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here's the banner! woot
<*img:*> take out the *'s



take out the *'s again. :)

I KNOW I LOVE [dark starlight] AND I KNOW THAT ALL OF YOU GUYS DO TOO!! get off your lazy ass and join her fan club! You know she is a sweetie just sign up and show her that you care...

President-[apple babble]

3.[vile dragon]
4.[apple babble] haha..might as well add me to the list!<3LOVE YOU JAMIE.<333
8.[::Live Life Without the F::] well this is a bit awkward, but oh well. 0_o
9.[Megalodon] i took i while to find this but, hey, shes kool
10. [kessan]
11. [Adam Avenger] i dont rememeber putting my name in here but oh well
12. [sonna cool na kimi wa plastic]
13. [Kt_says] lucky 13.
14. [!MiDGE!] thats better, you havent lived until youve met dark starlight!!!!
15.[9dragonsofchaos] I am god and a really big fan of my most deathly morbid friend dark starlight
17. [lampard] will you go out wit me
18.[no hardcore dancing in the living room.] whoo! you rock!!
19.[The Night and The Silent Water] shes such a gud person n is cool 2 tlk 2 ..:)
20.[Accident Waiting To Happen]oooooooooohhhhhh
23.[bLoOdStAiN oN sHeEtS] hiiilllloo Jamie!muwah!
24.[lonleyguy] <3 u jamie
24⅝. [Mortified Penguin] *eats ramen*
25. [birdsong] Love You!

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2004-10-22 [dark starlight]: yes

2004-10-28 [!MiDGE!]: hey, why did it take so long to find this person?!

2004-10-28 [dark starlight]: find who? me? i'm not sure...

2004-11-19 [!MiDGE!]: yes you, youre great!!

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: lol nah not really

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: you are, maybe even perfect :P

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: omg not even close

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: you are, very close you just wont admit it!

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: no..i'm really not..i can be quite bitchy and selfish..

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: you never like that to me, just nice

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: thanks...i try..

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: well it works

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: lol

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: what ya been up to?

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: sitting here..

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: sounds like fun

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: who said you were flirting?

2004-11-20 [!MiDGE!]: i dont know who said it, but they told someone else who told me

2004-11-20 [dark starlight]: oh ok well i was really rude to that distraught poppet chick >.<

2004-12-10 [apple babble]:

Stacy is in the HIZZ HOUSE

2004-12-10 [dark starlight]: well, stacy get your fat ass out before you smother all of us....

2004-12-10 [dark starlight]: lol jk jk jk jk jk jk dude i love you! ^_________^

2004-12-10 [apple babble]: lol..*walks out pouting* oh yeah..*walks back in and grabs fat ass and leaves*

2004-12-10 [dark starlight]: *runs after and pulls stacy's fat ass back in* ^___________^

2004-12-10 [apple babble]: hahah! i love you jamie

2004-12-10 [dark starlight]: i love you too staple! ^__________^

2004-12-10 [apple babble]: teehee! i'm listening to lemon now..yay!

2004-12-10 [dark starlight]: yeah i've been listening to it for like an hour lol

2004-12-11 [masternlove101]: hmm... xmas time is near!!!! ooooh... xmas tree, xmas tree, oh my xmas tree.. omg i need to buy.. a new xmas tree! ^.^

2004-12-11 [apple babble]: that was totally gay..

2004-12-11 [masternlove101]: yay! i have a fan already!! ^.^ i should make a disc wit my xmas songs!!

2004-12-12 [dark starlight]: lol i hate christmas songs

2004-12-13 [masternlove101]: how come??? they r so pretty and full of happiness! >.<

2004-12-13 [apple babble]: I thinks that is the reason why.

2004-12-13 [vile dragon]: sometimes ppl change the lyrics just to make ppl pissy off...

2004-12-14 [masternlove101]: was it that i hear?? ur not a happy person?!? its xmas time! xmas brings joy everywhere and to everyone! ^.^

2004-12-14 [masternlove101]: was it that i hear?? ur not a happy person?!? its xmas time! xmas brings joy everywhere and to everyone! ^.^ (except Iraqi ppl of course)

2004-12-16 [dark starlight]: i'm never a happy person..really..

2004-12-16 [vile dragon]: me too, i'm never ever...

2004-12-16 [dark starlight]: its sad. >.<

2004-12-16 [vile dragon]: m hm

2004-12-16 [Sabbath Bloody Sabbath]: Im sad to hear that Jamie :( oh and Xmas is only happy for kids and toy compainys.

2004-12-23 [runic]: hey I'm back

2004-12-23 [masternlove101]: xmas is more than just presents mr grinch

2004-12-23 [dark starlight]: me? i know that..but the songs really suck and hey runic ^___________^

2004-12-23 [masternlove101]: oh no no.. i was talkin to the phantom kid here... i know ur smart jamie >.<

2004-12-23 [dark starlight]: lol thanks.

2005-01-03 [dark starlight]: umm yeah...i have a boyfriend..sorry...[lampard]

2005-01-05 [masternlove101]: oh yay! back to school!!! isnt that sooooo xcitin!!! new faces, new teachers, new adventures, and a lot to learn!!! ^.^ i cant wait to play the name game in class! o.O

2005-01-05 [vile dragon]: someone's excited about going back to school >_>

2005-01-06 [dark starlight]: i hate school.

2005-01-07 [runic]: dosn't everyone

2005-01-07 [dark starlight]: no. preps seem to like it.

2005-01-07 [runic]: there strange tho

2005-01-07 [dark starlight]: well duh ^.^

2005-01-07 [runic]: k then

2005-01-15 [masternlove101]: hmm.. wats ur definition of a "prep" anyway?

2005-01-18 [runic]: one of those people in school that act like there bloody teachers but there not there just anoyin

2005-01-18 [dark starlight]: just..snotty people. the ones who judge me for the way I dress...

2005-01-20 [masternlove101]: hmm... i thought it was like the ppl that r freakin annoyin and judges everyone just to make themselves feel better..... oh wait.. those may b jocks that im talkin about too

2005-01-20 [runic]: yup probubly

2005-01-20 [dark starlight]: are you being a smart ass? did I say something wrong?

2005-01-22 [masternlove101]: wat? im not! i was just sayin.. football players in my school r assholes, so yea..

2005-01-22 [Sagacious Turkey]: heeeeeeeeeyyy.........trey from school is a ''prep''.........or so you claim,jamie....

2005-01-22 [Sagacious Turkey]: i,m dusatin goober!!!!

2005-01-25 [runic]: well anyway I'll just say shallow people are assholes!

2005-01-25 [goldendragon]: HEY!!!

2005-01-25 [runic]: hey

2005-01-25 [Sagacious Turkey]: *mumbles* ignore those comments... it was [Mortified Penguin]...

2005-01-25 [dark starlight]: Tale of Six Coins If you want to join go to Assassin's Castle

2005-01-25 [Sagacious Turkey]: ok...

2005-01-25 [Sagacious Turkey]: why don't you ever visited bob's diner anymore?

2005-01-26 [dark starlight]: oh...dustin i'm sorry..i'm not on as much as I'd like to be..i'm really busy with my wikis..but..i'll go today ok?

2005-02-09 [DarknessPrince]: i was jw

2005-02-11 [dark starlight]: not really. why?

2005-02-21 [ugursarac]: hey everyone .... i want join :P

2005-02-25 [runic]: well join then :)

2005-02-25 [dark starlight]: mwah...i love all of

2005-02-25 [apple babble]: and i love you. more. than. anyone. so. there. :p

2005-02-25 [dark starlight]: ok :D

2005-02-26 [DarknessPrince]: hey jamie how can i be in ur fan club?

2005-03-24 [apple babble]: You well...add yourself. ^_^

2005-03-24 [dark starlight]: lol...

2005-04-28 [apple babble]: i should really make a new banner. >.<

2005-04-28 [dark starlight]: omg lol stacy... nah...but..if you do..use the come touch me pic lol

2005-04-28 [apple babble]: i will.

2005-05-20 [dark starlight]: yay...^.^ awww i love my new hair flippy one

2005-05-25 [apple babble]: WHEE

2005-09-22 [bLoOdStAiN oN sHeEtS]: hey Jamie!love you!

2005-09-27 [dark starlight]: yeah i love yas too

2005-10-07 [runic]: I'm still alive!

2005-10-07 [dark starlight]: good!

2005-10-18 [runic]: how are u then?

2005-11-04 [dark starlight]: i'm really great. you? i'm engaged...did you know?

2005-11-05 [vile dragon]: congratulations ^_^

2005-11-07 [runic]: wow! congratulations.and I'm great too I'v bin with my gf for 9 months now :)


2005-12-23 [apple babble]: JAMIE WHERE ARE YOU?

2005-12-23 [dark starlight]: omfg i miss ya too

2006-03-11 [apple babble]: JAMIEEE.<333 I love you.

2006-03-13 [lonleyguy]: Jamie whats up I havent talked to you in a while and i was goanna see how ur doing

2006-04-13 [apple babble]: <3333333333333JAMIE.<3333333333333333

2006-04-14 [dark starlight]: hey! i love you both!

2006-04-15 [vile dragon]: Yeah, haven't been around. Jus tryin to get me a 6 pack and be drop dead sexy. ^_^

2006-04-15 [dark starlight]: lol. nice. good luck,k?

2006-04-16 [vile dragon]: Oh I'm definately trying.

2006-04-16 [dark starlight]: heh. i know. you're doing really well...

2006-05-03 [dark starlight]: ohhh stacy i got new pictures lol hehehe

2006-05-04 [vile dragon]: After that 19+ hour, bored off my ass ride to London, I'll take some pictures of myself. It'll be a great reward -- a vacation + hot body ^_^

2006-05-05 [dark starlight]: lmao. yeah may 4th was my b-day...


2006-05-05 [dark starlight]: lol thanks...

2006-05-11 [lonleyguy]: Well Jamie I didn't know when ur bday was so Happy Late Bday!

2006-06-10 [dark starlight]: yeah...thanks..i need to go get my permit..but..i haven't felt like doing much this summer.

2006-06-10 [vile dragon]: whoa. jamie on the road. watch out. lol

2006-06-10 [dark starlight]: lol. yeah. i'm actully a good driver...

2006-06-11 [apple babble]: then how bout you take a road trip to kansas and pick me up. :)

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: hehe oh babe..I would love to...seriously.

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: well...maybe someday i'll just drive down to see you.

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: well..maybe so..maybe i'll pay for the trip

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: YAY

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: and i'll bring brownies...

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: with....pot.

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: OMFG yes. i want to start growing

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: lmao nah. its girls only and stacy is my lover.

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: lmao w/e cody.

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: did i miss out on something?

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: oh cody said he wanted to come with us..heh..

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: oh haha. too bad.

2006-06-12 [dark starlight]: That's what I'm say. The uber loveness is only for me and stacy! Dammit!

2006-06-12 [apple babble]: HAH! OHHH I LOVE YOU

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: no cody you can't sorry.

2006-06-13 [apple babble]: hahahahahahhahahahahahahaa.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: hehehe we should put up a sign on your car that says "no cody!"

2006-06-13 [apple babble]: hahaa lmao

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: you know what song i like? seventy times seven by brand new. i'm listening to it now.

2006-06-13 [apple babble]: never heard it.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: O.O want me to email it to you? heh.

2006-06-13 [apple babble]: sure!!

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: lol nah cody..we would just give you a 20 bag and tell you to stay home.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: nah stacy and i need alone time

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: watch what you say ok cody? i really don't feel like getting a message from sara saying that i need to stay away from you and shit..i will kill her if she bothers me.

2006-06-13 [apple babble]: haha.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: no really staple...his gf and i have some issues. like serious ones.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: yeah its her nickname. anyway, no cody it isn't your fault its mostly mine for doing all the shit i did but yeah don't talk about it anymore please i don't want anyone to talk to me about it.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: yeah it is

2006-06-13 [dragonbreath_17]: lol...hello staple,im Cody :)

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: no she bites! oh yes..stacy bites...lmao. no really. its not for you!

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: oh yeah? i doubt that. heh.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: well..i'm sorry about you getting bitten all the time.

2006-06-13 [dark starlight]: do i..

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: ARGHAHGHAHGHG. STAPLE.! JAMIE! BLAHHHHH.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: haha...trying to make it look like i'm upset.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: lol yeah but i know you aren't.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: haha....maybe i am.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: doubt it. you love me wayyyy to much to be upset.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: hahah true. <33

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: awww i love you too staple. how's summer going?

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: no you can't like staple! MINE MINE MINE! *guards*

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: hahaha. *hides behind jamie and eats spiked brownies*

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: lmao. omg have you had jack daniels fudge?

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: nope. :(

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: but...i made no bake fudge cookies yesterday.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: YOUR LOSS!

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: hahahahha just kidding.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: lol wow you bake more than me. but yeah its soooo goood its got a whole bunch of jack daniels in it and i had some last year and i want some more now...

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: arrrrrghghghghghghghhghghhhgggg. i want some.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: me too...cody you have to have a recipe or else you'll fuck it offense...fudge is kinda hard to make.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: aww i had no idea.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: yeah not as good as me though.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: I'M A GREAT COOK. JAMIE!!! i have to make you my chicken parmisian mozerella with homemade alfredo sauce! it's bad ass!

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: omfg it sounds so great..omg..i can make some kickin' enchiladas. chicken or beef..they both got 1st in my home ec class...

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: that settles it! i'm making you my chicken and youre making me some enchiladas! and we'll live happily ever after.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: ewww eggs are nasty. i've never liked them.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: nope. i seriously never liked eggs. ask anyone.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: yes! happily ever after. i don't like eggs either lol. i used to like them but now i'm like...GROSS.

2006-06-14 [apple babble]: YAY!

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: lol yeah yay.

2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: hehe yeah you know what? i'm listening to coal chamber.


2006-06-14 [dark starlight]: i know! i put it there hehehe...

2006-06-17 [lonleyguy]: Jamie whats ur myspace account?

2006-06-18 [dark starlight]: you have to be logged in to see it.

2006-06-18 [vile dragon]: yeah

2006-12-01 [apple babble]: i've decided that it's time to put a comment.
i love you, jamie. you're my best friend.

2007-01-29 [dark starlight]: you're mine too! i love everyone, dammit. -sobs in loving way-

2007-02-03 [runic]: I'm still alive justy thort I'd let u know how are ya jamie? havnt talked to ya for ages

2007-02-04 [Mortified Penguin]: *coughdeathnotenumber6cough*

2007-02-04 [dark starlight]: heh. hi you two.

2007-02-04 [runic]: how u been then jamie?

2007-02-04 [dark starlight]: okay, in general. you? i miss you!

2007-02-05 [runic]: aww I miss u too an I'm fuckin great I got a new gf an stuff dead happy now

2007-04-10 [dark starlight]: ahhh. well. christian and i aren't together anymore.

2007-04-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Who's Christian...? ...*eats ramen*...

2007-04-11 [masternlove101]: well i honestly think he doesnt deserve you at all cuz he's a real ass.. of course you already know what i think about this subject tho.. you totally deserve a guy that doesnt play hoops no more (aka guys that dont go around just tryin to score :\)

2007-04-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah... like virgins! ...*eats ramen*...

2007-04-13 [dark starlight]: he never did that. Okay? Never. He was good to me.

2008-05-18 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...yo.

2008-05-19 [dark starlight]: oh dustin. let's get married.

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