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Dental Care


You may think you are taking very good care of your GSD but have you ever considered brushing its teeth? Most owners don't do this, they just give their GSD a few denta sticks thinking it will do the job. This is simply not enough. You need to start a good dental regime in your GSD from puppyhood to avoid things like gum disease.

Brushing your GSD's teeth regularly will prevent any plaque from building, eliminate bad breath, and keep gums healthy.

You don't need a special type of toothbrush. A good quality human toothbrush will suffice. If your GSD is not used to teeth brushing you can buy finger brushes to familiarise them with the sensation.

You must not use human toothpaste though. The ingredients can harm or potentially kill your dog as they will not spit the toothpaste out. There are special pet toothpastes you can buy with different flavours. Sky loves the malt flavour toothpaste. You can find these toothpastes in all good pet shops or you can purchase them from your vet.

Dogs love to chew. Why not give them a kong to chew on? Remember, an adult GSD cannot be allowed to chew on a puppy sized kong, they are likely to swallow it and choke. Dogs bite with enough force to break their own teeth so do not let them chew on stones!


A dog suffering from toothache will not show any symptoms. You should check his teeth and gums regularly and a vet should check your dog over every year.



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