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This is Depression of Dangerous Minds. No, this is not a wiki on how to kill yourself or a place where you can show off or ask for attention. I once made this wiki to see exactly how many people out there were like me;
Thinking of death.
But now... Things have changed in 2 years. I'm not going to go on talking about myself and my personal business, because it's not meant to entertain certain people.

This wiki now, Depression of Dangerous Minds, is for those who need help and guidance. You'd be surprised how many people there are out there who love to help others.

If you would like to join, please add your name to the bottom of the list, along with any comments you have. The comments are a must, it's your choice. 

[This Wiki is currently going under construction. If there are any link without a * next to them, then don't bother going to see them because they aren't finished or started.

Thank you,
[Neon Tangerine]


001-[Neon Tangerine] If there are any questions about this Wiki, then feel free to messege me^_^

002-[|Your| Beautiful |Nightmare|]This wiki rocks!!!Every1 should join^^

003-[*Dead~And~Proud*]Luv the Wiki!!

004- [elwen] love it!! *i dont hav a dangerous mind* honest! giggles*

005- [dying immortal] - i'm not depressed...any more, but i have an extremely dangerous mind

006-[Vinyl Kitten] - Unfortunately, do suffer from Depression aside from many other disorders. >.> A dangerous mind is an understatement.. Perhaps one day, I will get the help I need, although it's not exactly on my list of things to do at the moment.

007-[messmeup] -it may not seem like im not depressed but i always am. always!

008- [dark starlight] if you only knew....

009- [firebornnomad] nothing ever turns out right, so there are not many reasons to try. That is what makes a mind depressed and dark.

010-[-Silent Screams-] I'm so depressed I hurt myself to make it stop.

011- [daftdollparts] I get depressed a lot and feel really alone and I definately have a dangerous mind.. heheh..........
I always get way to depressed all of a sudden and no one understands me.

o12.[fade_out]u get the drift.oh shrink just called

013.[Synthetic Grape] ...yay?

014.[Tcho] I get depressed easily, but people never seem to care if I'm hurting or not...

015.[Unseen Unheard Unspoken~*~] i don't know where i belong i'll put myself here *frowns*

016.[Shithead101] I don't get depressed often but when I do....

017. [XdeAdbaByAngelX] My lifes shambles and i can't stop this bitter it stop

018.[The Sexiest Sin] Life is full of too much sadness...somehow all of it found me...I am overcome with depression and Insanity...and all because of what is sapoes to be the best thing in the world....Love

019.[NimirRa] My mind is always a blank static except when the thoughts come, it turns a little red

020.[Sloan]im depressed and insane. i belong here...O.o

021.[GEORGINA.] This seems like home for my mind......but then again my mind can never find a home.....

022.) [Dictated by Uncertainty] If one wishes to speak of a dangerous mind, try thinking that you won't get hurt if you decide to jump off a third story roof onto a table just to see if it hurts and this, too, was during my depression days!

023) [scary_mary_] Im a constant visitor to the depressing part of the mind. And I love Hannah [Synthetic Grape]

024) [she's gone country] wow me neat

025)[Draugur dauĂ°ans] I should be dead, with 18 atemts. Aperantly, Im not...darn. Curse love!!

026)[Brokn To Perfektion]ahh deppressed and very
depressed if only u knew.

027)[firefaerie333] it says i'm number 27 but do not listen! I'M NOT 27!!!!! i am member 28.

028)[QueenEvil]this is the coolest wiki every

029)[ZEGLAR! defender of malts] i am depressed and im not just sayin that...... theres things about me that u will never kno...

030)[Arinique] I'm very depressed and dangerous...

031)[Black and White Rainbows]im depressed. 1.personal reason 2.the pple i care most about hate me of them hurt me and now i want to most of them to die at my hand....

032)[Meanbioch24]i too am depressed. Its depressing, how depressed I am. Abused, raped, addiction, loves lost, murder,dreams...



036)[Suicidal Moon]

037) [Golthimere] I became deeply depressed in middle school, and I'm far past the point of no return, or redemption. Cross me and beware, i may have you destroyed!

038) [PyroFreak] blade, blood, pain it is my life and i feel nothing but it!

039) [Lady Lucifer] it hurts

40) [im so tired of pretendin] i see the blood, but i don't feel any pain

41- [bLoOdStAiN oN sHeEtS] Suicide is man's way of telling God, "You can't fire me - I quit."

Username (or number or email):


2005-09-06 [im so tired of pretendin]: SUICIDE is always on my mind.

2005-09-06 [im so tired of pretendin]: i'm thinkin of commiting suicide. but i know she cares, and don't want me to.

2005-09-06 [Neon Tangerine]: Suicide isn't the best answer, I know that... I'd normally give a huge speach, or something like that... but they don't seem to work, so..

2005-09-07 [SILLY..(BETH)]: killing yourself is soooo selfish. im not trying to be hard on ya, but its true. no matter how hard if feels atm it will get better

2005-09-07 [Neon Tangerine]: There we go.. I was going to say something like that.. but not as harsh <.<;

2005-09-08 [SILLY..(BETH)]: lol well great minds think alike, its the truth tho

2005-09-09 [Neon Tangerine]: I know ^^ lol

2005-09-10 [im so tired of pretendin]: yeah. still don't change my thoughts.

2005-09-11 [Neon Tangerine]: Well, they're your thoughts. You shouldn't do anything like that, because then the people who care about you are going to miss you and what not. And, you're being selfish by leaving them and yeah... I already went through the same thing X_X

2005-09-12 [im so tired of pretendin]: i miss my baby. and yeah, she would be devastated if i did it.

2005-09-12 [Neon Tangerine]: well.. then there you go..

2005-09-12 [im so tired of pretendin]: there i go.

2005-09-13 [SILLY..(BETH)]: it is selfish i mean think of all the pple your gonna leave behind, if you kill ya self there gonna be thinkin...'did they mean to do it??' 'did they really wanna leave us??' ' did they not love us at all??' it aint gonna do them good

2005-09-19 [im so tired of pretendin]: well they did me no good. or maybe they did...i dunno.

2005-09-20 [SILLY..(BETH)]: they did even if you dont no it

2005-09-30 [Vinyl Kitten]: Whoa, I just read what I wrote right next to my name I was what, 12? What a fucking idiot.. >.<

2005-10-06 [SILLY..(BETH)]: im mates with bex and i no she caresa bout you

2005-12-10 [thats her]: i need u all to know that i am a brother of a member on this wiki, Bex's boyfriend, he died, he killed himself be with her, care 4 her, cause she said she has to see him.

2005-12-10 [thats her]: My brother who bex was madly in love with just died. Bex wants to kill herself now, HELP HER PLZ

2005-12-13 [~RainbowBullets~]: huh

2005-12-13 [Neon Tangerine]: As some of you can see, DDM is undergoing construction. If any of you could do some banners, that would be wonderful. Also, please look out for new news sometime within the next month. Thank you, Alanna

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