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Set in the year 2072 - In a world where technology rules with black magic as its mistress; the unholy combination of genetic experimentation and ancient sorcery has produced monsters, angels, demons, and demi-gods alike all through the twisted brilliance of the "Good Doctor" and his people. The local government has done its best to mitigate the damages done, to reign in these former humans, and at times, utilize them as weapons of war.

They call them the Specials, they were once humans who had been tricked or forcably taken, many at a very young age, and through gentic enhancements have been made anew in the image of mythological beings or given extraordinary abilities or powers that should not exsist in this era of technology. The members of the task force charged with recruiting and controlling these super humans have been nicknamed Handlers. These are regular humans with biotic implants and augmented abilities to allow them to keep up with their unique charges and maintain control of the Compound.

This RP will be centered at The Compound just south-east of Sin City and will feature random missions with player controlled outcomes done in stages. The first stage began in the abandoned Laboratory #218, which is currently being wrapped up.

Playable characters currently are the Specials, and they can enter the game in three ways: having already been recruited by the government and living at the Compound, in stasis in one of the abandoned laboratories, or currently wandering the streets of Las Vegas where they will be picked up by the task force. It may have been years or simply days since the doctor released them into the world.

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2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: I think It'll wait for a bit on playing a handler. I'd like to play my character to kinda get an idea before hand

2013-12-03 [The Black Goat]: hmm then so far it'll be just two handlers (both played by me)

Added the Schemes page, it'll be for plotting and such

2013-12-03 [Mortified Penguin]: If I get some free time in the near future, I'll see about joining.

2013-12-03 [The Black Goat]: alright, thanks for checking it out ;)

2013-12-03 [ancienteye]: I'm here. :P

2013-12-03 [The Black Goat]: and are your characters up?

2013-12-03 [ancienteye]: Harkin Mayes.

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: If you really need a handler, I'll play one. I didn't realize you needed one :)

2013-12-03 [The Black Goat]: well my other GM kind of backed out =P

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: Ok, I'll get one made tomorrow :D

2013-12-03 [The Black Goat]: huzzah! Just remember level headed ;)

2013-12-06 [The Black Goat]: Las Vegas (sin city =D ) will be a playable area, of course that means it has to get built first. Anyone interested in helping set up pages for said task?

2013-12-06 [Kbird]: TT~TT I would but I don't know how to make awsome maps and blue prints.

2013-12-06 [The Black Goat]: once the schemes page gets set up that will be our main chat, plotting, and throwing around ideas. I want to hear from you guys what you want, if you don't like something or if you think something could be better

2013-12-06 [Kbird]: Sounds like this will be fun.

2013-12-06 [The Black Goat]: K- it would mostly be helping build the pages, I'd do most of the maps and such (plus Sheamus because he was very helpful with the maps he did)

2013-12-06 [ancienteye]: Ok. :P

2013-12-07 [Sheamus Finn]: <blushes> aww,

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: i'm thinking of doing some vistable districts in sin city, maybe some based of current areas but definately some new ones too

2013-12-07 [Sheamus Finn]: Casinos and such...Google maps is probably the best place to start and even Las Vegas tourism board?

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: yeah, the strip, but I'd rather focus on where people the actually live rather than just the tourist spots

2013-12-07 [Kbird]: I heard the living there isn't very good...I imagine its hard to find pictures of it.

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: ah but its 2072 ;)

2013-12-07 [ancienteye]: Futuristic scenes, then? Fancy and flashy, or dystopic wasteland?

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: fancy and flashy, we haven't hit dystopic yet lol

2013-12-07 [ancienteye]: ...I already have these two on file...


Do you want more main city, or slums?

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: No,no, I will find a pic if I feel like it needs one. I'm more thinking of ideas for districts. Like in the DR story I mention the Bass District, a popular night life/club scene with plenty of fancy apartments for the young adult with too much money.

Then we can do a northern section called the garden district, a gated community where the wealthiest los vegas residents live.

Of course there will be a slum area as well. I think I'm going to get a real map of vegas and just do lay overs, dividing it up.

2013-12-07 [Lirerial]: Oooohhh I love those pictures lol

2013-12-07 [Lirerial]: Ack I love them! Lol

2013-12-07 [Sheamus Finn]: Found a site with Las Vegas info

2013-12-07 [Sheamus Finn]: nice

2013-12-07 [ancienteye]: Ok. :P

2013-12-07 [Sheamus Finn]: So, your thoughts are/is more like Fifth Element type New York only for Las Vegas.

2013-12-07 [The Black Goat]: yes but not so crazy, no hover cars, and crazy outfits

2013-12-10 [Lord Josmar]: Sign me up. Just gotta look over stuff a bit more and I should be able to get a character to whoever is meant to receive it.

2013-12-10 [The Black Goat]: That would be moi, but you found me already =)

2013-12-10 [The Black Goat]: We'll be starting before too long (I'm aiming for before Christmas), but if you feel like you can balance multiple RP's without a problem (meaning you have the time and enough devotion to keep up with both) I highly recommend X-Men RP. I play over there as well and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being influenced by it just a little when I was working out the rules and details for DR.

2013-12-10 [Elwyne]: Hello! (waves)

2013-12-10 [The Black Goat]: welcome =D

2013-12-10 [Elwyne]: (curtsies) thank you very much! Please don't mind me for being a bit silly.

2013-12-10 [Lirerial]: Yay!! Can't wait for us to start!!!!

2013-12-10 [Elwyne]: still deciding on a character. Maybe you can help. Would you prefer crazy or sweet?

2013-12-10 [The Black Goat]: what about a good character who's nuts? or just plain silly? Lace is unpredictable only because she has poor impulse control and no concern for other people safety or mental well being lol

2013-12-10 [ancienteye]: What kind of mythology do you want to base your character on? :o

2013-12-10 [The Black Goat]: whenever I'm in need of inspiration I just go to wikipedia and type in a type of monster or mythology I like, then click on links to others I don't know about

it's crazy where it leads you

2013-12-10 [Elwyne]: um... the crazy one pretends to be crazy because it makes people underestimate her. They don't expect her to really understand what's going on, so she hides behind random and seemingly senseless actions. Like pulling a live fish out of her boot. Or making hot pink colored lemonade. I haven't decided what mythology to base my character on yet. I know a bit about Japanese mythology because I watch anime a lot though. I like Greek and Roman because I read the Percy Jackson and following series. I know a bit about the fair folk type creatures too, but not much.

2013-12-10 [ancienteye]: I've saved these two in my ideas file, but you can use them if they inspire you. :P

2013-12-10 [Lirerial]: Try some Slavic or norse monsters. They have some interesting stuff.

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: hrmm... I'll try looking some stuff up. Maybe I'll find something that suits me.

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: schemes page is up!

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: well so far I like brownies. They're small and they have either a troublesome side or a helpful side. But not much in the was of powers or anything... still looking.

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: can't go too small, remeber these were once humans

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: I'm thinking child sized, but I'm still looking. Currently looking at Native American legends

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: there's a LOT of good stuff in there

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: just took a quiz on what native american mythological creature I'd be and it labeled me at the white buffalo calf woman. Weird

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: I'd love to get a doe woman or a wendigo in the mix

2013-12-11 [Lirerial]: If you think about it Silera is kinda similar to a Wendigo. She'll eat a person if she gets the chance lol

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: bad Silera! Don't eat that guard!!!

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: i thought of Sil as more of a vampire than a wendigo honestly

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: A doe woman in there with your wolf girl? I see a very bad....very bloody scene in my head

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: good thing their is at least one handler to keep that wolf in check!

2013-12-11 [Lirerial]: Hehe she's a weird snake/bird thingy

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: well let me look at them and I'll see what comes to mind... sorry I was distracted for a bit by my sister's kid's bedtime. I help out.

2013-12-11 [Lord Josmar]: Norse mythology is pretty cool. Or old Germanic. Then you get stuff like Krampus.

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: eep I love all of you so much right now ^^

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: found wendigo, but didn't find anything yet on a doe woman.

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: they lure men away =)

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: Like a wisp?

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]:
this place is neat so far. Anyone else want to take their quiz? My sister ended up as an... loco... something elephant. One of the four elephants in Indian mythology that stand on the back of a giant turtle and hold up the world on their backs.

2013-12-11 [Sheamus Finn]: I got the Minotaur.

2013-12-11 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: so did i

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: *blink blink* I'm the White Buffalo Calf Woman...

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: I'm a fairy. e.e

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: shadow of darkness and me are apparently alike

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: you may call me SoD, if it's easier to type. That's how most refer to me

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: It's wrong =P

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: It lies.

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: they really need to do more... widely ranged quizes. Instead of using a handful of answers they need to have a lot more possibilities. That annoys me. 

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: right. because there is no way in this hell or any other I'm a bloody fucking elf.

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: i'm gonna try it again

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: what would you think if I made a kelpie?

2013-12-11 [shadow of darkness]: there was one question that had multiple answers for me. I change it to "I have a beard!" and I turn from the White Buffalo Calf Woman into a Tripoderoo

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: Yes. Sticky, shape-shifting water creature. :P

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: horselike instead of being a snake or a bird

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: They shift between all of those. XP

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: really? I read a few of the legends and they only mentioned the horse and the human shapes so far. Well, I'm going to look through some more legends and put my own variation on them together, if Nox thinks Kelpie is a good idea for a base.

2013-12-11 [Lirerial]: I'm a centaur XD

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: the wild kind or the smart kind? 

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: DARN it was kelpie TT~TT

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: ?

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: I thought it was Pooka...

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: aren't pooka ghost horses? I haven't run into them yet. Kelpie are water horses

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: Pookas and Kelpies are related.

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: ah... although apparently kelpies are also a breed of dog. (ran into that while looking up kelpie stories)

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: yeah but ones sticky the other isn't..

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: Actually, the biggest difference is that one is malicious and man-eating while the other is pretty neutral and just mischievious at worst.

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: well, so far I've run into a lot of man-eating stories but there are some that say they just dunk people and let them escape thoroughly soaked, and one that said a kelpie actually helped a man to carry his things. Just one helpful though.

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: I wanted the mischievous one that accidently kills

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: same here. I'd prefer a prankster or someone who's nice unless you anger them THEN they get dangerous. I'm thinking I'd prefer to go along with that in my character anyway. 

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: first character is somewhat antisocial so I wanted something to combat that..
I might think of something else later..

2013-12-11 [ancienteye]: There are plenty of mischievious creatures in all mythologies. :/

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: yup, I've noticed that. Anyway I sent Nox my profile idea so far. I'm waiting to see what she says about it and whether she'll have me change it, or toss it, or keep it.

2013-12-11 [Sheamus Finn]: I picked the Fox Demon from Japan and thought he'd make a nice infiltrator/thief.

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: good luck. ^-^

She gives good advise on editing.

2013-12-11 [Elwyne]: thanks

2013-12-11 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: I choose a dragon/basilisk as mine

2013-12-11 [Kbird]: Mines not based on a creature, she's based on a person/deity.

2013-12-11 [Dezmond]: now this is something i can sink my teeth into, sci-fi and sorcery, the force is strong with this one >.>

2013-12-11 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: nice star wars reference at the end

2013-12-11 [Dezmond]: i know right xD but seriously, paint me interested, i'll probably have a character done in the next few hours for review, but if possible I would like to have a quick pm chat with you nox before i get too carried away with things.

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: Feel free, just be sure to read the rules and then look over some of the other characters to see what kind of applications are being excepted =)

2013-12-11 [The Black Goat]: Also, a quick GM comment: Will all new players please post a comment on the guidelines page to signify that they have read, understood, and agreed to the RP rules. Thank you!

2013-12-16 [CuteCommander]: So, any estimation of when we'll start posting? Eager beaver here :D

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: I just need to finish the page descriptions on lab218 and then those who are in stasis and the recruits who want to go can start. Rogues and the rest of the recruits will have to wait until the compound is finished

2013-12-16 [CuteCommander]: H'okay - guess that'll still be a couple of weeks then?

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: Should be before the holidays, its depends how much I can get done while on the mission today and the way back on wednesday

then, while the first group is playing out lab 218 I'm going to hopfully knock out the compound during the holidays

2013-12-16 [CuteCommander]: Cool :) Well, I'm happy to be put on hold until you're ready for Fulther to join the fray

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: thank you for being so understanding ^^ the loss of my laptop, may it rest in piece, has been very detrimental to the progress of the RP

2013-12-16 [Elwyne]: ah, it's understandable. Things happen that we can't really do anything about. Just so long as you're doing the best you can. We'll be patient and support you.

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: You're so sweet =)

2013-12-17 [Nuktae-tal]: Made character!

2013-12-17 [Elwyne]: I try to be, but I know how it is too. I've been there, when things just aren't working out the way I wanted. So I can understand. 

2013-12-20 [The Black Goat]: Only 8 more page descriptions to go and then y'all can start posting at the lab (I'll send you a message as to where if you're in this level) and I can get started working on the compound. I might skip the maps for now there because its such a big project, and again if you are interested in helping just let me know =)

2013-12-20 [Koho Ai]: Okay good to know

2013-12-21 [Dezmond]: you know, i wouldn't mind helping out with the layout and stuff if thats what's holding things up. Maps are fun and all, and give a visual perspective to the area, but not a necessity in my mind. Although it does level the playing field by giving all the characters the same thing to look at. But anyway, that was just a random thought xD I'll be happy to help you guys out!

2013-12-22 [The Black Goat]: FANTASTIC NEWS!

We are ready to begin

I just finished the final description, (Redacted) Next I will let everyone know where they are starting off.

2013-12-22 [ancienteye]: Awesome! :D

2013-12-22 [Kbird]: Yay!!

2013-12-22 [The Black Goat]: I'm to bed. Don't do anything crazy while I'm gone and make sure you wait for everybody to post before posting again.

2013-12-22 [Elwyne]: yay! I'm excited!

2013-12-23 [Nuktae-tal]: Woohoo!

2013-12-25 [Ravendust]: I'm still working on my character xD... I've literally had notepad open for days with her half completed... just been sooooo busy...

2013-12-25 [The Black Goat]: No worries RD, its the holidays beside, so I don't expect much posting

On the poss I got started on the compound today =)

2013-12-25 [Elwyne]: I would be posting. Wishing right now I could disappear into another world where the rude people who think I'm their slave could not find me.

2013-12-26 [The Black Goat]: hey guy if youre waiting on a gm post just guve a shout sometimes I have a hard time keeping track

2013-12-26 [Lirerial]: Lab 218 needs one and so does the front desk lobby

2013-12-26 [Elwyne]: is front desk lobby even open. I looked and it didn't have description up or anything. I could be looking at the wrong spot though. I've only seen any posting on lab 218 so far.

2013-12-27 [The Black Goat]: oh at the compound? it isn't yet, It is still in the process of being built.

trust me, I'll let y'all know when it's ready

2013-12-27 [Elwyne]: okay (relief) thought I was missing something important for a minute there.

2013-12-27 [The Black Goat]: nope, I want all in ASAP we've just had a couple minor set backs is all

2013-12-27 [Elwyne]: okay, just let me know if there's anything I can help with. I did run my own rp's for a bit even if they died early.

2013-12-27 [The Black Goat]: I will keep it in mind thanks =) until I make up a map to go off of though it'd be hard to include someone else on the project

2013-12-27 [Elwyne]: okay, just trying to be helpful

2013-12-27 [Nuktae-tal]: Good luck

2013-12-28 [The Black Goat]: bad news, broken arm =( and now that theyve put the cast on it hurts

2013-12-28 [The Black Goat]: I will try and post tomorrow

2013-12-28 [ancienteye]: I hope your arm gets better soon.

2013-12-28 [The Black Goat]: me too

2013-12-28 [Lirerial]: Oh jeez broken anything suuuuuucks.... sending healing thought your way!!!!

2013-12-28 [Elwyne]: ouch, that's serious bad. I've never had a broken bone, but that sounds like a pain in the butt.

2013-12-28 [Dezmond]: ouch i've broken both of my arms in the past >.> SUUUUUCKS

2013-12-28 [Sheamus Finn]: I chipped my left wrist years ago, hurt like hell. Speedy recovery.

2013-12-28 [Nuktae-tal]: Good luck adjusting!

2013-12-28 [Elwyne]: hope it stops hurting and then get's better soon. And I hope you have someone to help you out with things you can't do with only one arm.

2013-12-29 [Dezmond]: Like pants buttons! It was aweful.... Fun times though. Nothin like walkin up to some random dude with your fly open in school and askin him to fix it for us xD

2013-12-29 [Sheamus Finn]: they did a skit like that on Jackass once, Knoxville had casts on both arms and was asking for help...

2013-12-29 [Elwyne]: I had to wash my sister's hair for her when she broke her wrist.

2013-12-29 [The Black Goat]: I cant even put up my hair , it may not sound like a big deal but its required in the military

2013-12-29 [~Valkyrie~]: I kind of want to play, but I have no idea what kind of character I want to play.
Also, my husband is sending you a message about your plight with your arm. If your chain of command aren't a bunch of asses you should be ok. Hope it gets better quickly.

2013-12-29 [Elwyne]: you can look through different mythological creatures until you find one that suits your fancy [~Valkyrie~]. That's what it was suggested to me to do, and it seemed to work. I decided to play a kelpie based character.

2013-12-29 [The Black Goat]: I got it :)

2013-12-29 [~Valkyrie~]: I thought of something. Or rather my husband suggested something, lol.

2013-12-29 [Elwyne]: oh cool!

2014-01-01 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Happy New Years everone!!!!!!!!!!

2014-01-01 [Elwyne]: whoo hoo!

2014-01-01 [Asdroth]: happy new year!

2014-01-01 [Kbird]: happy new year! hope everyone had a good 2013 ^-^

2014-01-02 [Elwyne]: not really but thank you anyway. Let's hope this year is better than the last one.

2014-01-02 [Kbird]: fingers crossed.

2014-01-02 [Sheamus Finn]: Amen to that

2014-01-06 [The Black Goat]: Alright boys and girls. To make it easier on myself and to try and get caught up with the complex I'm going to temporarily call a Pause X on posting in the lab until my elbow has healed. It's too hard to keep up with GM posts with my decreased typing ability and everything else going on right now. I will let you know when we will be ready to begin again.

2014-01-06 [Sheamus Finn]: cool

2014-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: Aww :( Ok. Feel better, dear.

2014-01-06 [Elwyne]: Understood, and I also hope you feel better. That kind of pain can't be fun to deal with.

2014-01-06 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: understood

2014-01-07 [shadow of darkness]: I think I can speak for everyone when I wish you a speedy recovery.

2014-01-07 [Elwyne]: (nods agreement)

2014-01-07 [Asdroth]: agree! GET BETTER SOON!!!!

2014-01-09 [shadow_walker]: so what are the kinds of characters that are open to play as?

2014-01-09 [~Valkyrie~]: As far as I can tell, if you can come up with it you can build it. My character is based on a vampire, Shadow of Darkness's character a gorgon, and Asdroth's is based on an Eldrich horror from a Lovecraftian inspired tabletop game called Cthulhu Tech. Take a look at the characters page to get an idea of what's already here.

2014-01-09 [The Black Goat]: I'd like to point out that creatures based off the work of other writers/games/movies are discouraged

2014-01-09 [Flisky]: I kind of based mine off of lore...fallen angels and all that.

2014-01-09 [Elwyne]: mine was based on Kelpie, from Celtic Mythology I think.

2014-01-09 [~Valkyrie~]: The big blurb at the top makes it sound like most of the creatures are based off lore and mythology.

2014-01-09 [shadow_walker]: ok cool deal I will take a look through and see if anything jumps out at me though I have a pretty good idea, I think....

2014-01-09 [Lord Josmar]: My character was based off a piece of chewing gum I stepped on...

2014-01-09 [Asdroth]: I based mine off an old Shadow run character I loved playing.

2014-02-03 [The Black Goat]: Good news my devoted followers!

The cast is off. Typing is still a tad uncomfortable due to the bone still being fractured but is at least manageable.

I'm going to start catching up on my GM posts, after which I will allow players to start posting again, and resume the building of the Compound.

Any questions/concerns/cookies?

2014-02-03 [Kbird]: ^-^ Yay! cookie for getting better! *hold up giant cookie*

2014-02-03 [Sheamus Finn]: 0_o Congrats. *passes Nox a BROWNIE*

2014-02-03 [~Valkyrie~]: I hope your recovery continues :)

2014-02-03 [Lirerial]: Yay!!!!

2014-02-04 [Elwyne]: sorry, I don't have any cookies unfortunately, but congrats!

2014-02-20 [Vhnori Valmos]: *Appears out of nowhere* YAY!....>_>

2014-02-20 [The Black Goat]: =) welcome

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