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2004-11-05 23:14:27
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Hey,Everybody welcome to my first wiki page were you can read or write poems see or put your picsture on it,.and also talk or chat with your friends.

For you to know

I need to tell you
how i feel,
but courage its not
by my side.

Crying and thinking
about you if you'll
ever accept my feelings.

Blur its how my vission
is from all the tears
that i cry.

Thinking and screaming
just believing you will
love me for once.

When i declare my love
please don't be so rougth
treated gently so my heart
will not brake and become numb

Written by [Coco caca]


Always in my mind

Missing i am,
lie inside myself.
Bow down and
stare in wonder.

Always confusing
the thoughs in my head,
are all my thoughs of you?
I ask blinded by tears.

cease for the fear of
silent nigths.

See into my eyes.
If you look deep
enougth you'll find,
my spirit calling your name,
as my numb soul
fades to black.

A world of fragile things,
guess one of them is me.

Rainclouds are
above me ,
and every raindrop
whisper something
to me.

The memory of
your face,haunts
my thoughs,and sleep 
causing me despair.

Bitter tears i cry.
Fallen angels by
my side,telling me
to keep my calm.

Saying that i'll see your face ,
everytime i want.
Cause you love me but ,
don't know how to
say it right.

My soul is numb,
my spirit is gone,
but your here
keeping me strong.

I know you love me,
but is hard.
To keep a love going,
being so far apart.

written by[Coco caca]

BY [Coco caca]

Consume By You

In the nigth the breeze is cold,
wainting for someone
to take me home.

I don't care,
if you don't love me .
As long i can see you're face ,
each and every morning.

My heart being consume by you,
every time i look at you.

Planning my redemption
every time i see you're reflection.
Thinking of turning back time,
and forgeting about you're smile.

But how is it posible,
for me to do something like that,
if i keep falling for you
each and every time.

written by[Coco caca]

<img:> by[Coco caca]


In love with you
for a long time now.
I wonder if,
you'll ever know.

Love is such a burden ,
that makes me suffer.
Only the ocean waves,
are present when i cry.

I try not to think ,
about the pain,
burning in my chest
each and every time
i think of you're name.

Thinking of you my love
wondering if you'll ever,
my true feelings know
accept them ,
and become my love.

But i'll never know
until i get courage enough,
and confess to you my love.
And for you to answer my question ,
once and for all.

written by [Coco caca]

Red Tattoo

Alone with you
just like we are now.
Embracing eternity
until death brings us down,
and to the heavens rise.
Just to know will be together
in the end of our lives,
until the end of times.

Charing kisses that will last,
and the ones you gave
were burn marks,
red tattoes,
that can only be
erase by you.

Red tattoo 
left in my skin,
as a result of this sin.
Your lips with mine
!Oh god!
this is so nice.
i hope we soon soar in the nigth,
i wish this could forever last.

written by[Coco caca]

<img:>by[Coco caca]

Transcedent love

My heart is so heavy
when you're not with me.
Is such a burden if you are not here.

I look at the stars ,
and see you're face
the reflection of you're deep blue eyes
just like you're planet Earth.

I watch you from the moon ,
and star to cry for you.
But you rush to the moon for me.
And away my tears you wipe,
and with a sweet kiss
we soar that nigth.

My love is so strong
that if will shall perish,
we will be reborn
just to fall in love.

We are fated lovers.
By destiny,
bound to be together
for eternity.

We will meet again
in another life,
and fall in love just like this

written by [Coco caca]

<img:>by [Coco caca]


I am still wondering here
if mine you'll ever be.
Sitting in my room
alone trap by my own shadow.

I look at the mirror
and see a sad face,
a face so nostalgic ,
i never want to see again.

I started running
trying to find me.
Somehow now i am lost'
lost in my own self.

Lost in need ,
of someone like you.
For when the nigth is cold
you'll be there,to warm me up,
and at nigth kiss my lips a lot.

By your side,
i want to stay
with your love embrace.
Together until the end of times,
to die with you,
and to the heavens rise.

written by [Coco caca]

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2004-11-02 [Coco caca]: hey hey all of you if you want to put a poem or a drawing you are most welcome to

2004-11-02 [Coco caca]: Thanks i am flatered by your comment

2004-11-02 [Shadow_seraphim]: ^_^ You're welcome, you are worthy of it;p

2004-11-02 [Coco caca]: making me feel especial its good

2004-11-02 [Shadow_seraphim]: ^_^

2004-11-02 [Homicidal Jester]: nifty! ^^

2004-11-02 [Coco caca]: people you can put your poem or pics in here if you want

2005-02-28 [Sara!]: hi all

2005-03-06 [Coco caca]: hi to you too

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