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Dueling Chamber



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Poem's Title: nothing
there always was a spark of light
in your eyes i saw the fight
ive never seen the light go out
even when in pain or doubt

now endlessness has found an end
the game is up, i cant defend
against your lack of will to try
against the tears youll never cry

life and death have closed the door
have left me stranded in this horror
standing in an empty room
with portraits of eternal doom

your face is scarred, your bones are bare
but you dont seem to know or care
i scream and scream but you dont hear
me drowning in this crashing fear

together now in hell, and bound
im screaming still but theres no sound
i searched your eyes and there i found -


Poem's Title: "Love is for Medical Examiners"

Take your pictures
The body,beaten and tumescent
Stripped of all its innocence
A perplexed predicament

Take out your scalpel
Crack open the chest
Pull back the flesh
View your eyes of what you see

Write down your notes
Predict the cause of death
Turn yourself inward and out
Check your references for any doubts
Smile inside that you are the survior
of such a tremendous tragedy

Think to yourself
Complete the story
Place yourself in their shoes
for only a moment in time
Try to erase the incidents
Try to calm the friction
Attempt to drown out all attention
Correct all of the final mistakes
It is your life that are high for the stakes
Clean up,once you are through
Pray to god that is was not you


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* b) Love is for Medical Examiners
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