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2005-12-04 17:35:33
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death seekers keep seaking deathis right next to you its call suicide comit it and die and you will not have to seek anymore im gonna use it watch for me in the obituaries


questions of death
do i seek death?
does death seek me?
which is it i do not know
but til then i walk alone
do i wish to die
i do i do
but why oh why
must it be death i chose
i do not know
but i will always walk alone
til the day i die
i shall live on
does death still seek me?
or do i still seek it

for all the death seekers out there that seek death i have watched a movie today and it made me realize that death is not the answer because everyone was born for a reazon so stay alive and make some thing of it plz stay alive death is not the answer if you need advice talk to [darklightofhim] he can well might beable to conjour up a few things
(pics will be added later)

1.[*SeXy PsYcHo*] seeking death is my favorite thing to do.
2. [Im gone.. ha] die
4.[taking back sunday] this page is my calling

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2005-04-11 [Suicidal Moon]: I have over like 50 scars on my arm from cutting

2005-04-16 [jibberish]: i dont cut. i just scratch... no one notices if i blame my cat

2005-04-19 [darklightofhim]: lol

2005-04-22 [Arinique]: Thas record for one night of cutting is 78 deep ones...don't blame the poor cat! -_-

2005-04-22 [darklightofhim]: lol jee i have mine in letters

2005-04-22 [darklightofhim]: vicky i dont want that number to raise

2005-05-17 [de Morte]: death's always an option....a way out ...i have tryed to kill myself and i have tons of goodbye letters...but whenever i seek it there is always someone stopping me. why is it that?

2005-05-27 [darklightofhim]: i will not be on earth nemore its time for me to die

2005-09-10 [Islanzadi]: but it doesnt end here, death is only the beging

2005-11-03 [Moonshdow13]: i cut 2 and i want 2 die but theres something keeping me here

2005-11-09 [de Morte]: i hate it... every time i don't know why sometimes theres no reason to live yet when you try to end your life it wont end...

2005-11-26 [~RainbowBullets~]: can i join

2006-05-19 [Summoner Wolf]: Is everyone here depressed or what?

2006-05-19 [de Morte]: i've been since 2nd grade...

2006-05-20 [Summoner Wolf]: Wow, that's a long time... (Just look at me, that was a clever response, "wow, that's a a long time", somebody shoot me) I've been depressed since 7th grade. Why are you depressed, if I may ask?

2006-05-20 [de Morte]: family...

2006-05-20 [de Morte]: friends... lost hope and everyone around me dieing or getting hurt... blame hate, love... life

2006-05-20 [de Morte]: wow that sounded a lil emo...

2006-05-21 [Summoner Wolf]: It does, but it's the truth, so whatever. I'm sorry...

2006-08-20 [~RainbowBullets~]: uh wow thats 2 years after i got depressed

2006-09-01 [Summoner Wolf]: What do you mean, Trinity?

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