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I trust everyone to respect that these poems are copyright to me. Please do not use them in any way without asking me.

To a friend

It started not so long ago ,
this foolish, looming fear
it lurks in every laughing face
and ambushes, from a friend's embrace

The present slips from within my grasp
the harder the struggle, the quicker its
Each moment lasts forever, I say
so why must memories fade away?

The dark, when it comes,
shivers inside,
and performs its work in spite
But for these fearful feelings,
to within me reside
I must have known beautiful light...

This incandescent thought alone
keeps me from too much pain,
and all the friendly seeds we've sewn
ensure we meet again...


The Sorrow of Darkness

I gaze out at the world,
So still in the dark.
No sound to be heard,
From the cuckoo or lark.

The shafts of moonlight
Pieirce an ocean of sky
So absent of life
Seems the world where I lie.

The earth heaves a sigh,
Of sorrow and pain.
Those who watch her die,
Have closed their eyes again.

The earth and I do weep tonight,
For all who feel alone.
"The sorrow of darkness fills everyone,"
cries the wind's lamenting moan.

But there in the midst of the gloom,
In this land of greyscale and sleep,
Is a light that shines from a room,
And my soul can no longer weep.

For it shines tonight,
For all those unsure,
And man and the earth,
Need not be at war...


Push Them All Back..
(was once the daily poem!)

I don't know where to go
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
To make these promblems go away

Block it all out
Push it all back
White is white
And black is black

And if they knew the things i know
If we all knew the way to go
If we for once could open our minds
Heaven knows what we might find

But we block it all out
Push it all back
White is white
And black is black

Pointless battles continue the circle
Read between the lines, There's a lot that we can learn
Imperfection is now perfection
And all the while we're told, that it's none of our concern

They say "block it all out
Push it all back
White is white
And Black is Black"

You may choose to ignore it
You may realise the truth
You may see the only way out
But you may not have the 'proof'

It may sem all hope is lost, when you know deep down it's not
No matter what the cost, we'll sabatage their plot
We use our secret weapon, to help us rise above
Then maybe we'll be free someday, if we all learn to love

We'll block them all out
Push them all back
Black is white
And white is black


A Dream

Little emerald bird
Straight from the sapphire skies
Came to visit me
With a sadness in her eyes
her burden was a heavy one
A hundred eggs or more
I saved them all but one
Which cracked upon the floor


The Lonely Unicorn..

There she stands-
In the pale moonlight.
The gentle summer breeze dances through her mane.
There's a sadness in her eyes-
The world has long forgotten, what she still remembers.

There she stands-
Under a blanket of stars,
Beside the calm still water.
All is silent.
She lowers her and gazes at her reflection.
She cries, her lonely tear hits the water and breaks the silence.

There she stands-
Waiting - ever faithful to this judgemental world.
She longs for something,
A priceless gift.
Her only friends are the moon and stars,
For her heart is as pure as the clear night sky.


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2005-04-04 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: wow your poems are really good

2005-04-04 [DawnUnicorn]: aww, thank you so much!

2005-04-30 [sexay]: Wow I love your poems and i hope you always know you good at writing!

2005-05-03 [DawnUnicorn]: thank you! its such a shame that i havent had much time recently.. but now ive finished college i should get started ^_^

2006-08-29 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey everyone, if you write poetry checkout my wiki *Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

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