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Player - [eyes of frost]
Name - Dejiia K’roriaki
Race - Catfolk/Planetarii
Sub-race - Panther/Ignean
Class - Shadowcat
Allegiance - No Allegiance
Appearance - Stands about 5’7”. Very dark skin. Ignean horns and panther ears. Black, long hair and red cats eyes. There is a scar right near her left ear.
Age - 18
Personality - Dejiia is more of a loner and doesn’t make friends, and if any, not very easily. If she says she is a friend, she damn well means it. If she says you need to watch out, you better not take her lightly. She doesn’t have many buttons to push but if you push them just right, you might end up injured. She can fend for herself when the time calls for it and has a soft spot for children. (Actual children not teenagers) She prefers to be in the forests up in the trees or near hot places. She loathes the cold and would rather take an alternative route if she is traveling through a cold place.
History - Dejiia was born on a very hot day to her mother Krior and her father Dej. Her parents had met on accident and started meeting in secret after that. They both decided to leave and live their life on the road. They spent their time living in caves and out in the open in the forests. Dejiia’s father was a Noble Ignean Planetarii and her mother a Secret Catfolk Warrior. As she grew, they taught her to fight, to take and give back to the earth and many other things. But one very, very, cold winter, her father went into a rage and killed her mother and then himself. She didn't k now what happened. She had seen him earlier that day speaking with another man and when he came back it was like he was not himself.(The man used black magic and put the rage spell on him. Dejiia doesn't know that.) Then later that night, his rage erupted and he murdered her mother and then himself. She was left on her own to fend for herself. She went in search of someone to help her but was shunned by all. The word of her mothers death and her fathers rage spread quickly. She nearly died as a fellow catfolk found and attacked her because her father had murdered her mother and they (anyone) were afraid she would be engulfed by the same rage and murder, just as her father did. Amazingly enough, an innocent, a child, had saved her life. He had found her under a large willow tree bleeding and he did his best to bandage her up. (That is why she has the scar by her left ear and over her heart.) He was an orphan and from that day on they took care of each other. She protected him and he patched her up after she faught with someone. They made it work, although no words were spoken between them. There was no need, and she had come to find out he couldn't speak. (He was born that way) They were inseperable, until he was ripped away from her. She has not seen or heard about her dear friend Liian in three years. Before her friend was ripped away, he gave her a gift. A small, pure white stone with a symbol inscribed on it. Sometimes she can feel the warmth of her friend radiating from it and others, it is just another memory. Dejiia became a loner after she lost Liian. She doesn’t want to make friends in fear of losing them just like Liian or being engulfed by the rage that took her father and killing them. She has gone on to find out about her fathers rage, determined that it won’t happen to her, and to find her friend Liian. If she makes friends in the process she hopes that they will not be ripped away from or killed by her.
Weapon of Choice - Tanto
Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 8

Experience/To next level - 5640/7350

Equipment -
Damascus(5 Atk, 4 Def, 6 Wgt)
Catfolk Wicker Shield (1 Def, 1 Mag, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Black Leather Armor (3 Def, 2 Mag, -1 Dex, 7 Wgt)
Iron Helmet (2 Def, 2 Wgt)
Frog Boots (Improved Jump, 2 Wgt)
Archangel Wing Earrings(Magical Angel Wing Earings, 4 HP)
Healing Potion x 2 (2 Wgt)
440 GP

Stats - Serrated Arrow!
HP - 22/30
MP - 13
Str - 6
Con - 5
Int - 6
Mag - 6
Dex - 8
Car - 6

CC - 22/33

Skills – Scent, Two Weapon Fighting, Handle Swords, Camouflage, Track, Stealth Attack, Absolute Vision, Detect Disguises.
Skill Points - 2

Special Skills
Scry - Scrying allows the shadowcat to immediately sense anyone's magical power even if they are hidden, dormant, or even far away. Hence, no one with any magic spells can hide from him, stealth attack him, escape from him.

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2006-10-04 [Grengo]: Panther Ignean? Now there's an interesting combination o.o

2006-10-05 [eyes of frost]: Thank you. :)

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