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Derek Draxey






Derek Draxey, also known as Drax or D






See picture above. 6'1" tall, solid, muscular build.


Derek is a very big flirt, but he is sweet when it's just one on one. He can be dark and aloof when he wants to be. Tries to make everyone around him happy, even if that means heartbreak for himself.


Derek is your typical guy next door. He has known Vic her entire life, always being the shoulder she needed to cry on or a ride to school or a big brother to protect her from the assholes at school. He was in every sense of the word, her best friend. Only best friends didn't feel about each other the way he always felt about Vic. Him and Vic had also gone to the academy together, graduating at the top of their class. Instead of being an investigator like her thought, he'd opted for the drug task force. He was usually under cover but when he heard that Vic's father had died, he wrapped up his assignment and came home. They hadn't seen each other in years and he was waiting for the perfect time to see her. Hoping things wouldn't have changed between them over the years of his absence.


Possibly still holds a flame for Vic but is working on getting over her.


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2016-11-30 [ancienteye]: Imma saving a copy of this pic for a hair reference. Hope you don't mind.

2016-11-30 [Celtore]: Nope... he's not mine lol I get them from my faves on Deviantart

2016-11-30 [ancienteye]: Nice...

2016-11-30 [Celtore]: Im a huge collector lol... I can't draw, paint or sketch for shit so I just oogle everyone elses lol

2016-11-30 [ancienteye]: XD XD XD

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