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This page is for my characters, even though I create new guys almost every week... I'll only post the ones that I have a certain amount of respect for (yes, that might sound strange, but that's how it feels). So... take a look at them, and read the info.


An artists that's lost all inspiration.... and his name is James
(for all those wondering; yes he has a snotty nose, he's drooling, he took a bite outa his drawing, he's extremely sweaty, he's been chewing his pencil... and he's wet his pants) having no inspiration can really suck...

-his goal in life is to re-discover his inspiration.
-his friends Grumpy Shroompf & Toady are gonna help him find it.



This is Grumpy Shroompf... I invented him when I was smoking 'who knows what', and I suddenly thought about shrooms for some reason, so I drew a mushroom and gave him evil little eyes, hands and a weapon... and so, Grumpy Shroompf came to life.

-At this moment of time he's helping James search for his lost inspiration.
-He's always Grumpy and he likes beating up smaller, un-armed creatures for fun.



This strange, but cute thing, is Toady... he's not very smart ... and...well... he's purple with pink warts.
When he's angry with you, he'll sit on you... but when he likes you it becomes dangerous...then he licks you (and everyone knows toads have sticky toungs).

-He is also a friend of James and Grumpy Shroompf... and out of the blue, he decided to join in with the search for the inspiration of James.
-Most of the time he follows Grumpy, and cleans up after him... remember what I told you about Grumpy; '...he likes beating up smaller, un-armed creatures for fun.' Well, those creatures sure are a tasty snack if your Toady.



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[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: Let me know what you think of them...

[_Ni_]: GREAT!!

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe, thx... wanna enter the competition?

[_Ni_]: i don't know... i'm thinking about it.. but i don't draw very well...

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: go on... give it a try, you can do it, and if you enter you might win... you never know ;)

[_Ni_]: well, i'll try but if i see the drawing is very bad i won't put it here

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol... thx that your gonna try anyway ;) I'm sure It'll be cool

[_Ni_]: i'm not that sure....

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'm still thinking about what stupid thing I can draw for the stupid wiki... I pictured James trying to put out a fire, and at the same time send smoke signals that translate to 'help fire!' kinda thing

[_Ni_]: waw! that would be great!

[_Ni_]: you'r really great with this things...

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: the only problem is it'll be a thinker to try and draw it, but knowing me I'll probably figure it out ;)

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol thx, have you seen the new banners I've made for the adoption agency, there in my house

[_Ni_]: when you end it just tell me!

[_Ni_]: yes i hav! they r great! the contest for the adoption agency is going great! and your banners r great! i like them!

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'll attempt a sketch first, then I'll show that to you, so I can still change things if you want... I'll get started right now

[_Ni_]: oh, but u can do as u want! i will not tell u to chage anything!

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: change of plan now, the fire thing I pictured is too hard to draw... what about the biggest idiots in the world, beavis & butthead with James

[_Ni_]: great!

[-The Digital Stitches-]: LOL I love the first one.

[Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe :) thx... I like james the best as well

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