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Yay! It's the Dead Poets Safe Haven wiki!!!^_^

Btw, it's getting a bit too big now so I'm making another page to it for more poetry^_^
Dead Poets Safe Haven-poetry

If you wish, please contact [Shadow_seraphim], I will help you out with anything concerning this wiki or just poetry in particular^_^

Yay! We have members!:
[hollow heart]
[absinths of faith]
[street corner poet]

Everything is losing it's feel
It's stopped feeling real.
Those days when you were happy to be you
No longer feel so good and true.


We feel
We love
We hurt
You stab
I throw
You know
But why?
Why can’t I be you and you be me?
When will we all truly see?
Why are things defined?
Why aren’t they?
What makes the fog so thick here
The fear is so sickeningly near
And why?
Do we really need to fight?
Do you really want my blood?
Do I really want your life?
It is this madness that takes our souls
But why?

-When Rained My Tears-

Pick up the dreams you'd left behind.
To you what does my face remind?

A cerulean city beyond compare.
Skies brought hopes of flight you'd dream to dare.

Trace back fine lines of love to me.
But how did your eyes find sight to me?

Twas' nearing the end of the trail you strayed and went wrong.
No clarity sang through deep sky in song.

Thick fog around my grave tonight.
While stars they pray to set you right.

All your life you'd yearned for love.
My love I've given, my heart a dove.

All memories but one faded through these years.
Before my death when rained my tears.

-Tears and Mercy-

Crying till' your head hurts
This is the worst
Wishing one would lift you high
Were you really left to die?
Will someone come but pass you by?
Someone stops and stoop down low
with tender love and mercy to show
This is the hope that I want you to know

I have seen.
I have seen what has been.
I have seen what is to come.
I have seen what others would not see, what others chose not to see.
I watch in silent adoration wondering,
what will be, what can be?
If one would step up to conquer the world,
or lay back to let it pass by.
Would that the world be so benevolent,
alas it sweeps us always onward.
Towards the frightening,
towards the unknown.
Would that the world gave us the right
to our own destiny,
instead of laying out the path of fate.
To give me leave to fight my own daemons.
Instead I have nothing, and nothing is given.
All is given, yet not taken.
All is taken, yet not lost.
All is lost, yet there still is hope.
Hope of a new day, going on to see new things,
hope of a brighter world just beyond the next horizon.
I have seen what is to come.
I have seen what has been.
I have seen.<
[street corner poet]


once upon a time
i once felt bliss
like the softest touch
of a fairies kiss

that was the moment
i decided to die
just to find out
whats on the other side

as i felt deaths grip
encircle me
i felt it, i saw it
it set me free
[O! Valencia!]

Mon Coulars
Some days I’m a dragon, redandgold.
Not content to let the story unfold
without playing my own special part,
but the performance comes from the heart.

Some days I’m the ocean, greenandblue.
Content to just watch all of you
do everything and sit by myself,
like an unopened book upon the shelf.

And so you see the two of me,
individual yet both the same.
How did it ever come to be,
that these two people share my name?<
[street corner poet]

 I sit here and write about writing, a splendid wonderful thing. ALthough it has no top to ba made out of rubber and no bottom to be made out of springs.
 I sit here and write about writing, and wonder why of course. I get many stares, but havent a care. I feel like a different colored horse.
 I sit here and write about writing, I feel like i have no point. Ilack tru and thru for something to do, direction's not all that i'm missing.
 I sit here and write about writing and wonder if this is the end. Cani find something else in my mind by myself? i'll get lost if i don't bring a friend.
 I sit here and write about writing, and still amaze myself. With nonsensical rhymes i pass the time, i twiddle away the whole damn day, just wasting paper and getting more and leaving my ideas there on the floor. And now at the end I would like to say have a wonderful,beautiful, nonsensical day.<
[street corner poet]

The Line, It starts up in my head.
runs down my spine and splits again.
It flows down my arms and into my hands.
It makes them strong like coiled steel bands.
continuing on down thru my bone.
It branches again and finds a new home.
coursing down my legs and into my feet.
It plants me firm like the tall, tall tree.
round and round the circle flows.
beginning the end, endings untold.
[street corner poet]

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2005-01-04 [Shadow_seraphim]: Fourth, I think^_^'

2005-01-07 [Kiria]: wow, I only have one. I think

2005-01-07 [HappyKid]: heh i have none...hehe heyall

2005-01-08 [Shadow_seraphim]: Well, technically I have six, but I don't think anyone has been to those since I stopped using my other name^_^'

2005-01-13 [Satoshi]: I have 1 wiki, but I belong to about 15.

2005-01-14 [Satoshi]: I'm not much of a poet. Maybe I won't join this one, okay?

2005-01-14 [Shadow_seraphim]: ;_; Why not?

2005-01-14 [Shadow_seraphim]: There aren't many obligations, just at the least an apretiation for poetry and the sacrifices poets go through to show this dark world what it is

2005-01-18 [Satoshi]: Okay! Don't cry! Ithink I have that stuff. *looks in bag for an apretiation for poetry and the sacrifices poets go through to show this dark world what it is* Ah, yes. Here it is.

2005-01-19 [Shadow_seraphim]: YAY^_^ *hugs you* ;p

2005-01-26 [Kiria]: Hellos peeps

2005-01-26 [Shadow_seraphim]: HihiZ^_^

2005-01-26 [Satoshi]: Okay, my lame attempt at poetry:  There once was a dragon with strep throte

2005-01-26 [Satoshi]: Who swallowed a big ugly goat.

2005-01-26 [Satoshi]: When he treid to breathe fire,

2005-01-26 [Satoshi]: He melted his tires,

2005-01-26 [Satoshi]: But he toasted the frog in his throte.

2005-01-27 [Shadow_seraphim]: LOL!!! YAY!!! ENCORE!!!

2005-02-01 [Shadow_seraphim]: Do you mind if I put it up? The only poetry up there right now is mine>_< WE NEED MORE POETS!!!!

2005-02-01 [HappyKid]: hey hey i can i can

2005-02-01 [Shadow_seraphim]: YAY!!! REALLY? THANKYOU!!!^_^ *hugs you*

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