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<img0*300:stuff/DGS001.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS002.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/DGS003.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS004.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/DGS005.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS006.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/DGS007.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS010.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/DGS012.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS018.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/DGS015.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/DGS016.jpg>

<img0*300:stuff/ExtraDGS1.jpg>   <img0*300:stuff/ExtraDGS2.jpg>

<img0*400:stuff/DGS017.jpg>   <img0*400:stuff/DGS014.jpg>

<img0*400:stuff/DGS009.jpg>   <img0*400:stuff/DGS008.jpg>


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2011-09-29 [Figment]: ok, i (hanhepi) got randy to look at the stuff, and we labeled it.


2011-09-29 [Figment]: also, he says if you want, we can box up some of our smaller parts and send them to you, so you can start your collection over.

2011-09-30 [iippo]: :O :D Seriously? :D That would be so awesome!

Also, yes it is a typewriter ball. Next to it is a quoin that is used in typesetting/letterpress printing.

2011-09-30 [hanhepi]: absolutely! the prices for car parts have just tanked in the last 2 years, and we have a ton of parts that we no longer have cars to put them in. might as well give them to someone who will get some joy out of them!

oh! that's what that square thing is?

2011-09-30 [iippo]: :) You people are awesome. I will eventually get my stuff back from my bishop's loft but more machines is always the better :)
So when I've been going around calling those cylinder head cross sections "engine blocks", that is wrong? (In my defence, a teacher of mine called them engine blocks first, so I just followed the rich English white man.

Yeah. And behind it is a wooden printing plate of some sort. I kind of raided the typography workshop for my exhibition :P

2011-09-30 [hanhepi]: :D

yeah. here, take a look, they have quite good pictures here: of the block (thing you stored your coffee and sugar in), and here: to see another cross section of a head, with all the other parts still in it. the head goes on the block, and i think sometimes you can buy the head and the block together and it's just called "a block". it's possible the teacher was frazzled, or thought you were asking about something else i guess. was he the one who taught the class that had the parts?

the thing we had no clue on... (3rd panel)... any idea what that is?

2011-10-03 [iippo]: Well, I just kind of found the machine parts in the storage area. So when I slapped them in the exhibition and they were critiquing it, they referred to the machine parts as engine blocks. So he just got it wrong too, is all. Art people are not necessarily well-versed in mechanics. Though there was one mature student there who had been an engineer-sailor type before. And he'd seen my studio space with machine drawings and stuff when I wasn't in, and he was very surprised to see that it was a girl's space when he met me for the first time. :P He was like "is this your work?!" We were friends ever since.

All I know is that it's a picture stuck to the wall, not an actual object in the exhibition. So... it could be anything. I tried to look for "lambert" but that just gave a picture of two punks kissing and a lot of photos of some guy.

2011-10-03 [hanhepi]: ah, so it wasn't the mechanics teacher, that makes it understandable then. lol.

i didn't see it was a picture. XD but i found it, it's an early typewriter: circa 1902, if i'm to believe lol. i just searched for "lambert stenography machine" cause it looks sorta like the funky typewriter court stenographers use.

2011-10-03 [iippo]: Yeah no, I studied art :P

There you go. It took me forever to figure out it wasn't physical either :P

2011-10-04 [hanhepi]: XD

that's one high quality photo, if a photo of it it looks like a real object. lol.

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