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Player - [Lepellier]
Name - Darius Kontar
Race - Catfolk
Sub-race - Lynx
Class - Plauge Bearer
Allegiance - No allegiance
Appearance - A Taller Lynx by build, about 5'7". His fur is a bright, caramel brown. His eyes are a bright yellow-green color. His tail is long and rather furry, striped with three black streaks, all near the end of the tail. His ears are long and slender with a tuft of fur off the end of each. He wears loose, green leggings with a small, red diamond sewn on theem and a green sash as his only clothing. He wears the typical lines on his left cheek of Lynx Males. He is really slender, only weighing just over 100 lbs. He has minor muscle tone to his body, though not overly muscular. His body is clear of scars, for he never had to fight while practicing his abilities.
Age - 29
Personality - Darius is rather open. He loves to talk, as all Lynxes do, but he isn't over talkative. He is also rather skilled at bartering and will horde his money as much as possible. He can seem shy when he meets a person for the first time, but around friends, he is cheerful and speaks more freely. He will frequently go out for walks among the trees and nature for no reason what so ever except to calm himself. He keeps himself mentally strong by practicing his magic skills when ever possible, but won't waste his energy. He loves nature and will just sit and enjoy the winds that surround him or the grass that he is sitting on. He is quite playful and will show off how flexible he is, preforming all kinds of arial flips and handsprings. He is a comical fellow, and does enjoy a good laugh. He has an over abundance of enegy at times. He is also quite a rther romantic fellow.
History - Born in the city of Osahar. He grew up with his parents until he was 7. At the age of 7, his parents both died suddenly. He wept by their graves for three days, and during those days, he had learned an appreciation for nature and it's magics. When he returned home, he seeked out the local green mage. He was accepted as the man's apprentice and studied under him for years, until he was stricken by another death. This time, it was his tutor. After the death of his master, he went to find somewhere where he could use his magics. Darius finally arrived at a small city on the northern edge of Lochmore, where he made a living making potions and helping farmers deal with crops and plague problems. All an all, Darius had a pretty mediocre existance for a few months. Darius's knowledge of natural poisons gained him some recognition in the city, though yearning for adventure, he became an outlaw. Trying to reform, Darius entered the Tor household in Rysallis, where he fell completely head over heels for Zillia, the eldest daughter of the house (there's four siblings that live in the house, Lorian, the second eldest son, Zillia, the eldest daughters, and Theria and Raethilla, the youngest daughters, there is an older brother, however he is in the military and Darius has not met him). Some weeks later, he was transfered by Lord Tor and hired by Lord Faulfurn, though he has not been given any information on what his job will be yet.
Weapon of Choice - Star Mace
Element - Green


Level - 8

Experience/To next level - 6189/7350

Equipment -
Star Mace (3 Atk, 2 Def, 1 Int, 8 Wgt)
Catfolk Wicker Shield (1 Def, 1 Atk, 1 Car, Bonus to Lv 1 Green Magic, 3 Wgt)
Geen Cloak (2 Mag, 2 Car, Bonus to Lv 1 Green Magic, 3 Wgt)
Emerald Ring (25% more Green Magic Damage)
Gauntlet x 2 (1 Def, 3 Wgt)(1 Unequipped)
Jeweled Belt (3 Mag, 3 Wgt)
Mysterious Green Stone x 2(4 Wgt)
Mysterious Metal (5 Wgt)
170 GP

Stats -
HP - 19/21
MP -  12/20
Str - 5
Con - 6
Int - 6
Mag - 8
Dex - 6
Car - 6

CC - 32/33

Skills – Handle Maces, Lv 1 Green Magic, Minor Enchantment, Magic Resistant, Earth Strike, Lv 2 Green Magic, Lv 3 Green Magic.
Skill Points - 0

Spells -
Lv 1 - Decompose, poison, entangle, Mudslide.
Lv 2 - Blade Shield, Summon Natural Ally.
Lv 3 - Move Earth.

Special Skills
Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the Plague Bearer can select a green magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades ( 1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

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2005-11-08 [Lepellier]: Does the green cloak allow me to learn another spell or no?

2005-11-08 [Duredhel]: Yeah you can choose 2 more Lv 1 Green magic spells now.

2005-11-08 [Lepellier]: Ok, I want poison and entangle

2005-11-10 [Lepellier]: What is keeping the emerald ring from being equipped? I'm guessing the gauntlets, but just to make sure.

2006-11-15 [Lepellier]: Dur, the ring is now equipped and the gauntlet is unequipped.

2006-11-15 [Duredhel]: Aye, I'll let it slip this time, but normally it takes an action to switch equips in battle.

2006-11-15 [Lepellier]: He did it before battle. It was done quite a while ago.

2007-12-14 [Lepellier]: Why did my Con go up, but the enforcers Dex went up?

2007-12-14 [Duredhel]: My bad, t'was a typo, enforcers Def(Con) went up. i just put it up as Def instead of Con because its for defensive purposes only, meaning its not good against spells or poisons n stuff.

2007-12-14 [Lepellier]: Right. It was weird when I saw that happen, but it's all good, I understand now.

2007-12-26 [Grengo]: Does Darius have 6 or 16 HP?

2007-12-26 [Lepellier]: 16, I believe...

2007-12-26 [Lepellier]: actually, 14 is right.

2007-12-29 [Grengo]: Hmm, should've saved your spells for later battles. Spending 14 MP against enforcers and with no MP potions to spare will be rather crippling.

2007-12-29 [Lepellier]: Tis true...may be a problem, unless we can rest at some point...Trust me, Darius will want to, for roleplaying application.

2007-12-29 [Grengo]: Alrighty, well, for the time being I'll have 'em on a low profile for this battle to prevent injury, maybe except to get close to that sole enforcer without the blade shield. The blade shields of the other two can do a max of 11 HP damage and that'll be a problem for Darius since he could potentially have 3 HP if hit.

2008-01-14 [Lepellier]: So, for the alter spell, does that have to be done at the level up, or can that be done at any point?

2008-01-14 [Duredhel]: Any point. I would rather it be done when the character has some time to research and practice tho ^^ for RPing sake ^^'

2008-01-14 [Lepellier]: I was thinking of doing it when we went into the tower if we found some down time...I want to do something to show off Darius' knowledge of poisons.

2008-01-14 [Duredhel]: yah that could work. I could give you the spell now and after they exit the city, you could have Darius working on pefecting it.

2008-01-14 [Lepellier]: That would work. I want to add some sort of effect to his poison spell is all I know...

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