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Name: amanda- [stuffAEAmade]
ET Race: Human
Dark Arrow rank: squire
Instructor:Dark Arrow: deeterhi
Backstory: I've always liked to draw, but I didn't start to get serious about it until I was in middle school. I have been greatly influenced by Japanese manga, but I love to read all forms of comics.
I am almost entirely self-taught; I had art courses in high school, but they mostly covered different techniques and styles.
I just graduated high school in May '06; I was accepted into an art school but had to turn it down because it was too expensive. Currently I am working on my baby AstralGate and holding down a part-time job.

My biggest trouble spots would have to be perspective and foreshortening, but all aspects of my art can go for improvement. ^^

Art Petition- I'm trying to keep it short and sweet. :O
Some is old, some is new, but I think it represents my best work.

<img0*150:img/drawing/22011_1110844145.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/22011_1101095756.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/22011_1137017389.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/22011_1150756321.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/darag15.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/darchainmail2.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/22011_1155271473.jpg>

Shippou & Kirara- h2 // Vencent D'sal- h2 // Blaze- ink // Page from AG- ink // Spread from AG- ink // Bikinis for tree spirits- Photoshop // Sha Model Pinup- Photoshop

Knights Skills:XXX
graphics goes here

Honors and Awards of the Dark Arrow:XXX
graphics goes here


this is your current status do not change we will do it for you

Trial Pieces-

Layout -- Dar Trial 1

Character Design -- Dar Trial 2

100 Heads -- Dar Trial 3

Random Junk

Computer Coloring -- Dar Trial 5

100 Hands


Username (or number or email):


2006-08-18 [deeterhi]: i know you started to work on the other trials, but we are going to work with the hundred heads trial :) okay?

2006-08-20 [stuffAEAmade]: Alright. :)

2006-08-28 [stuffAEAmade]: Got the first 25 up. That was both harder and easier than I thought it would be.

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