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User Name: [Asdroth]

Character name: David Ze'ev

Mutant Name: Ghost Wolf

Classification: Student... for now.

Abilities/powers: David has a strong mutation. He resembles a wolf with sharp facial features, amber eyes, and even long fang-like canines. His muscle fibers are thicker and more abundant than that of a normal human making him very strong for his age. He can smell and hear like a wolf, and has picked up on the social ques of one as well. He reacts often in a feral way, and this has lead to discipline problems (mostly fighting). He has not noticed what may be his deadliest portion of his own mutation. He is aging physically at a rate of 1.5 times that of a normal human male. Now as a sixteen year old boy he has the body of a twenty four year old man. Even if has face does not show it.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 16 years old/ Oct 31st

General appearance: David is a tall (six foot six inches) and muscular (puts the barrel in barrel chested) young man at the age of sixteen. His amber eyes and tan skin show a lad who loves being out doors. His platinum white hair is grown down to his shoulders and very neat often left to fall, but brushed and never knotted. He has no facial hair only due to shaving three times a day every day.

Additional Appearance: Though hard to find, David's body is scarred by knife cuts, and burns. He has a tattoo on his right bicep of a Star of David, a wolf head filling the center and words written in Hebrew circle the star.(ask if you can read Hebrew, or just ask David in character.)

Personality: To anyone he does not consider a close friend David is quiet, and only speaks when spoken to. He is respectful to anyone he speaks to, but when he feels he is being insulted or threatened he reacts like a angry wolf. He has little power to control his feral side, and is beyond socially awkward. He holds his cards close to his chest with the exception of a few choice topics, generally those regarding the military, those regarding the Jewish faith, and his extreme hate for those who pick on the weak.
Special Skills: Only the skills his father beat into him when he was home, and he tries very hard to not use them. He has been taught how to defend himself well knowing army level four combatives. He speaks English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Place of birth: Fort Carson, Colorado.
Weapon(s) of choice: Thought David has learned to use almost every weapon of a modern day style and a few blades he loves Bows, and knives. His one hundred pound compound bow, and kukri hunting knife show that well. He has brought no other weapons with him, and is happy to never pull a trigger again. If forces to carry a gun, or the situation calls for it he will only use his suppressed H&K G36, or his suppressed .45 SOCOM.
Medical information: well he is aging at 1.5 times the rate of a normal man(dead by 54), but otherwise no.
Brief History: David was born a healthy baby boy. However he was far from normal. He was born with amber eyes, and sharp wolf like features. He had a full set of teeth by two months with fangs in place of the normal canine teeth. He was walking by eight months without being taught. His father was a special forces operator for the United States after immigrating from Israel. Staff Sargent Ze'ev took little time to start training this boy, and turning him into a weapon for a privet agenda. From the time he could walk and hold a weapon his father started training him to be a “real man”, and showed his son tough love. His sister born two years after him did not receive the same treatment of broken bones, and cuts if he did not learn fast enough.

This bread almost the relationship of a master and his pet. David's favorite thing to do with his father was hunting, and his favorite thing to hunt was wolf, and bear, using his bow, a knife, and fangs. At the age of sixteen the worst happened. His mother died in a tragic accident. David did not cry, not in front of his father or alone in his room. The next day he was on his way to be enrolled at a privet school his mothers dying request. David never got along well in school, and is beyond nervous about all of this.
Relatives: Father- still at Fort Carson. Sister- still at Fort Carson(calls, or writes daily). Mother- Fort Carson Cemetery.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New Arrival.

Currently wearing: A pair of blue jeans and black riggers belt holding his favoret knife, with black polished combat boots, a black T, and a Flic(combat harnis. With seven rifle Mags, and a few other pouches.

People I Know 1(pack mate) -10(prey)

Flame- 4(liked): she has been nice and very pretty... In a scaly way... Still want to know what she tastes like...

X-Men Characters

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2013-03-08 [Figgy]: At the risk of being totally inappropriate, here, I wanna pose some questions which would be fun to consider, if you haven't already.

Do David's 'wolf instincts' apply themselves in his sex drive, too?
Does he get frequent and really random boners?
Does he try to hump girls who are on their period?
Does he lift his leg to pee and/or does he pee on fire hydrants and car tires and trees?
Does he tend to sniff people's butts?

Yeah, sorry >_>

2013-03-08 [~Valkyrie~]: *laughs* He says yes to all but peeing on fire hydrants, etc., and to humping girls on their period. Though he says David will flirt with girls more when it's that time of the month.

2013-03-08 [Figgy]: Haha XD But all would be so funny!

2013-03-08 [~Valkyrie~]: lol :)

2013-03-08 [Asdroth]: He can fight urges. lol. I am going to still write up his past. clean it up, add to that kinda thing.

2013-03-09 [The Black Goat]: Sasaiya and him should get aLong pretty well lol

2013-03-09 [Asdroth]: I hope so Nox, maybe I will find you sooner rather than later. :P Also I did not see the sniffing people's buts thing at first... umm negative.

2013-03-10 [The Black Goat]: They could totally bond over trying not to chase after the rabbit that just ran past

2013-03-10 [Asdroth]: lol... well he is going to need a shoulder to cry on. his mother just passed away and he was sent to this school the next day and is going to miss the funereal.

2013-03-10 [Asdroth]: how much drink could a big B drink if a big B could drink more drink... I am out of boose... i want to cry... or drink more... or both...

2014-09-09 [~Valkyrie~]: What did you change?

2014-09-09 [Asdroth]: Age. Lol

2014-09-09 [~Valkyrie~]: lol

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