet in PS, which is supposed to support the preassure sensitivity, how do I activate that? Oo

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: more PS secret... many, I think, but I dont know where to start. I should make a "secret" tutorial... tips for PS =P ... oh and tablet and PS, the program recognizes the tablet when its set up, so when you turn your PS on, the pressure sensitivity goes on automatically. its perfect! ^__^

2005-12-10 [Zab]: great! I've been thinking of asking you that for a while..XD (three days ago..XD) hehe.. yeah, do that! XD

2005-12-10 [Zardra]: ok, wheee ^^ I have to make a list of the tips and then make it, might take some time because I always forget something... or everything =P  ... oh and when you get the tablet, there is a thing where you can adjust the settings and the pressure sensitivity if its not ok... you'll see then, its really easy to use ^^

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