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User Name:[Duredhel]

Character name: Daniela Morgan

Mutant Name: Shield

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Daniela's power is considered odd at best, though not exceedingly powerful, it's hard to classify. When in danger or to a lesser degree, at will, Daniela is able to project perfectly spherical objects that act as shields of varying sizes, these shields continually drain her stamina, depending on their size.. These spheres seem nigh impenetrable, they appear to be made of a paper thin, reflective surface that blocks even light from entering. It is believed that Daniela creates these spheres via a latent psychic power, however, she is unable to used telepathy or telekinesis in almost all levels. On rare ocasions, and when confronted with extreme shock or danger, Daniela might conujure up a black shield, these black shields are what make her power so strange. Black shields are always centered on Daniela, surrounding her, they drain an enormous amount of stamina and are not so much black in color, but devoid of any reflection, they absorb all light as a black hole would. Furthermore, unlike regular shields, one cannot phase or teleport into the black shields and telepathic contact can only be achieved by extremely skilled psychics. Daniela is confused by the black shields herself, and will gladly discuss most theories about them, attempting to understand her own ability.

Gender: Female

Age: 18, November 11th

general appearance: Daniela is about 1.70m; she has blue eyes and shoulder length, wavy black hair. She has a slightly slender face and a small-ish, button like nose, in the winter, the girl is known to get cold rather easily, so her nose and cheeks are likely to get rather red. She is fit though not necessarily athletic. Her hair is known to be rather wild in the mornings, appearing in unruly shapes whenever she wakes up.

Additional appearance: She usually wears a sort of bandana / hair band to keep her hair out of her face.

Personality: Daniela, once a warm cheerful girl she has now become extremely distrusting of anyone and anything. She will view each new person as a new threat and is unlikely to truly trust or rely on someone other than herself. Deep inside she realizes she is just lonely but fears reaching out, outside she puts up the mask of the strong independent girl who needs no-one. On a side note, due to some recent incidents with her brother's gang, Daniela is afraid of the dark, she's also extremely embarassed by that fact.

Place of birth: New York, US

Weapon(s) of choice: Daniela carries a small handgun (Bersa Thunder .380 ACP) which she knows how to fire, with mixed results, how she came across the gun is a mystery. Oddly enough, she's quite clumsy and incapable with other firearms and weapons.

Brief History: Daniela was born into a beautiful home, the first few years of her life were happy for her. She lived humbly but honestly with her father Robert, her mother Milla and her older brother Lance. However on the day of her 9th birthday her mother and father were involved in a car accident, Milla died and his father barely made it alive. Hospital bills left the Morgen family ruined. As Lance became more and more rebellious Robert lost his job and resorted to drinking. Eventually Lance ran away from home when he discovered his powers and joined a gang of criminal mutant. Daniela remained home trying to take care of her father the best she could, however his behavior grew to worse. She sought help from his brother’s friends but in the end they tried to take advantage of her. With her brother as a convicted felon, her brother’s friends harassing her and her father a drunkard she began to develop her power with the subconscious desire to shield herself from all of this, at age 14 she had began building small kinetic barriers at by age 16 she had perfected her art, as she developed these mental barriers she also created emotional ones for herself. Though her father was a mess, he had never laid a hand on his daughter tho, until one day when finally the situation hit rock bottom. Daniela confronted him, lashing out in scorn and regret and he started beating her, then she created a shield around her and remained encased in it for almost 2 whole days, all of her father’s attempts to break the shield were useless, and even though he apologized many times, she couldn't hear it inside the shield. Finally due to hunger, exhaustion and thirst she undid the shield and found that her father was asleep and there was a note from her brother’s gang on the door, they knew she was a mutant and wanted her for the gang. She quickly packed, stole her father’s gun and ran away.

Relatives: Robert Morgan (Father)
     Lance Morgan a.k.a Sword (Older Brother)

How long your character has been in the mansion: A few months

Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Shana Grace Tilar: 9; Daniela and Shana had an extremely awkward situation which resulted in a drunken Shana becoming the girl's first kiss. However, they've managed to talk about it and solve the problem, which strengthened their friendship.

Adrienne Wagner: 3: Daniela liked the Addy she used to know, the fun-loving girl. The new, older, stabby Addy is not as fun to be around.

Timothy Maxwell: 4; Tim is ok. Daniela feels terrible that she hurt his feelings when they first met. Oddly enough, she doesn't feel nearly as uncomfortable and nervous around Tim as she does with more... 'fleshy' people.

Elizabeth Charm: 3; Flame is a bit crass and scaly, also a bit too outspoken and loose. Daniela used to feel somewhat safe around Flame, but finding out she tried to slime her for no good reason has shattered any sense of trust she could have.

Light Blackburn: 3; Light is beautiful, confident and uncompromising, all qualities Daniela wishes she had herself. However, her trust in the girl has been shaken by her relationship with Shade and the way she treated Shana. Lately, she seems to have been going off the deep end, which has affected Daniela's opinion of her.

Mimic: 8; Casper is adorable, Daniela feels a bit protective over the boy, considering he doesn't seem to have anyone in his life other than his fellow students

Kobayashi Hisoka: 7; Daniela likes him more than she likes most people. Dani's usual aprehension to people seems not to apply with him, probably since he's so young.

X-Men RP Shade: 1; Shade and Daniela have a history, which she is hoping to keep secret.

Valerie K. Sprouse: 7; Daniela has now had a chance to interact plenty will Val. Though a bit prissy, she seems honest and outgoing, and she actually has fun with the girl.

Kaia Delwyn Gråheim: 5; Kaia is ok, she was glad she was with her and Rook when they ran into anti-mutant activists in New York. She tried to get Dani to be a bit more outgoing but gave up quickly. It's understandable given the situation though.

Gavin Zhou: 5; On one hand, Gavin doesn't seem to treat Dani like she's made of glass because of her shyness. Since Christmas he seems intent on getting her out of her room and to DO things. On the other hand he can be very close insufferable and seems to enjoy yanking her chain for no reason at all. Dani tolerates Gavin because she seems to have no choice in the matter, it might also be good for her to generate a tolerance to him.

Vincent Gladstone: 5; Dani tends to have a bad impression of people when she first meets them, part of her natural shyness and distrust. She's been showing Vincent around the mansion and he's been nice so far though. He hasn't tried to use his powers on her, ignored her, attacked any other student or destroyed mansion property, which is all rare in a guy in the mansion.

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2014-07-25 [The Black Goat]: Lol

2014-07-25 [Flisky]: I'm so proud of Rook. ^_^

2014-07-25 [Duredhel]: Well, Dani feels safer around younger people XD.

2014-07-25 [ancienteye]: So Gavin being Rook's age is the only reason he's a 5? :/

2014-07-25 [Duredhel]: XD nah, Rook may be 14 but he looks 11. Gavin actually looks older. He's a 5 because he doesn't treat Dani like she's made of glass XD (even though she herself acts like it), and he's forced her to come out of the shell a bit by completely ignoring it XD

2014-07-25 [ancienteye]: XD Now I feel proud of Gavin...

2014-07-25 [Duredhel]: Dani was always meant to be a bit of a challenge for people XD. Most people give up easily tho XD

2014-07-26 [Figgy]: She was easy for Shana


2014-07-26 [The Black Goat]: XD

2014-07-26 [Duredhel]: XD, Shana got her drunk.

2014-07-26 [Figgy]: LIGHT got them both drunk.

2014-07-31 [Duredhel]: Changed her bathing suit :T

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: XD that top is a recipe for disaster Dur

2014-07-31 [Duredhel]: Why? XD

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: Strapless tops are fucking impossible to keep up, and one can expect the difficulty in keeping up rising three fold with each cup size. God help her if she gets pushed into pool or even stands up to quickly after being in he water XD

2015-01-25 [ancienteye]: Just so ya know, Gavin will go to great lengths to keep Devlin, Dani and Rook away from Coral (or, to be specific, her photographs of Gavin as a kid).

2015-01-25 [Duredhel]: XD Gotcha.

2015-01-25 [ancienteye]: XP

2015-02-03 [ancienteye]: ...If Dani and Gavin rode together on a jet-ski, she probably got a feather in her mouth or swimsuit top (since he's molting and all...). XD

2015-03-03 [Duredhel]: XD, Oh god, I can imagine Dani trying to get feather out of her top.

2015-03-03 [ancienteye]: XD A very uncomfortable situation, that's for sure. And Gavin will just be "you deal with it" because he doesn't want to be labelled a perv. XD

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