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         Darth Mauler

Darth Mauler is a Zabark of dark skin color with thin red tatoos all over his body, much like Darth Maul. In fact some speculate that he may be related to Darth Maul. He is is a little over 6 ft tall or a little over 1.8288 meters tall, and weighs 224 pounds or 101.604691 kilograms. He has horns on his head that are around 3inch or 8.655 cm long and they arche up. He has glowing firey red eyes, that can be seen visibly even in the darkness of his cloak. He is usually in an all black robe, with black leather boots, and a black cloak in which there are holes for his horns. His lightsaber is a dual red one which is rumored to be Darth Maul's. He is very swift and unmerciful in battle. In his past he was subject to many horrendous acts, including seeing his mother and father put into slavery along with his two siblings. He somehow managed to escape their fate, and later returned, yet was unable to free them, and decided that it was a much more merciful course to put his family out of their misery and save them from further torture and abuse. So he got a sniper and shot them all, he walked away afterwards he does not know if any lived. The reason for doing this was because the slave drivers outnumbered him 156 to 1. He was later picked up by Darth Millennial and taken as his apprentice. After many years of training, he was sent on a mission by his master to destroy a group of wookies that were hunting him for destroying many wookie cities. His ship was shot down by the wookies before it landed, and he was believed to have died in the crash. In fact he lived and ran before the wookies could catch him. He hid out on the wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, slaying and and eating numorous wookies for survival. His knowledge of the "dark" side of the force grew as he trained in isolation, he learned many powers that his master had never shown him. In fact, that's how he got off the wookie homeworld, he used one of his prominent new powers to search the force for someone with an extremely high midi-chlorian count of a great distance away, and he was able to communicate with him. The person he communicated with eventually came to pick him up, and when he did, he met his doom at the hands of Mauler. After this, he went back to his homeworld, Iridonia, where he did business in the underworld. He never met again with his master, because his master was slain by his new apprentice. Mauler now travels the galaxy as a mercenary for hire. It is belived he is related to Darth Maul because he does not know if any of his family lived after he shot them. Darth Maul was also a orphan when he was found by Darth Sidious. They also think the reason for him being named Darth Mauler is that his master saw the future and saw Darth Maul and choose that name because they were related.
I need someone to draw him. If you will message me.
Do not copy or I'll will report you to the gurads. Unless you have my permission.

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2006-06-17 [Nezeb]: I can try to draw it.

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