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Set within the Star Wars Universe around the time of Vader, meet Darth Superious, Sith Lord of high standing, asked by the Emperor to suppress parts of the rebellion. A lot of this has yet to be ironed out. He asks the troopers who would volunteer should step forward. Well, they all step back, accept for one of them, who by his own ability, is not much liked by his fellows because he stands out a little too well. More on that.

Enter the unfortunate but apathetic tech named Elias, who happened to be at his ship at the wrong time and got recruited to cart this rather strange and flaky Sith and his trooper around to conduct his various endeavors. Elias has more social skills with robots than people, working for money as it suits him. Elias just kind of plods along, rolling his eyes at the Don Quixote-ish Darth Superious (nicknamed behind his back Superfluous). He just wants to get paid, or at the very least, to stay alive.

RIght now there is no set story line, so the comics presented are in a random order, at least at first until I get used to it. Please enjoy and comment! Click for full view. 

1. Storm Trooper Poker Tell

2. Girl Robot

3. Unfortunate Apprentice

4. Forcing the Force (in black and white for now, coloring will be later. this file might change again soon.) - Click to enlarge.

5. Bad Mouse (pencils and some ink, will remain this way, its a quickie lol)
Should be big enough to view but you can click to enlarge.

6. Sith Ninja (pencils and copics, with text done in elements)
this cracks me up every time.

Character sketches and dialogue ideas below. Click images for full view.

Elias the Tech

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2011-04-14 [Kyrinn]: Yar I know. My husband and friend who started me on these have been eager for more lol! Oh really now? Cool I can wait. :D

2011-04-15 [Yuriona]: :D Not much progress on it today since I had to go to a doc appt but I have the rough sketch just about done. Would you believe there's 4 characters (one is Mouse of course lol), a background and dialogue?!? like omg!

Are you drooling yet?? ;)

2011-04-15 [Yuriona]: Ooohh its starting to look good! Now I ask you, why is it I have little trouble drawing other people's characters but struggle to get mine on paper? I swear Lyxia just did not want me to draw her at all!!!

2011-04-16 [Yuriona]: <img175*0:stuff/star%20wars%20008edit.jpg> Sorry about the wiki change notice. I forgot about the upload in the comments feature. ^^'

Not quite done yet but nearly there. Dunno about doing shading or colouring but we'll see if the muses stay interested long enough for that. xD

2011-04-16 [Kyrinn]: Heh, my characters do that to me a lot. Right now I seem to only be able to draw Shyl and Mai! In another few weeks it will probably be someone else, lol!! 

That is awesome!! I wondered what changed, lol! I love it Yuri, cant want to see the full scan!

2011-04-16 [Yuriona]: LOL! Yeah, Rei is starting to feel neglected but this one demanded to be done first. Hopefully a change up will coerce my muses into letting me do more. :)

Thanks. We're already watching A New Hope this morning, good background for finishing it up... I hope. LOL!

2011-04-16 [Kyrinn]: WOOHOO!! He shouldnet worry, we still love him enough to draw him. *giggles* I hope so too, hon. :D 

heh, we gamed last night and had return of the jedi on for background. XD Ive not showed the picture to [Yr Wogg] yet but I should. he will love it!

2011-04-16 [Yuriona]: Yar... so many mental images of him to wrangle onto paper. *drools* I'm amazed at the whole composition of this piece to be honest. I had issues with Lyxia being too small initially and her pose was brutal but now I'm like... wow, maybe I am a decent artist after all. LOL!

You'd better show him!! *shakes fist* That darn Sith of his pretty much insisted I include him. No Otto though. I couldn't figure out how to fit him in and honestly, I didn't really want to fit him in anyways. xD We've had an original trilogy marathon today and now we're on Return of the Jedi. Perfect background for drawing.

2011-04-16 [Kyrinn]: Oh man I know it hon. *drools with you* LOL I love the set up, its perfect. LOL! You are a decent artist ya nut! :D

You should have seen the grin on his face! XD ANd thats alright, Otto would probably be elsewher since he was also a sniper and such. Ah sweet! I really want to sit and watch them all again, and my bud Ashley left me her box set of them! 

2011-04-16 [Yuriona]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/15695/GoodLuckSith.png> Hee hee hee... I cheated and used PS for the text bubbles. I'm not sure I want to do much more to this. I might wreck it. xD

LOL! Hey, I am getting better about realizing such things. It must be good when I surprise myself at how good something looks. ;)

YAY!! I like it when my art makes people smile. :D

2011-04-16 [Kyrinn]: Sweet! And PS is good for that if you arent up to doing text bubbles on the original. I know I freak out when it comes to the text bubbles cuz I dont want to screw the picture up with them! 

Very, very awesome, Yuri I love it! Im smiling lots, this is so cool!!

2011-04-16 [Yuriona]: Yup it is though if I really wanted to get all fancy, I'd have imported it into Illustrator. The text editing tools in that is awesome.

Yay! XD Hmm... Maybe I should send it along with the other stuff I'm supposed to mail to ya so you can colour it. Maaaybe... ^^

2011-04-16 [Kyrinn]: Ooo fancy! Ive heard good things about Illustrator but never got a properly working version of it to play with. :C

Ohh!! oh oh oh oh!!! *hops around on her head* Please? PLEEEEASE?? :D

2011-04-17 [Yuriona]: Well I did already scan the original and I probably won't do anything with it. Now just to get the dern stuff in the mail already. Luckily the meds are good until 07/11.

2011-04-17 [Kyrinn]: WOOT! Awesome then. Just let me know, Im eagerly awaiting. X3

2011-04-18 [Yuriona]: I will. Got a pile of work to get caught up on next week but not as big a pile as usual. I'm just glad the kids are back to school again even if it is a short week. :D

2011-04-20 [Kyrinn]: Yay! :D Ive been doing a ton of stuff this week and Im pooped already. We got the home office half moved at least, got the computer, printer and modem moved successfully.. Im so tired right now, I gotta get to bed..

2011-04-20 [Yuriona]: yeah... so much for kids being back to school. My youngest has been home all week with the same bug. Now she's invaded my office on her sister's laptop! LOL

2011-08-14 [Kyrinn]: Please visit:

Again, its my profile on Smack-jeeves. I am planning on putting some money into the smack-jeeves account for added goodies they offer (and may use it for Darth Superfluous once it gets going a bit). An account is not required to watch or comment though. :)

Let me know if you have issues viewing.

2011-08-14 [Yuriona]: I have it bookmarked but being on vacation I haven't done much internet surfing.

2011-08-15 [Kyrinn]: Cool, kinda figured you'd be sporadic since your on vacation. :)

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